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How's the sniping? I prefer Bad Company style sniping to COD: Black Ops sniping, but I've been mainly a COD fan for the past few years and I'm torn between MW3 and BF3 right now.

Also how much is the Battlelog? I might purchase a copy from my uncle for cheap but he used the Battlelog already.
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Actually it's really surprising to me that someone like Bieber actually cares more about his music than the money. Kinda restores a little faith in humanity.

It doesn't affect his money at all.

Lawyers just want to be suing mofuckas. Bieber still gets his royalties and advert money.
*shels is really good, Sea of the Dying Dhow and Plains of the Purple Buffalo are both amazing albums.

I like that they seem to have brought a new vibe to the post-rock/metal table.
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orange crush amps. are small but make a great tone.

I really don't want to sound like a dick, but really did anyone read the OP?

Just looking for suggestions on a small (as in extremely portable) amp HEAD (or perhaps a very very small combo with speaker out) for under $150, as it's just a casual jammer for this 4x8 cab I have.

Orange Crush amps are expensive as hell for what they are (rather have a pathfinder for $60) and only come in combos AFAIK.
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You're not going to find a small amp that will compete with a hard hitting drummer and still have a clean sound. If you want to go tube, have acceptable cleans, and play over a drummer I wouldn't go any less than 40W just for the headroom alone.

EDIT: I know it's a combo and SS, but you MIGHT be able to squeak by with a Roland Blues Cube 30. They're about $150-200 used (and go cheaper yet depending on condition). At bedroom levels they sound alright, but cranked they sound fantastic for what you paid. It's considered one of the best SS designs by many people.

I'd rather have a head, I've never heard of the Blues Cube but the regular Cubes do sound nice. And I really don't care about breakup, in fact it's better if I get some breakup.

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mesa mini recto.. ortransatlantic..

Did you read my post dude? I'm not going high end, I just want some power.

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I have two of those speakers. I know your pain...other then I blew both of them x.x. Just go to pawn shops and try out some old heads or old mixers. They are good too.

It sounds so damn vintage, I love it (played my VT50 into it) but I'm scared to break it. When I bought it I tested it out through a Valve Junior and the guy cranked it and it was shaking the walls and the bongs on the table ahah. Sounded so nice.
After 5 years I finally have enough of a rig to post in one of these:

I need a tiny amp for this thing:

I just need a basic clean tone for portable jamming, I'd rather not take my halfstack around whenever I want to jam and I want to make use of all this Garnet mojo.

I was thinking either:
A) Crate Powerblock
B) Disassembling a Vox Pathfinder into a head (unless the speaker doesn't disable when you use Speaker Out, like my VT50 does)
C) Kustom Defender ($99, tube, only available by special order at the shop)
D) Valve Junior head (horrifically overpriced and still hard to find used)

What kind of amp can I get that's at least loud and won't fill up my entire trunk like my 4x12? I'd like to spend less than $100 (used) but can possibly go more if it's a good deal.


And by loud I mean basically loud enough to play with a rock n roll drummer
MG cabs are terrible

I ran my Vox VT50 through an MG cab once, way back in the day. I was astonished at how much worse it sounded compared to the Vox's single 12" speaker.

Welp, there's my gear. Sorry about the terrible playing, and worthless camera angle, It's one of those pocket HD things that don't stand up on their own, and the mic was on the back to I just put it on the rocking chair I was sitting on.

The Maestro is super cool though, so much mojo. I'm going to pick up some leads so I can put the phaser and the delay in the FX loop.

I approve of your purchase.

I have an old 80's Peavey cab (matches my VTM) with G12K-85s, and it rocks hard. People say Peavey cabs aren't built to last or whatever, but mine is a tank.
Epiphone had a Blues Sr. Amp combo or something but I don't know if they're still producing it.

Aside from that, as a practise amp the AC4TV would be cheap and worth trying out.
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Ok guys, silly question time.. I'm gonna be using a cheap ass Yamaha erg121, but it's my first guitar and i totally love her anyway, i wanted to repaint it and change bridge and pickups.. Would it be worth it? I don't feel like leaving it as it is, cause it still sounds ok even stock..

I personally don't think it'd be worth it.

For the price of decent pickups ($100 give or take) and the hassle of painting it, you could just get a nicer budget guitar. I'm an Ibanez fanboy so I'd recommend the RG321 or something but believe me, modding a starter guitar is something you should do when you have a first-line axe and just want to **** around and experiment with, IMO.
Long time no see Post-Rock bros!

I bought that Maestro Phase Shifter PSA-1 for $200 CND.

It's got mad mojo but it's almost too simple, and I gotta buy more cables so I can run it through the FX loop, which is the only way it sounds good through my VTM.

Anyways, be jelly I dunno if I'll do an NPD, maybe I'll just give you guys some pics because this thread is literally the only thread I like on UG.
For the record I really like my VT50

I was going to change the tube to a Mesa 12AX7 (ECC83) which I bought, just never got around to it.

I think that all in all, hybrid tube amps are a bit of a marketing ploy, rather than a gimmick. There's something to them that a straight up SS amp can't touch, but still the tube adds so much complexity that the amp itself doesn't require.

However I don't deny that the tube affects tone, it's just exaggerated by the manufacturer.
Depending on how much force it needs for a turn you could probably just use pliers. Might not be enough grip/torque though.
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New LTD SC208, thats about it

I've always liked the SC series but I CAN NOT BELIEVE they would build an 8-string with a 25.5" scale!

The Omen-8 on the other hand looks like a pretty good deal. I can live without particularly great pickups and personally prefer that dark "vampire cherry" stain colour to the Damiens QM or gloss black top.

Thanks bros.
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Thats also gross. Why would you not dump it and save the internal cleanup?

Also- no one can smoke my bowls in one hit. I've seen it attempted a few times. Puke every time. Pantera 2 foot tall water bong with a 2 gram bowl. I usually sprinkle some kif on the top.

That's simply immature to want a bong/bowl setup like that.

EVERYONE likes to cash their packed bowls, and NO ONE needs 2 grams to get baked.

Most people I know who buy giant bongs have minds of 14 year olds. My best friend who has been SWED for 7 years usually only uses a one hitter or a one foot bong with an ashcatcher. He doesn't show off like a teenager and saves quite a bit of weed in the process.

/end rant

Now lets talk about the good stuff:

Has anyone ever heard of seperating APAP from codeine using acetone?

APAP is supposedly soluble in acetone (which is surprisingly non-toxic but an irritant), and codeine is not. Plus acetone evaporates very quickly so I can save the extract in powder form without waiting for water to evaporate.... I'm keen to try it on a bottles of T1's but clueless what kind of filter to use.
How long have I been gone from this site???

I remember seeing Zappp himself say there will never be a drum forum.
So I've been out of the loop for awhile and just curious to what the consensus is on the best entry-level 8-strings are.

Last time I was here it was basically Agile Interceptors (or intrepids, can't recall), the Schecter 8's and at the time the non-prestige RG8 had just come out (but had bridge problems! Screws on the low B stripping or something).

Anyways I'm keen on finding one for a good price, but there's really only one shop in my city (L&M) and they have the new RG8 on their site but I doubt they're in stock... I'm off on a tangent though so just tell me all the cool new stuff.

If you're looking into the Blue Voodoo make sure to differentiate between the US made and Asian made, not quite sure of the differences but it's certain the US made one will have a higher value (that the seller may or may not know).
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$1500 isnt really High Quality. sure it'll be better than your Frontman.
but when I think High Quality amps I usually think of budgets like 2k+

Says the guy who owns like the only Wizard amp in Australia.


Has the new Peavey Butcher come out? AFAIK it's a bit lower gain but it's 3 channels and pretty intuitive.

I'm a bit out of the loop but if you're looking for hi-gain but versatile you could pick up one of those new Egnater heads (Armageddon?) for around that. Not sure if they've been released or not, once again..

And based on basically nothing, I'd try out a Richie Blackmore Engl (if they've dropped in price at all).

Just so you know OP, some warantees are transferable, Traynor comes to mind in that department.
I don't think the Mesa Transatlantic is well liked around here, but that paired with a decent 2x12 should be a good fit, versatile at least.

I've heard nothing but good things about Carvin though, and there prices are great.

Besides that just look in your local classifieds, you might find a gem someones in a hurry to sell for a great price.


^ I can fit my 80's Peavey 4x12 into the back of my '03 cavalier coupe. That's crazy it won't fit in a '99 mustang.
Kustom Defender, 1 knob, $99, all tube.

Picovalve looks nice but haven't seen many reviews or heard many clips. And is much more expensive than the JCA20H.
Clean gear looks way classier.

Cases are different I guess.

The only acceptable sticker on a guitar that I've seen is Stuart Braithwaites Scottish flag.
I might be wrong but aren't the D-Activators WAY higher output than the Air Norton?

I don't know if that would cause a volume change when switching or not..

I'd go with Dimarzio's for sure, but make sure to look into all the variations of the D-Activators and whatever else you choose.
The tremolo and reverb sound is so classic I'm taken aback by the fact no big names other than boss have put the two together... I guess most people have onboard reverb and only need a tremolo pedal.

I think the malekko pedals would end up being out of my budget, at least for 2 pedals plus shipping. Also I can't decide if I even like the sound of the chikklet..

Thanks anyways.
I lied, I'm bumping again.
only bump for evening viewers
I'm looking for a combination pedal (but not a multi-FX), the cheaper the better.

It seems extraordinarily difficult to find a Reverb + Tremolo/Vibrato stompbox. The only one I have heard of is the Boss FDR-1, and from demos the spring-esque reverb is a bit too nasty and not as dark or digital as I would prefer.

Anyways if there are any others (that aren't $200+ boutique) please just drop names and I'll do some research.

Kustom Defender, 5 watts, single volume knob, $99...

I actually wanted one for this little 4x8 cab I have but can't find the Defender or even a used EVJ around here.
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The VTM? There isn't a reissue, AFAIK.

They reissued the Butcher though, and videos of it amaze me, as far as features and intuitive design mixed with simplicity.

My VTM is currently in pieces
OK guise, you've been pretty helpful in the past, but now the shits about to hit the fan!

I've got my amp all taken apart and took the metal protector plate (which doesn't seem to protect much) and I'm looking for the Bright Cap (C2?).

Unfortunately, I'm a noob with schematics (which seem unavailable for this amp on the internet) and I could really use a picture of what I'm supposed to clip.

Also, I can't really provide pictures of the guts for you guys to circle which one because I lost my camera.

And there IS a possibility that someone has already removed it, because a few of those bean sized orange resistors (?) have a ton of glue on them, but otherwise it looks untouched.

Anyways, any help is appreciated.
I'm running an '87 Peavey VTM-60 through the matching 4x12 with Celestion G12k-85's.

Right now I've got the headshell in my garage, in the process of being painted and then clearcoated.

I plan on clipping the bright-cap, but I also thought it might be interesting to test out a pair of tubes I bought.

Right now the VTM is running 2 GT-6L6GC's, which were apparently new when I got them but I sort of doubt it. I was just wondering if swapping them for a pair of unmatched Sovtek 6L6-WXT's (wxt?) would be safe for my amp and if it would have any effect on my tone at all. I'd prefer for a lower-mid heavy tone, perhaps a bit fuzzy, with some bite. I've got a Ibanez STL to tweak most of that.

I forgot what the specs on the box were but they seemed to be reasonably close together. Also, my VTM has no bias adjustment, and requires a slightly complicated mod to put a bias pot in... Is this a sign that it can "take a beating" or that it's probably quite sensitive and requires matched tubes?

I remember reading an article saying matched/tested tubes were a ploy made by RCA and GE, Philips, etc etc to promote their vacuum tubes back in the day....

Thanks in advance?
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1000$$$ For a cab holy shit
get a mesa recto 2x12 or an engl pro 2x12 with celeston 60 speakers

Those are the two most overpriced cabs on the market, besides their 4x12 siblings.
Tele all the way.

I'd go for the '72 Deluxe, Blackout, or the Nashville Deluxe.
If you're spending that much why not look out for a Caparison?
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I've always heard you should never use unmatched poweramp tubes, so I would be hesitant to try that.

It doesn't have a bias control and I don't think they made things that sensitive to tubes (that are reasonably closely mathched) back in the '80s, did they?

I hope I didn't waste $40 on Soviet propaganda....
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I agree that this amp does combine both the Marshall and 5150 feel into a more inexpensive head, as I used to own one before I sold it to make up for the 5150 I bought.. go figure.

Since you're australian I don't know how great of a deal this was, as most in the US go for about $350 or less.

I think that's a great deal in Australia.

My local shop had a brand new Blue Voodoo a while back, I think they had it priced at like $1200. I hope it was for the head and cab but IIRC it was just for the head