I'd give myself a 6. I can write some pretty damn good riffs, but I don't practice scales or play classical music. I'm kind of on a Jerry Cantrell sort of deal. I don't shred a lot but I make the notes I play count.
Brasso is the best stuff to use imo, you have to do a lot of scrubbing but you can get them back to being as shiny or shinier than they were before.
K stands for Knight.

Anyways, I don't know about it, EMG's don't really give you a broad spectrum in terms of sound, and from the price I'm guessing it's a bolt on with an un-original Floyd. I love Deans but the good ML's and Razorback's are too pricey for my budget.
Is it outdoor or indoor, and how many people will be there. Festive hair only works at the right time.
Better tone, better tone because the sound resonates more evenly throughout the wood. With plywood you get almost no tone because the vibrations have to travel through so many different mediums of wood and glue that it really kills the nice warm clean sound you would get with a wood such as mahogany.
The LTD, I just don't trust the durability of long ass hooked horns on any guitars or basses. They should be reinforced with carbon fiber or something like with what Perry did when he was building that death metal guy's bass.
I roll with Drop C# and C#, low but still has that nice ring to it.
Have the strings changed out, have it re-intonated, and have the action adjusted as well.
Eh, well, depends really on what sound you're going for. The Iommi SG has a 24.75 neck with 24 frets which is kind of a rarity, but it also allows you to do fast playing on the upper frets easily. The Les Paul's come with the standard 24.75/22 fret necks, but because the body is thicker you get a much warmer sound.
Probably all of Casualty01's answers on the Christmas staff interview.
The words "HAIL SATAN" or "DROP ACID"... both things that Phil Anselmo said when Pantera played Floods live during the Extreme Steel tour.

Eh, that girl orgasming in the beginning of More Human than Human by Rob Zombie makes it kind of hard to listen to in public. Also, the words "Praise Allah and kill the infidels" should probably never be used in a song.
Eh, I think they scoop their mids, and use really crisp but gainy distortion.
I'm running the Digitech Scott Ian pedal through my AD15VT and it sounds great, go for it.
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Don't forget you can tune higher too.

I've been meaning to try C# with a high F#. Granted you don't gain the same range you do with standard 7 tuning (B), it is another option

I've done it, you have to have .08's and like a .52 on the low B, it's pretty cool, but I didn't use the F# that much, just too squirmy for me really.
You have to get used to that extra string, and you'll confuse your middle range strings alot from being so used to playing a 6 string. But after bit of playing you get used to it. I love mine, those 5 extra notes give you so many extra combinations for chords and scales etc.
...Someone call Interpol.
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Ok so basically I was on the bus ride home from a school ski trip and I was bored so I got this girls number from my friend (shes our friends girlfriend so I sort of know her) and I started texting her random perverted and disgusting **** like an idiot, and she didn't have my number so she didnt know who it was. After a few texts she told her mom and now I'm really screwed.

Whats the worst case scenario for what can happen to me? I'm pretty sure that was sexual harrassment...

...Sexual harassment, probably a school suspension and community service at the worst.
Let's all meet at that one missile base out in Washington, I doubt anyone is really looking after it, so we can just raid it and make it ours without having to buy it on eBay.
Pretty much all of Vulgar Display of Power by Pantera is either 1/2 step down or Drop C# (Drop D 1/2 step down).
...I don't even know what to do in this scenario of a thread. Like, I don't think talking about bestiality is against the rules, but a mod may deem it offensive and warn you.
It looks good, it's like a half-Les Paul half-PRS hybrid. I'm digging it, it's got a Les Paul GT feel to it without it being too pointy.
Are you trying to insinuate that black people and black history smells?
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if i remember right, a razorback is a 24.75 scale
so go 1 gauge higher than what you have on your strat

And the specific string type is up to you.
Just please dont get the dimebag set. (i have a prejudice against those who buy signature gear because of who's it is.)

If it's a Razorback 255 it's 25.5 and has 24 frets, if it's a Razorback Standard it's a 24.75 and has 22 frets. So it really depends on the Razorback you have.

I use Ernie Ball Stainless Steel strings on my guitars, but those don't have trems.
No, there was some other dude who started a thread about it and it got to like 6 pages. Use the search bar for "Avril Lavigne Guitar" or something.
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oh, i do, i forgot to mention that.
i use 12-56, Ernie Ball

Go with the 7 string, you get all the low end and get to keep your highs too.
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How low can I tune before I need to adjust my truss rod? I like down tuning but I don't want to damage my guitar, so I was just wondering. Also, how do I adjust it?

Well, assuming the lower you tune the thicker your strings will get, the tension should balance out pretty well. I would be more worried about tuning to standard with thicker strings than tuning down with thinner ones.
I'm thinking it might be a sustainer and he just keeps hitting harmonics. You can see him moving his hand around between 12, 7, 5, and 3 and then he's hitting the whammy bar when he touches them to get it to vibrate the strings and produce the harmonic.
It's going to be a bitch finding 8 string parts man. Try contacting someone like BlackMachine guitars, they're still fairly small and they might tell you where they get their parts for their 8 string builds.
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This is the closest I've got for you. It's an Agathis body, but it has EMG's with a coil-split, 24 frets, and I'm pretty sure it's a 24.75 scale neck.
Well, you could buy an Orignal Floyd Rose 7 string trem and you'd have both your bridge and nut options sorted out, but it might be a bit expensive.
Personally I prefer "Power Metal" over all of the glam albums because Phil was doing those crazy 80's screams like "Weaahhhhh!!!!!!" But, you can't really find them anymore for sale because after they went crunch and groove they didn't go back. Personally I just downloaded them, because I doubt Vinnie Paul, Rex, or Terry Glaze are going to go after royalties against downloading those albums.
Blackouts have been out for a while. Most of the attention is going to the 7 string version because most of us 7 stringers have been waiting for a good active 7 string pup that doesn't require us to route a bigger hole out of our guitar for it.

But, the 9 volt will fit in your control cavity.
Name her something like your favorite band, like Pantera, or Alice for Alice in Chains. Whatever appeals to you really.
I'm sorry, but the Union Jack is where I draw the line. Dime was a good old American boy from Texas, and I'm pretty damn sure he wouldn't be walking around with a Union Jack flag on his guitar.

What I do want now though is the Washburn Dime-2ST that popped on eBay the other day. It's got like 3 chips and the bastids still want $1200 for it.
What did it sound like? I've always kind of wondered what sound electricity would produce if it was running through your guitar strings.
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I'm I the only guy here that's absolutly fine with his Ibanez RG7321?

TBH when I get the cash I'm changing the pickups out for Seymour Duncan Blackout 7's. The stocks are just a bit too muddy for me.

Oh, and I'm sexy with my RG:
Yeah, you'd run around $300 if you found a good luthier.

Floyd Rose system: $180
Routing, installation, intonation, tuning ~ $120
Was your teacher smoking opium or something during all of this? Wtf?
I never considered that with the deep set neck you could get a lot of sustain with the neck pickup without over doing it with a neck through and high output bridge pup. So technically what you're doing is giving it a lot more sustain and playability without having to go through the hassle of measuring the wings and making sure you cut everything right. You work wonders with wood Perry, you really do. Great work!