He takes his pick and scrapes it really fast against the top three strings and runs it down the neck.
The inlays make it look like a piece of art dude, can't wait to see the quilt top. Are you still thinking of the gem idea or are you deciding on something to make it look eloquent?
Rockstar Mayhem on the 13th of August in Indy. 10/10 Suicide Silence had the most bass I have ever heard in my life. All the second stage bands were pretty damn good, and Disturbed and Slipknot ended the night well.
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S is the first letter of my name. I was thinking that I could have it printed on vinyl then clear-coat the crap out of it. Maybe these guys can print it for me:
4th Floor

What's your name?
Try cleaning all the sticks and leaves and stuff off of your roof with a broom. I would rather be an annoying dick with a leaf blower than fall off my roof trying to use a push broom to clean it off.
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i agree. i tried a seven string for the first time in a local music shop. the bottom string really makes a difference in terms of how much "br00talz" and bass you can get out of it. i might consider getting one in a year or so

For the love of god just don't get addicted to crunch. You can use crunch sometimes, but when you overuse it, it just gets old. I keep myself playing where I solo and use crunch to complement each other instead of just using the 4 bottom strings.
George Carlin was 71 and had like 4 heart attacks before his death, what are you talking about?
The VOX ADVT100 is a good all around rock amp. The clean channel can handle a lot of distortion too, unlike the XL series.
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it also serves as a secret compartment for stuff.

People are going to be stashing their drugs in their Teles now that you gave them the idea.

Anyways, the hole is there so they can hang it on a rack or hook and paint evenly around the guitar.
Probably Hellyeah. I had seen some videos of them playing live and Chad Grey sounded, well, just bad. After I came out of that concert (Halloween night here in Indy), I had a totally different opinion about them.
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uh...i have no idea what you're talking about. from what i understand, the 7321 is not split. the bridge pickup to me, was really muddy and not really good. i switched it out with an Dimarzio Evo, which i haven't really found a good tone out of yet to be honest. it almost sounds tinny and like there's not enough gain. but i'll get it figured out, i haven't messed with it long.

Meh, I was under the impression that it was, I wouldn't be surprised if I'm wrong though. Just thought it would explain the thin twangy sound of the 2nd and 4th selections on the 5 way switch from the stock pups.

Edit: Turns out it does have coil splitting, the 4th setting is a split of the bridge and neck pickups, so it uses the middle two coils to produce the twangy sound.
Nice build. Just curious, what's the tuition cost for that school?
It's absolutely gorgeous, the grain on the top matches beautifully. Nice work man.
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rg1527 would do greaaat!
but tunings will be hastle unless you get a tremol-no and block it to tune down..or just block the trem full stop.

also, look at the rg7321 with a pickup change?
theyre great guitars, hardtail (for alt. tuning) and cheap. so the extra cash can be spent upgrading and maybe on a pro setup?

The stock pups in the 7321 aren't too bad. The bridge pickup has a noticeable amount of gain, but it's nice for distortion. The three middle settings on the selector aren't that great because they're the coil split and both pickup settings. I like using the 2nd to bottom selection on the 5 way switch and push it down an octave, sounds just like a 5 string with medium gauge strings on it. The neck pickup is pretty good too, but it's not perfect.

I'm definitely looking to getting some Blackouts for mine though, I just don't want to have to redefine my sound through my amp and pedal.
Beautiful binding work. I say make the guitar match the pearl's color, give the quilted maple an emerald green stain to it so it's like a gem.

Pretty much like this
As you play more and more you'll develop rougher skin on the tips/pads of your fingers, it's something almost all beginners go through.
I have one, it's for its size, and the cleans sound great too. The distortion presets are alright, but I use a separate pedal for my distortion anyways. I wouldn't advise it for gigging though, because you'll have to mic it up to a PA system.

Is that a tube of lube on the ground...?

Anyways, do something goofy to the headstock like you did to the body, and then try to find an aged pickguard or something to make it look completely relic'd.
The Warlock is uncomfortable to play sitting down because the horn jabs into your sternum. I'd probably go with the Dean, despite the bolt on joint going all the way out to the 17th fret...
Well, from what I know, some of the Edge III routed guitars can be fitted with OFR's, but some can't because of post spacing sizes and such.

I'm more of a fan of fixed bridge guitars for stability and such, but right now it seems Ibanez is trying to sell to the young shredder market, so they slap trems in pretty much every one of their mid range guitars.
Usually it's put into the control cavity with everything else. If you don't have enough space, a small battery compartment can be routed out and fitted with a little cover.
...Girls are being raised nowadays to be dumb. The media makes pop culture figures like Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan famous so girls will idolize them and be just as dumb as they are. The whole reason behind this being that males become the dominant sex in society, marry a woman during adulthood, have kids, and the cycle repeats to keep the economy alive.

Because of this, a large percentage of girls never want to learn how to play guitar because society tells them that bands and guitar players are guys, and that girls should do something more dainty, like cheerleading and choir.

Thankfully, there's always going to be a percentage of people who raise their children to be successful instead of becoming another drone in society. The only female guitarist I know personally is a girl down the street who has been playing for 4 years and wants to go to Ball State to take music theory. As for "legendary" female guitarists, the best you're probably going to get is either that chick from L7 who threw a used tampon at the crowd, or the chicks from Kittie.
I use one of those shammy cloths that come with LCD TVs so you can clean fingerprints and stuff off the screen. Seems to work just as well on the guitar as it does on the TV.
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i don't care for lesbians much....

... Just another girl who isn't interested in me.

I never really thought of it that way, makes it much less awesome and a lot more depressing.
I do the same thing. I'm left handed, but I play both drums and guitars right handed out of preference. I fap with my left hand, brush my teeth with my left hand, and hold eating utensils with my left hand, but not all necessarily in that order.
5, I've seen you a couple of times, but not often.
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I could do it as an 8 string bartone and add an extra high string then it would be a guitar and bass in one. That'd be sick!

That'd be cool to do, especially with it having 8 string bridge pickup and then maybe two regular 6 string pickups wired in series with bass pickups for a different sound. I'm pretty sure that's possible ,just really complicated.
I'm glad he decided to quit, he finally realized that the company was practically exploiting Dimebag Darrell's death and name associated with their guitars.

Dean just wanted to make good instruments, but they ended up focusing everything on Dime rather than anything else.
January 2nd, usually the crappiest weather on my birthday, but at least there's cake.
No offense to Rusty Cooley and his crazy "betcha can't play this" shredding skills, but I think the guitar is somewhat ugly. The horns are out of proportion, and the graphic looks pretty blurry to me. He's a great guitar player, but the guitar is overpriced because it's a USA Dean.
Have you considered that maybe, just maybe he practices the intro solo so he doesn't play some random crap and ruin the song in front of the audience and the whole country?
Good luck man, hope to see you in 6 months.
According to that theory my RG neck on my seven should be bent to the right, but it's not. The only way this would happen is if you sanded the neck so thin that the tension became noticeable.
Despite being a guitarist, I messed around with one of these at a local music store. The finish on the one I played was amazing, it was flame maple stained gray with a satin finish and it was unbelievably smooth to the touch. My only complaint is that it was made in China, and I just don't trust Chinese made guitars. The knobs on it were cheap plastic and popped off easily, and that made me very weary of the brand. But, I'm pretty sure their USA and higher quality import models are great basses though.

That satin flamed maple finish makes me want it just thinking about it...
Probably the song Kunt by Korn.
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is your girlfriend a drug addict? or does she just like pretending to be one?

If she was a drug addict she would have sold the pedal for money for drugs.

Probably just a hippie chick.
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so would you mute the 7th string? or not play it? and is that why a 5 string bass is BEADG?


It's BEADGbe, it's essentially just an extension of standard tuning. Now if you're talking about playing a 6 string song on a 7, either work on not hitting the low B, or if you really have to, put a piece of masking tape around the string to help keep it from vibrating.
...Sounds like he has a pillow stuffed in the bass drum.

Gotta let that bass flow son. I have the front head of my bass drum taken off, and I have hoop spacers holding it onto the drum. Then I put a pillow in the bottom of the drum to slightly dampen it so my bass isn't louder than the two stacks.

He's not bad, I'd change the snare head, looks pretty beat up. Probably should tune all of the toms and bass drum too. Then upgrade to a double bass pedal to get his feet in coordination. I'd tell him to practice with a metronome so his rhythm keeping abilities improve. Really it's up to you to decide whether "your" drummer is good or not.
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Because they're all sluts.

End of discussion.

He knows the truth.