Possibly Hence the unconfirmed. Also...I'm running on 0 sleep so I could have read it wrong.

I can forsee new game prices going up though. Just cynical me though.
First step into this thread...I for one could care less about the design. It's not that big of a deal but its not very attractive. It's not exactly sleek. It brings to mind exactly what I feel like they're trying to accomplish, a futuristic all inclusive personal-robot living room box. It's a little frightening really. I think there is too much concern about being futuristic and not enough thought put into what it really is...a game system. Come on backwards compatability, forced Kinect, etc etc.

I know PS4 won't be compatible either but for all intents purposes, talking about the Xbox right now, it is it's own drawback in itself.

I just feel, and I'm sure there are a few similar sentiments in here already, that things are getting advanced, in a bad way. Honestly, maybe it's nostalgia, but the simplicity of the old generations are surely missed. Not to mention the price tag. I heard, unconfirmed?, like 800 bucks for a Ps4? For a video game console? The new games are going to be like 100 bucks a pop for christ sake.
The pickups are pretty good, they're not the greatest thing I've heard but if they ain't broke...
That's what I'm learning along this quest :lol:
Which I hate to just blindly disregard all TS clones, as plenty of my favorite tones have been TSs I'm sure, but there are some...theres just this sound that I've heard from so many of the that I just don't like...I don't know if it's the mid hump, or the low gain, or what, but I just can't get behind it.

So that leaves me with the Mojomojo or OD-3. I've heard all good things about the OD-3, mostly good some bad things about th mojomojo. However, I'm kind of leaning towards the latter...
I'm aware that the blue boy is a ts, but is the blues pro as well?

My amp is a Twin reverb reissue so there's lots of headroom. I need an od with good pedal based od, not one that will push an amp.

I play blues and rock, classic rock and alternative, and post rock.

Thanks for the input!
Hey all,
I'm looking for an overdrive since I'm selling off the BD-2 I'm using now. The treble finally got to me. However, I loved it's tone for the most part, the transparency, and the dynamics. It cleaned up super well and went from light breakup to heavy od.

I need that again, but in a not so shrill pedal. I have narrowed it down to:
MI Audio Blues Pro
TC Electronic Mojomojo Drive
Carl Martin DC Drive
Boss OD-3

If anyone has any input on any of these, or perhaps others you think fit the criteria better, it'd be much appreciado! Haha. I'm not a big fan of TS's or their clones though!
I have one in Vintage White. I love it, it sounds great and plays great for the price. However, I am changing the nut and the bridge this summer.

Overall, I recommend it!
Alright, so as it happens, I just got a delay pedal in a trade, and I have a good deal on a for the same price as the M5, I can get the PS6 and a comp like I wanted, and I'll be good to go with my board. I won't have to deal with buying an EXP pedal for the M5, but I'll be missing out on all the fun/cool sounds it can make.

On the other hand if I pass up the PS6, I get the M5 which can theoretically do the main idea of the PS6, though probably less customizable/ less features, and do a comp, and maybe even knock the chorus and wah off my board if it can handle those up to par as well. In the end there will only be one less pedal though when I get my looper...

there's pros and cons of each, what do guys?
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Pretty good to my ears, tracks better than a Whammy IV in my opinion. However, it is not polyphonic. I've been able to use the pitch glide for key changes with my electric mandolin, so the tracking is more than good enough for me.

Ahh, so the 12 string effect can't be polyphonic??

Quote by dkunick
Have the M13 and prefer the MXR Phase 90 and my fuzz (SP) to the models, but it does everything else very well. The Tube Comp is a great boost for my EVH head and the 4CM works fantastic...many, many options in this unit. I've gigged with it alone (w/my amp/cab) and it was easy to transport and setup compared to my PT Pro rig. It's definitely a nice option for gigging or rehearsal. I use the Mission Engineering exp pedal (L6 model) and it's solid. Only thing I dislike is not being able to toe down on the pedal to activate the wah, but it's a minor nuisance. For the money it's hard to beat...hell, my PT Pro and two Voodoo Labs power supplies cost almost twice what the M13 alone does.

That's pretty sensible! So you run other pedals with it then?
Oh great thanks!
I've heard that about the would seem I might be leaning more towards the M5. I don't think I need mult effects at once if I keep my dirt section...

How is the pitch/harmony settings?
Hey guys, so just today really I got to thinking that I really want an M9...I've known about them for a while now but I always brushed them off since they were a lot of money. However, just today the brain storm came that if I sold off a good chunk of my board which could be recouped through the utilization of the unit, the cost wouldn't be that bad at all. Obviously it's a little unsettling to think of, but I think overall it would be a great idea, considering I have a list of pedals that I'd like to buy in the future that could all be satisfied with the M9 as well.

So now for some questions...first off, anyone have any experience with these units? Has anyone ever sold off their pedals to use one instead?
For anyone that does have either an M9 or M13, is it your pedalboard, or is it just on your pedalboard with other pedals...if so, what do you find it lacks that you use outside pedals for?

In my preliminary brainstorm, I figured some pedals I think I'd need in addition to the M9:
another delay
a volume pedal (and an EXP for the M9)
a looper (I know it has one, but I think it'd be best to have an individual looper
maybe keep my BD-2 or Muff...the M9 has plenty of dirt selections, but these two are both not on the list of features...the Muff is included in the M9 but I take it it's the American version and I love the Russian.

I think that in the long run, such a decision would be more practical and useful for me.
Another question for is the durability? I'd hate to invest in it and sell off back up pedals only to have it break and me be left with nothing.

Thanks so much for any and all help, I know it's asking a lot!! Any other tips/comments on the units would also be appreciated!
I'm not sure what 60 pounds translates too, but the cheapest loopers out there that I am aware of are the new TC Electronics Ditto Looper which is like 130$ USD I believe and in August, Digitech is coming out with a Jam Man Express for 100$.
I know the VO is a TS, but my only OD experience is my BD-2, so I don't know if I want a TS clone or not haha...from the clips I've heard, I like them both, but I might be leaning towards the Sweet thing I love about the BD-2 is the dynamics, I can go from slight break up to pretty heavy OD just with my volume knob on the guitar, and it seems that the Sweet Baby has that as well...but there's no doubt the TS is a classic for that blues tone...

Yeah I play through a Twin Reverb RI so its definitely into a clean amp lol...the ultimate drive I had my eye on but I think it's a little too much gain for me and I've never been a real big fan of the OCD sound.
Quote by DoTheEvolution
It's all I have.

I guess it's one of those things that I actually have something that is mine, I bought it, it is mine. No one else owns any of it, like my car is still owned by the bank. But no one other than me owns the coffee pot.

It's dumb, I know, it's small and meaningless, but it's a start.

That's an interesting way of looking at things. When you think about it, I don't have a hell of a lot that I can call "solely mine and mine only."

Cheers to your return mate, things will get better. Good to have you back.
I'm debating between the Vintage OD and the Sweet Baby, any opinions? I'm looking for a versatile and dynamic OD that'll get me a nice blues sound and also a nice rock sound.
Cause Tramps Like Us, Baby We Were Bornn To Runnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn
That's pretty much the deal I think it's just another copy brand which makes low end copies for beginners. Doesn't mean they can't be great!

Enjoy it man!
I have a Johnson telecaster copy that I got at a guitar show years ago for 100$. It looks pretty damn has solid tone as well. The downsides would be the weight (its quite heavy!) and the neck/frets aren't the best. I still bust it out every now and then...I put a new set of pups in it last summer when I won them in a contest. For 100$ it was pretty great and so for free I'd say you got a pretty good deal!
Freeball it, the blood dripping down my leg would only show my femininity and tell all the other ladies that I'm an alpha-female.
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I like how this thread assumes there's no Latino/a people in the pit who would regularly listen to latino music.

I'm a gringo, but I'd say a good quarter of my iPod is music in Spanish. There's lots of good stuff, if you can understand it or not...

I don't get as many weird looks for the Spanish music as I do for the Japanese music I have though.
I listen to it for the music. Some great stuff to be heard.
I put together this comparison chart of some possibilities for visualization using the kisekae guitar designer...

Any opinions?
I love sushi/Japanese food, but it is hella expensive. So I usually only go for lunch sometimes, lots of places have pretty good lunch specials around me...
My favorite rolls include:
shrimp tempura
sweet potato
spicy tuna
spicy salmon
spicy katsu

This place by me also has a specialty roll, its a shrimp tempura roll with spicy tuna and avocado on top.

Oh and I always get spicy mayo on the side.
Good suggestions all around and thanks for the input!

I plan on putting new all white covers on the pickups, like without holes for the poles, so that could make a difference...
I picked this one up off of CL a while back, it's a Stagg strat copy. It plays surprisingly well and I like it a lot...I replaced the knobs with tele knobs and plan on replacing the nut and tuners (they're vintage slotted and the slip pretty frequently).

However, I want to change the pickguard I think...I was thinking maybe mint would work, but I don't know, and was hoping for a few other possibilities? Thanks!
My dad has been in a band for about 40 years now that used to tour and everything, had a manager, etc. But now they are settled and family-driven, they still play out weekly, sometimes daily in the summer. They're pretty big around where I live, I'm jealous of his life making music (he also has a steady 8-5 type job).

Other than that...the closest I've been would be just simply meeting famous people, never got real close to anyone per se...
Definitely just depends on the song/how much you are willing to put into it. I've never tackled anything amazing technically difficult, so I usually gather a song within an hour or two. Of course if it's easy, like a straight power chord song, I can usually get it in one or two playthroughs of a song.

It also depends on skill level and ear training...not saying that I'm amazing, I just mean that if you are beginning it shouldn't get you down that you spend a while on a song, you just have to work at it.
I have from the link that 2 suspects for the carjacking are in custody, one shooter is still on the loose, possibly the MIT shooter, maybe unrelated events?
2nd suspect in custody.
Jetfuel is a better source than I but I'm trying to connect to the police scanner stream...Twitter is blowing up about it is my source. Reliable sources of course, not like random ass people.

EDIT: Every Boston PD scanner stream online is slow as ****, I assume from traffic. I have multiple sources on Twitter saying that explosives have been used.
I've read that the suspects are using GRENADES against the police. ****ing GRENADES.

WHAT THE ****?????

EDIT: Hand grenades and automatic gun fire.
I'm not worried. I know that the government is more than likely not going to waste time randomly searching histories and stuff of random ass people on the off chance that they are doing something illegal.

But the facts stand. I have enough knowledge on the topic, so I'm not gonna engage in a debate over it...if you're all for living under the watchful eye have fun, I just don't understand the logic in allowing legislation like this to even exist in which it is clearly a willful handing over of freedoms.
Quote by SGstriker
It says he died.

Oh. Sneaky one, you are. Editing your post like that.

I had my source from somewhere else, but then clicked the OP link. Erased it quick, but you caught me

Hell of a shame though, such a pointless death
It's funny because I'd say I'm more left than right, but I see both sides on different issues...I'm for gun control for example. It's get too close to that boundary line that separates mainstream media-fed knowledge and individual thought and your called a conspiracy theorist these days
For the people OK with the bill...the real problem here is that there is no need for a reason behind the transfer of information. There was an amendment that would have required a warrant, but it was trashed...this is basically staring into the eyes of 1984.

I'm no conspiracy theorist, but this week has shown me that the government has forgotten that they are elected and represent us. They are not predestined or entitled to anything. They are our voice, and they are clearly not listening to we the people. This is a broken system staring down the barrel of complete foregoing of rights.

Ministry of Culture soon to be established...

Quote by smartalecG94
it sounds all nice and perfect on paper, but everything about it, including its goals, are gonna get lost in translation to reality.

Exactly...there are no safeguards. It proposes to do one thing, but in essence can be (ab)used in myriad ways.
Seriously....thank god tomorrows Friday, this ****ing week needs to be over.
Will do, the bridge swap is what I've heard most about and it seems cheap enough so I might go for it. Still debating though!
Good to know. Thanks man!
I've heard the J Mascis Jazzes are fab, but I definitely want a Red Jazzmaster I think, and the Mascis doesn't come in that I believe!