I would invest in new pickups and tuners for it rather than a pick guard.
Viking Steve Ross, like my official title, and on my bank statement it would say "Mr. Viking Steve Ross"
Uh... probably the Ibanez RG321, probably because it's the most simple of them, no Edge III trem or anything on it, fixed bridge, stock pickups, 24 frets, wide variety of color choices. Makes it pretty standard, and a damn good guitar too.
Well, when I was fat:

Tubby two chins

Now it's mostly just "Stiv", and occasionally a friend of mine still calls me Thunderbutt.
Talent is only the product of dedication.
I'm surprised someone hasn't said reported yet lol
What did your wife eat when she was pregnant with your daughter? I just want to know why your daughter tastes so good.
If you can get it for $400, then hell yes.
Hmm, I might be able to afford that, I'm not 100% sure yet though.
How much do you think it would cost me?
Quote by ac/dc_freak91
It's a Washburn Dime V. The nut on it is broken, and it's a pretty cheap ass guitar, so I'm probably not gonna bother getting it fixed.

One of the bulky pointy ugly ones or the Dean 79' style camo version?

I'm a bit interested in it if you don't want it.
What kind of Washburn was it, and how did you bust it?

Anyways, yeah, go for the Bill Lawrence, much better tonal response and harmonics than the Dimebucker in my opinion.
Tell him to grow up and be a man, and show respect when respect is given. Tell him a real man wouldn't talk **** about anyone, regardless of their feelings towards them. Tell him to stop being an insecure prick, and if he tries to fight you tell him fighting is for immature assholes like him.
Eh, the May ones are probably the earliest, I think the Russian ones are just the server company's basic layout before the staff got it sorted out. Interesting stuff really, never knew that's how it all began.
Rainbow text in his sig
Quote by Xiaoxi
If they can do it well, they would be professionals at arrangement and structuring, which are definitely musical abilities in the composition department.

The thing is, they're not really putting any of their own creation into it. Sure, they can arrange tracks and make it sound great, but they don't have to have as much talent as an actual band to do it. You can put so much more emotion into a song you actually composed and recorded with your own instrument rather than a computer program with sampled notes that repeat. Now don't get me wrong, I'm not saying all techno and electronica artists have no talent in composing music, but there are so many out there that produce the same recycled trash with the same samples and sounds that it really bothers me that they deserve to make any money for what they do.
The pain of being a drummer is that everyone on UG thinks you're a goddamn Neanderthal because you play an instrument that involves beating drums with sticks.

The pain of being a music lover is knowing there are people out there that don't know what musical ability is. Sampling pre-recorded tracks into a computer program doesn't make you a professional musician, it makes you a douche who thinks they're a musician.

The pain of liking metal is that, like being a drummer on UG, three fourths of everyone thinks you're a caveman with no literacy or musical skills, and you will burn in hell for being a sinner.
Thank god, I thought this was going to be another one of those "what does it feel like to get it in the butt?" threads. At which point I would be extremely careful to not answer yes like the last time. (The reason I hit yes is because I'm an idiot, not because I take it in the butt).
You ever see that video where the British guy takes the latex glove, rolls it up in the towel and wraps the open end around the outside of the towel? And then he says something like "and that's how you make a fake vagina" or something. Yeah... I made one of those, and it was awesome.
Not everyone has a pickguard you know. For all you people know he could be playing an RG. I always keep a few backups in my right pocket so if I drop one, I just do a quick reach in and grab a new one.
Odd, your RG321 is mahogany but my RG7321 is basswood. I've been thinking about putting like a Lo-Pro 7 on my RG, but I don't want to lose any sustain from it as is.
Depends on how big the cavity you're filling is, if it's a really big one, then yes, it will affect your tone somewhat. But, if it's just a little hole, then it shouldn't worry you too much.

They should do a whole camo line imo. It'd be pretty cool to have a desert-marpat camo 7 string Vendetta. But alas, I am simply dreaming.
Originally Posted by lila_kaninchen
i drive a 2002 ford ranger, and its been doing this weird bucking thing when i drive it, my dad said its normal so i didnt bother, then when i was coming home the power stearing went, and then the gas, i was flooring it but it was just slowing down, and all the light on the dash came on, it was beeping and dad came out..drove it said it was just being stuborn, and that is normal...but he also said that my breaks were fine and the pads were just is that really normal, or is my car just a f***ing death trap?

Your dad doesn't know what he's talking about. If your truck is using disc brakes and your pads are down to the metal, then you're going to be ****ed when the rivets start eating away at your rotors. Rotors are expensive as hell to replace when it comes to mechanics overcharging on labor prices. The bucking when you drive it could also be the brakes in combination with the transmission possibly acting up on you. Seriously, take it to a mechanic and have it checked out, because your life is more important than the price of having your truck fixed.
Buy it, and then sue them for ripping you off.
I've never gotten one, but I've given a few, a lot of girls say it feels good when you kiss them on the neck. I guess it's because it's a sensitive part of the body.
Let me just state again that I did not mean to answer "Yes", I meant to answer "No", but not "Hell No!" due to the fact that sometimes you know... girls want to get kinky... like... really kinky. But that would be the only exception!
You ever seen that video with the British guy, and he rolls the latex glove up in the towel and stretches the open end around the towel so it makes a sort of sleeve? ...I used one of those when I was looking at pictures of Liz Vicious >_<

...Wait... where the hell is this thread going? It went from predicting what Nostradamus's prophecy was to some Australian chick hypothetically talking about if she was an ape, she could throw feces at people.
Quote by Swat Man
what crack are you smoking? the scott ian is 100$ and the EX7 is 200.. over inflation lying FTL

I bought the Ian signature back in 2006, and it was $225, and I have the receipt. The EX7 I picked up for $180 at the labor day sale, but on the little tag that's on there, the list price is $299.95. Which is as I said, the "list price" as they put it, even though they always exaggerate. So no, I didn't lie about how much I paid for all of my pedals.
The great star will burn for seven days,
The cloud will cause two suns to appear:
The big mastiff will howl all night
When the great pontiff will change country.

-UG will begin to roll downhill with in a week, people spamming LOLWUT and Bazaar of China, and Rickrolls! Hell will ensue!
-Zappp and Casualty01 will appear, causing even more mischief with people kissing ass and reporting every post they see to the mods, causing even more annoyance on their part.
-A really ugly ****ing dog will howl all night, leading to Casualty hitting it in the ass with a wiffle ball bat out of pure frustration.
-Zappp will lose all patience, and kill power to the server box via telephone to the server company. And the site formerly known as UG, will collapse in its own ignorance, only to rise again, when the sun goes blood red.

That's my interpretation of it at least.
1. The reason he's not going to call her back is because what he did is illegal, and he knows it, because he's a goddamned pedophile.

2. She shouldn't be trying to go out with someone that's 21 years old, because if anyone has a problem with her, they can just call the cops and send him off to jail for statutory rape, even if she consented to having sex with him.

3. She should be going out with someone more her age you know, like a guy that's 16 instead of 21. Can I have your cousin's name, residence location, hair color, eye color, zodiac sign, skin color, and phone number?
My current rig, which in total is worth around $700:

Scott Ian Signature: $225
EX-7: $180 (on sale, list is $300)
Whammy: $200
The neck through will give you a lot more sustain and possibly a warmer tone than a bolt-on, so the ESP is definitely a good choice, and the see-through black cherry is a sexy color for a maple top. The new RG is also on my watch list though, because I really want to try out the Edge Zero in comparison to say the ZR or the Edge Pro models, but the color isn't exactly the greatest.
Quote by Sekhmet
Mmm well you could send an e-mail revenge.

What you do is and a semi colon to the end of his e-mail addy, copy it, add to the address bar, copy again, paste until you have a full line of addys then copy all of it and paste another 7 times.
Then attach a pic over 400kb and send.
If everyone who gets these e-scams did it the idiots that insult our intelligence daily with this rubbish would br f****d.

Just remember to delete anything else you get in response 'cos it'll probably be viruses. Don't click ANY links.

I don't get scams any more...

It's genious! Do it with a bunch of LOLWUT pears, see if he ever thinks of scamming again.
You should probably wait until high school and take a shop class to get the jist of using power tools (sanders, routers, drills, etc) before you start trying to build a guitar, or else it will turn out a complete mess. You need to get router templates (or make your own) for your pickups, get the dimensions of the neck pocket, get a good blank of wood to use for the body, and another to use for the neck. Guitars are more complicated to build than you may think.
The guy that drives that car has the strongest pussy magnet in all of London.