....THAT is the coolest **** I have EVER seen on UG.
Divine Heresy, Outworld, Meshuggah, and a couple of songs by Slayer on God Hates Us All.
It can do metal... just not for very long. My friend has one, he had it 3 months before the speakers started acting up, and the Sovtek tubes they put in there wore out on him hella fast. Fortunately he's upgraded to his Rivera Knucklehead Tre and his Mesa 4x12.
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BO's are active, aren't they?

I prefer passive sound. And, I don't like butchering my guitar to have a tad bit more clarity, passive recs?

:stickpoke Have you seen the size of the control cavity on your RG? There's more than enough room to fit the 9 volt. If you want passives, try going with a 7 string Breed/X2N combo, or dual PAF7's. If DiMarzio's aren't your bag, Seymour Duncan makes a lot of 7 string versions of their pups that aren't active.
Get the 707, the XPT700 has an Edge III, which is Ibanez's lowest quality trem.
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I think Dino said in an interview that he won't get a signature model, but he gets full access to the LA custom shop.

Yeah, I'm pretty sure he said that. I think the reason is that he doesn't want to be stuck with one guitar forever, but would rather have variation. From what I've seen in the RG2228 promo video, he has seven custom shop 7 string RG's, and two custom shop 8 strings, as well as a few Xiphos 7's as well.

Also, to answer Slaytanic's question, Seymour Duncan Blackouts. Great tone you can get out of those puppies, or you can lay some distortion over them and get a bone crushing sound.

The wisdom one is good, but it's kind of depressing at the same time.
I've already tuned up to C# with my 7 string. I used Ernie Ball Stainless 8-52 gauge as a precaution to not snap my high E. All in all, I couldn't find much use for the F#, because it was way too twangy and kind of sounds annoying on the higher frets. But nonetheless it was still fun to toy around with.
Some guy did this mock-up on the Dean forums, I thought it was a pretty badass paintjob for an SG. Paint the contours bright silver and leave the body black, now that would be nice looking.

No, I don't think I've ever met a Fred either.
Daddy - Korn

Just because he's actually talking about him being molested.
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Peavey classic 50/50 power amp hey? Great power amps aren't they, unfortunately mine is in the process of being replaced with a mesa 50/50 in a couple of weeks.

But a stock S7320 through that setup sounds killer, i remember playing that same setup a while ago when my other guitarist first got his ENGL, sounds really nice.

Mesa makes some damn good cabinets with plenty of low end. Yesterday I ran my RG7321 through my 6 string guitarist's Rivera Knucklehead Tre into a Mesa 4x12 cab. It was the heaviest sound I've ever heard in my life. I was tuned in A standard, and the sound was just pure crunch.
Cover yourself in plastic wrap and blankets, whatever you can find to keep the smell from penetrating your skin's pores and sticking to you. God speed.
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where can i check if the volume pot is 250K and tone pot is 1 Megaohm? i read that this combination is "favored" by dimarzio.

I would figure it would be stamped onto the pots themselves on the undersides, but I'm not entirely sure.
I kind of want to try an 8 string, but on the other hand, you only have to tune down 2 steps on a 7 string to get the same effect. The only use for the 8th string is to keep your highs. Chances are, if you're playing that low, and you're not Rusty Cooley, you're probably not flying up and down the fretboard.
Why yes, pot is always ok.

Considering it's probably your standard 500k pot, it should be alright, but if you're unsure you can just get one for $6 on Musician's Friend.
Very good quality compared to my band's demo. The vocals kind of remind me of the Bloodhound gang only serious. The overall quality is pretty good, but the drums could be mic'd a bit better (add a little bass to the kick drum, possibly change the position of the snare mic to make it sound softer).
Well, if you were witnessing it beginning, you'd see it go outwards from its center point 1.5 places, and then slowly and exponentially expand in both directions, because lines extend infinitely in both directions. Pi would simply act as sort of a speed limiter of how fast the line could expand because of the tons of decimal places. But, because Pi's decimal places keep getting smaller and smaller, eventually you wouldn't even see the line expanding anymore.
I figure it's about time to post my band, as we'll soon be finishing all of our recording and handing out demo CD's to people anyways. We have sort of a thrash metal sound, but some of our stuff sounds more progressive too. Currently, the song we have up on our Myspace is called "Blacking Out", and it was the only track we managed to get recorded due to problems concerning the number of inputs our recording guy had. But, on May 3, we'll be going back in to record about 4 or 5 of our tracks.

Anyways, check out the Myspace at or our ReverbNation account at

There is also a video that our singer recorded of Taylor and Joe (the two guitarists) playing another song of ours by the name of "Purify in Death", which we should have uploaded to a public source soon.

As a side note, yes, I know the demo sounds pretty bad, it's because we had to track a lot of stuff separately, as well as deal with the amount of time we had to record everything. It'll sound a lot better when we rerecord it.
I'm in Central Indiana, and my house shook slightly for like 10 seconds. I was putting my belt through the loops and I heard the house rattling and I could see my guitars starting to vibrate on the stands. Was kind of interesting.
I like the bolt on neck of my RG over the set neck of my Epiphone. The curvature of the heel and knowing that the neck is being fastened in place by nice thick bolts is satisfying.
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The guy from Stone Sour doesn't wear a mask... You're thinking about a completely different band...

...There's two guitarists in Stone Sour, Jim Root, and Josh Rand. The guitarist in the picture is Josh Rand.

..Not really freaky besides the fact he's bald and has blue eyes, and is using his Nazi powers to stare into your soul.
I remember I downloaded a video from Joox a while back, and their download system would like, precache the download before it would show up as downloading on Firefox. So when it finally would download, it was saying the speed was like 4000MBPS. It was crazy, at first I was like "uh... did I get patched through to a straight fiber optic line?", and then I realized what was happening.
Oh hell yes I would, I'm a sexy mother****er. And obviously if he's an exact genetic copy of me and thinks the exact same way I do, obviously he's not going to tell anybody. That, or I could just keep my clone as a gimp in a box in my crawlspace.
I'm guessing aluminum foil or some form of non-magnetic metal, with a layer or two of lacquer over it.
8/10, not too hard, but not exactly easy for a beginner.

I'd say the hardest thing I can play is "The Sleep" by Pantera, the clean fingering patterns are awkward to play, and the solo is fairly long.
I apologize for being a nub, but I have never heard of a "black ice" mod, would you mind elaborating?

As for your question about the sound. It would probably sound pretty good, although, an SG isn't going to sound the same as a Stratocaster, but in terms of tone and sound, it should be at least equivalent if you buy the proper hardware, pots, nut etc.
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Would you rather be sprayed with a constant stream of clean water or sit in a pool of your own filth for 15 minutes?

Take a shower first, and then take a bath to relax, it's a win/win.
Make sure you switch out your oil filter every 3000 miles or so, and use either Valvoline Synthetic or Royal Purple oil in your system, also, don't go cheap when it comes to oil filters. NAPA makes a pretty good oil filter out of aluminum with a better oil flow system, so I use that. There's also an oil additive put out by Lucas Oil that you can put in your oil every time you change it out, and it will make the oil a bit more viscous, but it won't break down and it helps your engine out in terms of better lubrication.
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im bored on sunday and i wanna learn some songs......but im getting mad at tuning up/down soooooo.....any good c# songs OTHER than them bones?

Them Bones is Drop C#, now if you want some C# standard songs, you can look into Pantera's 'The Great Southern Trendkill', and Machine Head plays mostly in C#.
That actually wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. The dude kept yelling at his sister "You could have been raped, in the butt!" and when she started yelling at him he just started gargling out things like "In the butt, Myspace, Youtube, in the butt"
I heard that his country's government was already up in his **** for doing that. I don't know what an online petition is going to get done though. The guy is just sick in the head.
When you strike the final blow just be like "LOLWUT?!" and kick him in the face, or scream "Ultimate Guitahhh!!!" I would idolize you.
8-52's, stainless steel on my 7 string. My tuning range is from A Standard up to C#.
I'm a frog. And I was almost a chipmunk or a duckling.
I like my women like I like my RG7321. Horny and thin with two beautiful round knobs and those sexy curves that turn me on when I see their silhouette. Mmmm, Ibanez.

You can't put a Floyd-Rose in an SG because they're too thin. But, ESP does put out one of their Vipers for Travis Miguel from Atreyu, and it has a Floyd Rose in it.
...My dog doesn't eat grass.
[quote="'Tommy[fin"]']What the hell is happening in the 3rd pic from the left?

Shamwow claims you can roll a wet shirt up in the towel and it'll dry it out.