I'm guessing your tuning stability will be greatly improved by the locking nut. The bridge looks alright, it's probably not the greatest, but it will probably hold tune if you have the locking nut.
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Doesn't look very good in terms of fret access, but I guess if you want a guitar that looks like a scythe/battle axe, then go for it!
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Synthesizer things like in the song A New Beginning by Threat Signal. Another thing I really like is bass drops in songs, they're only annoying when your volume is cranked, because you flip your **** when you hear your subwoofer go "GRRRRRCCCCKKKKKKK" when it hits.
I remember the original thread you posted when you bought it, looks good. Good luck with the rest of it.
Yes, you can, I do it on my 6 string.
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Imagine, having trust in someone. What a bitch.

Well, **** happens.
Should have known better than to send them to a sleazy douchebag in the first place.
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...It's a G-400. It's solid mahogany.
It needs sanding of the neck, then a satin clear coat.

He said it's an SG, not G-400. The reason I said check the body is because most of Epiphone's SG Specials come in ebony and cherry red, and a lot of them are plywood. Also, most G-400's have 18:1 Grover tuners, which are pretty good tuners. I don't see why he would replace them unless he really wants Sperzel locking tuners or something.

Anyways, if I were you, I'd probably completely respray the neck, because chances are you might sand a little too hard and accidentally go through the paint. Just sand it down, respray it, then satin coat it.

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...Interesting, I've heard of Agile, but not SX. Out of personal preference, I think the Ibanez RG copy is the sexiest, but I'd have to play it to really rate it.
OHHHH, THOSE Red wings, I thought we were talking a totally different subject matter here....

I'm just gonna... go now, ok then... >_>
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Do me a favor, take off all the strings, and unscrew the neck, and look at the neck joint. If the body is plywood, you might as well not even bother, if it's one solid piece of basswood, then go for it.
I'd probably paint it black with bright silver bevels, but that's just a personal preference for me because I think it looks sexy. I love the shape of your explorer though, the arch in the back coupled with the shape of the headstock flows nicely.
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wrong. He uses ESPs.

Mark Morton plays a Jackson Dominion signature. Willie plays ESP Eclipses. You both lose.
Well, if you like the non-corrosive properties of Blue Steels, you can buy Stainless Steel electric sets from Ernie Ball on their website. I've been using them for a while, really low maintenance in terms of cleaning them, and they stay bright for a bit longer than standard nickel strings. I ordered 2 sets of .08-38's and 2 sets of .09-42's yesterday from their site.
B standard (on my 6 and 7) as well as Drop A, and A standard. Occasionally I play around with A# and C# too.
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7/10, would have been a 6, but your avatar made me laugh.
I bought the Iommi signature for looks and playability. The Iommi pickups and all black hardware made me go "That's the guitar for me." Plus the 24 frets are nice, adds that extra range. The pickups sound wicked when you're tuned down around C# or Drop A.
Zakk Wylde and James Hetfield both use Les Pauls or variants of them. It can be done.
D'Addario has never been my first choice at all. I stick to Ernie Ball Stainless Steel slinkies because they sound brighter for a longer period of time. They won't be as bright as a fresh set of nickel strings, but they still have a nice steel tone to them.
It's pretty good quality, the only downside is that you can only use one model at a time.
Definitely go with either the Ibanez Xiphos, or if you want a lower price, the RG7321 kicks ass too. You'll get used to the neck rather quickly, as it's pretty thin. You can't really go wrong with Ibanez's 7 string line. No crappy Edge III-7 tremolos, only fixed bridges and Edge Pros.
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Strange, but awesome at the same time.
It might not cause lung cancer, but it'll probably cause mouth and throat cancer.
My band's recording guy has one of these. The pickups sound good stock. I suggest using flatwound strings on it though, gives it a really nice warm tone for jazzy sounding stuff, as well as a few clean things as well.
Happy page 150 everyone.

Anyways, I got bored last night, and conjured up what would make me a happy man if Ibanez released it (which is highly, highly, highly unlikely). The Ibanez "VBT707" if you will. I've just always wanted to see a good 7 string V or other odd shape from Ibanez, I was satisfied with the XPT707, but, I guess it's just not my style (kind of a preference thing). Anyways, let me know what you think about the photoshopped guitar.
Kind of hard to tell, but if I do become famous, I'll make sure to say hello every now and then, and thank the 7 string legion for influencing me to buy a 7 string.
The black with silver bevels is ****ing sexy. Me wants.
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looking nice, are you doing a 4+4 headstock, i've always wanted to see an 8 a side ibanez style one.

Me too, I think it would be better for string tension purposes to do a reverse, so your low F# has more tension and your high E isn't too tight to bend.
Anything by Suicide Silence, especially their new single where the whole time it's just like "GRHRRHHHHRRHHHRH"
Eh, maybe an ESP LTD Viper 50 or M-50, depending on your particular style. All of the 50 model guitars are lower end budget models.
You could hire a luthier to route and install the floating trem and locking nut. So, to answer your question, yes, but it might be pricey.