Really dumb question: Are your volume knobs turned up?
Some people have to change them more than others really. I usually change mine more or less every 2 months and I keep them clean with a soft shammy cloth. Pinch each string with a cloth between your fingers and the string and run it down the string and back up, then look at what comes off of your hands after you play.

Now on the other hand, one of my guitarists doesn't have to change his strings for 6 months because he uses coated strings, and for some reason, even when the coating is gone, the things don't even rust. When I use coated strings, the parts of the string where it makes contact with the fret wears away the coating, and the rust builds up like crazy.
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not this. It's not the right wood for an SG.

..."Select Hardwood"

Sounds like selected plywood to me. I don't trust Epiphone too much.
You aren't going to find any beauties for $300, but you can find some pretty good fixed bridge guitars in solid colors. The Ibanez RG321 is good, same with some of Epiphones G400s.
The only people who do retarded things like that with their trem are the people that don't have to fix the trem after they do it.
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Are you suggesting I use the ball pin hammer instead of the Stew Mac one?

Also, thanks much carousel182!

I honestly don't care which one you use, because they both look pretty similar. Stewmac's is a double headed hammer with one side being brass and the other plastic. The head shape is basically the same as the flat headed side of a ball pin hammer, just a different material. The plastic head is probably for use if you're worried about denting your frets.

So, basically what I'm saying is you could buy Stewmac's hammer, or just use a ball pin hammer and use precaution.
Old news. As far as I'm concerned, the state of Kansas should revoke their status as a church and classify them as a hate group. If they don't like living in a country where homosexuality is tolerated, then they can move to Russia and see how they like it there.
Build a guitar shop in your bac- oh... damnit.

If I were you, I'd just be careful and take my time. Focus on not denting any of the frets, and if you have any problems getting the frets into the slots, LIGHTLY tap them with a ball pin hammer.
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Jesus, how much more can you spoil a kid...?
You know what I'm starting to hate about UG? There's a bunch of dumbasses who feel the need to derail every thread with the word "America" in it and make it some stupid debate about whose country is better. This is not a political debate thread, it's LP Addict's build thread, so how about you start talking about his guitar instead of which government is reaming its people the most.
Well, a medium set of 5 string bass strings are 125-50, so, try 125-65 and see if that works for you.
Ted Nugent is an opinionated redneck with a microphone, nuff said'.

Edit: That doesn't mean his opinions are bad. Some of his arguments are very valid and have a good meaning behind them. But, some of the other things I've heard him say are a bit extreme.
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prohibition reversed? What do you mean?

If weed was legalized of course people would grow their own still, but 90% of the market would be legal weed. Just like a small percentage of people still brew their own beer, but to the average person it's much more convenient to just go to the store and buy some.

The weed that would be sold would be de-seeded to prevent people from growing their own ****. It would be monopolized, just like every other intoxicating substance that is legal.

The main reason a lot of people don't grow their own weed is that it's hard to hide, and the government can seize your property if marijuana is found growing on it. Most of the weed where I live is grown by people who live out in the middle of nowhere and know they have a slim chance of being caught because the cops out there are still like, a sheriff and his deputy for the most part. The only thing they have to fear is the heat scanning planes (planes that have infrared sensors that can detect the heat from grow lights).
You should put a sustainer in the neck position. It should save you a lot of time and you won't have to go through the trouble of getting rid of the neck pickup all together.
You should have taken the fretboard back and smacked the woman across the face with it. If she's that stupid she has it coming. The rest of the build looks good though, it should come out looking pretty badass.
Meh, he's HEAVILY influenced by Pantera. Might be a little happy with the beard and guitar being the same, but I wouldn't call him full on obsessed.
Why would you put something on your guitar if you don't know what it does?

It looks like a fine tuner bridge, probably so you can put a behind the nut string lock and have crazy tuning stability. Then again I could be wrong and the knobs could just adjust the saddle height + intonation.
Drop F..... Rational Gaze by Meshuggah made me do it >_>

Normally my 7 string is either in A Standard, A# Standard, or B standard, occasionally I mess around with some lower drop tuning, but that's when it starts to sound cloudy and muddy. I like that crisp punchy low sound, not "mmmmmrmrmmrrmmmmrmmm".

The sound I like can basically be summed up in this video.
I would have left the blood, 4 TEH BR00TALZ!

Just kidding, anyways, I use one of those shammy cloths that come with LCD TVs for cleaning fingerprints off the screen. It's really nice, it takes any finger oil/sweat off of the finish without any streaks. But, if I don't have that then I just use guitar polish and a soft washcloth.
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hehe maybe I should be working on the AE more everyone seems to be more interested =] The dimensions were made for the body to be around 1" smaller width and length, you know how an electric has angles on the body to lean against your body? Well This design is going to have those angles as well this should be one of the most comfortable acoustics to play.. EVER! =]

You're going to contour an acoustic? How exactly are you going to do that?

Good for you....?
Probably Ares, his throne was covered in human skin, and he didn't take **** from anybody.
You have to have a 1.5 mm Alan key tool in order to adjust the saddle height. The tiny screws on each saddle that look like the head is broken off of them are slotted with the 6 sided Alan key holes. The screws on the baseplate just control how far forward or back the saddles are.
3 is definitely the most interesting looking piece. If I were you I wouldn't skimp on wood, if the guitar body is at that scale, you might want something a bit warmer like mahogany.
I remember seeing a picture of his pedalboard live, his Whammy is copper plated and dead sexy.
Maybe, just be careful that you don't break the peg...
You could try pliers with a cloth or paper towel between it and the ball of the peg so it doesn't damage it.
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Your friend is stupid for spending that much money on a WRMG because they're under $1,000. Not even USA Selects go up that high in price.

It was the third one ever produced. Original Floyd instead of a Jackson, flamed maple top, EMG 81/60 combo. They were originally going to be Jim Root's signature model, but instead were converted into cheaper production models.
It could be an old Dean Custom, did it look like this?

I don't really like Jackson that much. They make good guitars, but their relationship with the customer is crappy. I have a friend who ordered one of the first Warrior MG's, and he payed somewhere aroun $3000 for it. So, a few months later he accidentally cracked his JS 30's neck during a gig, and he contacted Jackson about ordering a new one. They blatantly refused, saying that they refuse to sell just the neck of the guitar, because people use them to make fakes to sell on eBay. The ridiculous thing is, he had the receipt for his JS30, and his $3000 Warrior, and even when he gave them the information and they confirmed it, they still refused to sell him a new neck.
Ugh, it's starting to seem like a lot of companies hire female interviewers just because the boss thinks they're hot. Dean Guitars has that one chick who always gets drunk and makes herself look stupid, and this girl just asked one of the dumbest questions you could possibly ask. Seriously, I would rather hear an interview from some random dude who actually knows what he's talking about than a dumb girl with good looks.
I still say black, gold and brown generally isn't a good combination. Now, if you were committing the sin of covering up that beautiful rosewood grain and painting it black or blue, then I could understand gold hardware.
That thing is dead sexy already, very nice.
She's probably crazy, that or she's using god as a way to get Steve to quit complaining about her drinking (in which case she's both crazy and a bitch).

Steve should just bail out of the relationship, because it doesn't seem to be going anywhere, and now she's playing mind games with him for her own enjoyment. ...I feel weird typing this because my name is Steve.
Well, now that your attempt to assassinate your mother has failed, it's time for plan B - stab that bitch right in the face.
Crunchyshreddish - A lot of heavy riffage with some shredding thrown in the mix.
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I cant decide, Gold would look classy, black would look very metal especially if emg's go in it. Kinda wanna go with Nickle and bareknuckle distressed nickle covers but I might have a job finding the Sperzels Im after in Nickle.

Sounds nice, I would probably go with black hardware, just out of personal preference (it kind of matches the darker tone of the rosewood imo). But then again, nickel could look nice too. Tis' your build though, and I'm looking forward to seeing the finished product.
All rosewood... that's something I haven't actually seen yet. It'll come out looking dead sexy though. The grain on that rosewood is nice. What color are you thinking for the hardware?