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Erm, what?

Shut up.

Gender is not related to film preference. Gender is not related to ANYTHING to do with this thread, why mention it as if I'm inferior for not liking some shitty movie?

Jesus Christ defensive bitch. I wasn't suggesting you were inferior I just saying the movie had more male oriented humor.

The movie ruled hard.
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I do like a bit of gore but I prefer classic horror films with the notion of actually being scary not just how many people you can kill.

I also like a good comedy, not that you get many these days, I can't stand american humour, where was the joke meant to be in that superbad film?

Oh and spoof is the same as comedy, I love shaun of the dead

The whole movie was a joke.

A lot of females I talked to didn't like the movie though. You guys just don't get the penis thing...
I had an account about 3 years ago... I had the Devil Horns.
Anthony Green from Saosin/Circa Survive is good.

Dude from At the Gates.

It is the only way to advance medicine.
Halloween is a chance for girls to be slutty.
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looks like were on the same page haha

Yeah, everyone else is missing the point of this thread.

Even the threadstarter
Air Force Ones
Throw Some Ds
^wears a scarf

-Is playing Warcraft III
^ Is fat

-I'm in college
I fingerpick 90% of the time. Its the best.

Wonderful Tonight
The Boxer
Asilos Magdalena
Dust in the Wind
Anyone prettier than me.
So the greatest wizard in the universe takes it up the ass.
Or has a car.
I hate snow because it takes too long to drive places.
They aren't funny at all.
I get my t shirts from bands or thrift stores and my hoodies, sweaters, polos, etc , from American Eagle or Hollister. You can bash those stores all you want but you have to admit they make high quality stuff.
It depends how they are feeling.

I don't know if anyone else watches it, but I am so mad that Jeff didn't give immunity to Aaron and James. Erin (i think thats his name, the musician) sided with the girls who THREW THE GAME and ruined the spirit of the show because he likes the blonde. He is not a real man. James is a gravedigger and I hope he kills all three of them in their sleep.

Aaron was a top notch player and could have gone all the way.
CDs are too big to carry around. and I hate breaking the cases.
Because you know how to use wikipedia doesn't make you a bigger fan.
Thats what you get for shining a Lazer pointer into a lady's house.
Lawlz, High school iz serious business.

You're gonna **** a brick when you get to college if you can't handle HS.
Be Moses and carry around 2 stone tablets.
Bear Calvary.
Jesus would fly in and destroy them with his lazers.
Finish College
Make enough money to do whatever I want
G.G. Allin

Its awesome. Broccoli is the best food to eat in the world actually, healthwise.

A nice ass is fun to look at, but great boobs are the best.
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I hug everyone.
I high-five everyone.

I don't care really, hugs are better though. If someone doesn't like hugs, there's something wrong with them.

LOL @ Your myspace pictures.

Massive lulz
I have Chronic Masturbation Syndrome. I am allowed to masturbate at work.
Hugging is so myspace.
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Here's my take on Ron Paul: Ron Paul in Rankings

Old, yet effective, and this thread needs some lulz. I think he makes a good candidate for the presidency, and should be much more reliable than whoever gets the clusterf*ck nomination for the Democrats.

Hahaha Awesome video
Sandy and Annie really love each other