I use Ernie Ball Stainless Steel strings mainly, but I have used DR, and Dean Marrkley Blue Steel's are good too.
You have to change your picking style, or move away from the mic when you're recording.
Has a nice finish and great color. Was a nice playing and sounding guitar. Then it went down a fight of stairs.

This made me laugh so hard when I read it.

Anyways, the switch might be for coil tapping between the pickups, or possibly a killswitch.
Basswood is lighter in weight, it's bright, but still retains some warmth. Agathis will give you a warmer deeper sound, like mahogany, but not as dark.
1. Change the strings, he probably bought cheap ****ty ones anyways
2. Make him buy the guitar for ****ing it up possibly
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Uh, I have an old Epiphone SG Special (lolplywood) and I went through the trouble to fix the action, tighten the screws on a loose tuner, scallop frets 18-22, adjust the truss rod, and adjust the pickup height. I spent no money in the process. I want to sell it for like $100, because that's all it's really worth to me.

The only thing I've had to do to my Ibanez was adjust a saddle on the bridge that I knocked a bit crooked when I was changing my D string, and that's it.

Ibanez ftw.
Don't forget Layne Staley. Layne overdosed on a speedball (heroin and cocaine injection), and his body wasn't found until two weeks after his death. He was truly a great musician, but he lost his life to heroin, the same way that Andrew Wood did.

Also, John Bonham choked to death on his own vomit, and the reason Ronnie Van Zant's plane went down was because the pilots had snorted some coke and didn't do any pre-flight maintenance. The reason the plane went down was because they were out of fuel, and Ronnie was killed by the amplifiers in the back breaking loose and basically flying to the front of the plane, crushing him.
Schecter C-1? (I like the C-1 XXX because of the inlays). Possibly an Epiphone Prophecy SG?
I hate Lil' Bush, it's not even funny. I've noticed that in the past couple of years Comedy Central has been trying shows for like 6 weeks and then throwing them off the air, so I hope the same thing happens to them. They should keep Lewis Black's Root of All Evil though, that show is actually funny.
...Hide it in your rectum?

That's all I've got, you're on your own.
ESP owns LTD. Basically, LTD is ESP's import line. They're good guitars, just not "American made".
That won't work well. It will work, but you will have NO upper fret access. Try to find a lefty.
Quote by CJRocker
Slow down there. I'm going to try and make some sense of this. What do you mean by "getting worse and worse"? Where did the string break? What do you mean the bridge would not move? Whats wrong with it? Where is it still connected? A snap could of been the neck shifting around in the pocket,, as unless that trem is pot metal, metal just doesn't break.

Yeah, I'm lost too.

Edit: Explain dude, where did the breaking sound come from, what way did you try to push the bar down, are there any visible cracks in the wood of your guitar?
"Sorry, this programme is only available to play in the UK"

So no, I didn't see it, ever.
This is what I was talking about on page 1:

You call your friends poor, and then wonder why no one wants to go with you?
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well you can either screw it tighter (carefull not to snap it) or wrap a piece of teflon (if you dont have that electrical) tape around the grooves, preferebly teflon tape. Its for plumbing and you can get it for like 70 cents a roll at any hardware store.

I wouldn't recommend this, you could overtorque the bar and break it if you're not careful.

What I DO recommend is Lock-Tite, it's a thread fastener, it'll keep it from coming unthreaded with general use but if you need to you can still unscrew the bar with a little bit of force.
Try doing some chromatic scales up and down the fretboard or just work on bending strings with your pinky to build up a little bit of strength. You just have to get used to using all four fingers instead of just three.
A palm tree? Possibly a stripper outline like the inlays on the Schecter C-1 XXX?
I tabbed three songs from scratch, and they all are accurate, so I'm happy with my tabbing skills. It takes too much time though.
I have not a doubt in my mind there's going to be a thread up on 4chan about this. Anonymous is everywhere, beware.
...That's the worst picture I've seen of either of them. No, and they both look like traps.
That shape with those contours is pretty badass for being a ghetto guitar. Try sanding off the gibson logo, see if you can make out anything on the headstock. Try using wood putty to fill in the holes and such. The fretboard looks like rosewood, just really light.
I think Wes Borland's signature is pretty tight for a semi-hollow. I haven't played that one you posted though.
The first Dinky looks the best, the white headstock doesn't match the camo on the warriors.
Ted Nugent.

Not because he's old, but just because he's an asshole in my opinion. He openly stated at a concert that Obama should suck on one of his M16's (which he waved in the air while stating) and then suggested that Hillary Clinton should ride one too. He also called Pantera's version of Cat Scratch Fever "exceedingly white" even though he calls Muslims "allahpuke." As far as I'm concerned he's white trash with a microphone.
Wow.. that was just... pure failure.
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Ashes of the Wake

I concur.
Tom Maxwell from Hellyeah and Nothingface plays a white Dean Soltero.
I think the coolest double neck I ever saw was Head's 14 + 7 string Ibanez. I always wanted one, but they only made one.
I love seeing a thread entitled "asterisk asterisk asterisk asterisk exclamation point exclamation point exclamation point exclamation point exclamation point", it gives me a fuzzy feeling knowing someone just failed at doing something.

Anyways, they'll be fine dude, amplifiers are designed to be on for somewhat long periods of time, and it was on standby anyways. Relax.
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I have used it. It's a glorified factory down-tuned RG with stupid inlay and stock EMGs. It's like any other Prestige Ibanez but $200 bucks more because it's a "signature" guitar. Feels good and sounds like any other cookie cutting metal that comes out of EMG, but not worth the money.

You must have an older model, his newer one has Seymour Duncan blackouts in it. Much more versatile and have a better range of tone in my opinion. The one thing that bugs me is that dumb fixed Edge 3, just seems pointless, they could have done like a cool flat baseplate but instead they went and bolted that piece of crap on there.
You can't call in a noise complaint to the police from 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM, but that's where I am in Indiana. As long as your music doesn't sound like **** and you're in like the basement of a house then you should be fine.
It's Primus isn't it?

Edit: Nevermind, that's Les Claypool's bass

Anyways, I'd probably use a harmonizer, or my whammy to get that effect.
Is it holding tune? If not, it might be unwrapping at the ball end. I had my high E do that, completely unwinded, but didn't snap, made a cool whammy effect bending it behind the neck. But anyways, check the string around the tuner and bridge and make sure it's not defective or anything.
Does that mean you're the offspring of a noob? Would that make you full of phail?

Sprint isn't that bad, it's T-Mobile that sucks.
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