Really now?

Nah eBay is too expensive. I hope that a box set is released one day of kill rem all up to the black album.
I missed out on seeing them recently. I left for England the day they were playing in Sydney.

These guys are a great upcoming band. I expect that we're all going get some great music out of them in the years to come.
I can't get into the first 5 tracks of Asymmetry. They're all too similar sounding. The key and the polyrhythms just get bland after a while I think. But I'm really enjoying the album from Aeon onward.
Anyone have any idea where to get Metallica on vinyl without paying an arm and a leg?
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I do hope there is less power metal on the new album. You'd think when the guys hit a certain age they want to experiment with sounds, instead of trying to create the same old crap.

I enjoy listening to Steven Wilson and Porcupine Tree much more these days.

Tell me about it.

I'm listening to so much Steven Wilson everything - Blackfield, Storm Corrosion, Porcupine Tree and solo, and the guy is unstoppable. He's always exploring new sounds and styles whilst also sounding recognisable in many ways. I love the fact that there's a new album from one of these projects every single year.

Dream Theater are... sometimes dark, sometimes cheesy... and yet dotted with brilliance. And I find that really annoying. They're still capable of great moments, which is why I've got high hopes for this new album, but I'm really afraid of what could come out.

Btw, does anyone know where I can listen to "The Enemy Within"?
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dude dunt even bother. religious people are dumb. theyre not smart like us atheistz. if you believe in god you should kill yorslef nt even joking. god is a fag and atheist have the truth dont they

Just go to 4chan if you insist on using all their language. There's so much more opportunity for you to do it over there and be rewarded for it. Seriously.
I just feel sorry for the brainwashed and living in constant fear, North Korean people.
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Dude seriously, drop the **** out so someone who deserves an education can get one.


It's about whether you can afford one or not. College doesn't turn away full fee paying kids to reserve spots for other kids who have better grades.
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The Internet has made people smarter and has made people dumber

The Internet has stolen people's lives and has given people lives

The Internet has created and has destroyed

The Internet has done many things, but more importantly, it has given us porn.

Basically OP, it doesn't matter if we're more or less intelligent. We have free, unlimited porn now. History has ended. There is no more "progress". We have achieved the "good society".
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If websites represented history, The Pit would be the post apocalyptic future we all fear.

That would be 4chan. We're more like an old power from 19th century Europe that's already had its time, but doesn't realise the end has already been.
Can anyone tell me what pedals he uses?
How did this thread get to 8 pages without anyone asking what the point of the thread is?
For the haters of the Incident: Try the second half of the album again (of disc one).
My favourite PT albums in order:

In Absentia
Stupid Dream
Lightbulb Sun
The Incident
Fear of a Blank Planet
The Sky Moves Sideways
On the Sunday Life
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Dave says:


Does anybody know how many Ellefson songs are going to be on Thirteen (What a crap album name btw).
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I agree with this. And I know Muse are recording/are going to record soon, but we haven't really gotten any updates on anything lately. Unless I'm just completely out of the loop.

Excellent news!
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I don't think I will ever go to another Opeth show. Its just everytime I have seen them they keep getting worse and worse... at least I got to see them play Bleak and Blackwater Park and Drapery Falls... because I swear... Mike is really pissing me off with his direction

Woah, that's upsetting to hear. Man, Opeth were the single greatest live band I've ever seen. But I've heard of bands being really inconsistent before, maybe that's the problem?

Like most newcomers, I haven't really bothered to read the past couple of pages, so I deserve to be flamed here but I was wondering about the reaction in UG to Heritage.

Personally, I'm really not impressed. Plus I think the comparison to Damnation is a poor one. They're very different, and Damnation is much better.
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Thou shalt pay for this.

Yay, I'm making new friends
Oh, a question.

Who here listens to No-Man? They're damn hard to get a hold off, and I'm wondering whether the search is worth it.
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You know what's a great way to start the day? Listening to Change Pt.1 and Change Pt. 2 one after the other.

Nah man. I prefer to pretend that I'm still waiting for the real Change pt 2. I thought that song was so disappointing. Change 1 was building up for something magical. Then it sort of dissolved into something entirely different.

Jeez, I wish they'd do another album. Personally, Themata part 2 would be very welcome.
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Steven Wilson's new solo album is truly fantastic. All of his recent related efforts have bored me since Fear of a Blank Planet, and now I am absolutely blown away. Every one of you must get it as soon as possible. It's titled Grace for Drowning.

Dude, give The Incident another listen. The second half of the album is especially good. If you thought that Fear of a Blank Planet was a good album, then you'll enjoy Circle of Manias the best.

Also, even though I'm not a huge fan of Insurgents overall, there are still good songs on there. My choices:

Harmony Korine
Only Child
Collecting Space

But yeah, Grace for Drowning is incredible. I love the elements of jazz mixed in there with the heavy guitars. Unfreakingbelievable music.

I realise that everyone here would have heard about Storm Corrosion. But maybe you haven't heard this:

The album was completed in September 2011, but held back for an April 2012 release so that Wilson could concentrate on releasing and promoting his second solo album, Grace for Drowning, and Akerfeldt could concentrate on Opeth's tenth studio album Heritage, both albums being released in September 2011 themselves.
Hi hi hi O my brothers,

A question:
I understand that Blu Ray is a million times better than DVD. But will Blu Ray replace DVD's in the future? Will DVD's no longer be sold, and will Blu Ray become the standard product owned universally? I should say now, that I'm not interested in internet downloads relative to this question. It's simply between DVD and Blu Ray.

My thanks in advance:
Will you marry me?
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I don't think anyone can be racist towards me. I'm 100% scandinavian descent.

JFK yes. The rest, hell no.
^Welcome to the party.
Nice 2nd comic dude. That is exactly how it is.
More OC:
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ever eat an apple after brushing your teeth? It's like having Satan take a piss on your tongue.

Ima try that. Coke and chocolate are nice separately, but they are the foulest thing in the world together.

Btw UGer's, I has a problem. Dan's rage maker does not have all the rage faces. There are lots of important ones missing like AWWW YEAH. Is there another rage maker? Or is there some way of getting these faces on Dan's?
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So Anon, Geoge Orwell, and the Mayans walk into a bar...

My first Rage Comic.

Be straight with me guys, should I give up now?
I don't wish death upon them, but I don't mind if they kill themselves whilst driving drunk. I only worry about the other people they kill with them.
What advice would the Ultimate Sex Thread give to a man who will lose his virginity in exactly one weeks time?
If you're looking for songs, then my advice is listen to Monuments and Melodies. Their Greatest Hits album.
All of these games are set to be released in November.

Batman Arkham City
Halo Combat Evolved Remake
Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3
The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
Assassins Creed Revelations

Why all in the same month!? I'm going to be broke and zombiefied!

Battlefield 3 coming out in late October
Bump. I like this thread. This is a good god damned thread.

Halo 1 remake
Halo 4
The Dark Knight Rises
Elder Scrolls V Skyrim
Batman Arkham City
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Pop music =/= sell-out music

Agreed. They never sold out you dipshits. They grew and they changed from album to album. If you don't particularly like an album because of its sound, then guess what - you don't like it. You've got to be out of your ****ing mind if you think that just because you don't like something, that it's selling out.
Yes and no. Music is constant in the scientific sense that the sounds formed by different musical technologies are the same to everyone. How the mind recieves that information and reacts to it is a matter of personal (tempted to say competence... it does factor in) judgement.