Quite possibly fake, but usually they just slap an RG neck on there so it would be a 24 fret, not a 22. Have you unbolted the neck, looked at the joint and made sure it's not plywood?
I usually just talk to them for a while and get to know them and then when I feel confident enough in their trust in me I say "you want to go see a movie or something sometime?"
It's true! I started with just a simple Metallica album, and now I'm addicted to crack and heroin, and I always have my Glock 40 on me in case I need to kill cops!

..It makes me wonder if the movie will be like "Reefer Madness" or something. It'd be great to see "This man killed his family after torrenting an entire KISS collection over the internet. Now he is pleading insanity in court, all because that one song he P2P'd!"
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wut is a luthier? im assuming it has to do with the luthern church

Someone who hand builds guitars and stringed instruments for a living or a side job. I've always wanted to learn the trade myself, I'd love to be able to build my own guitar.
You don't talk about /b/ foo', you don't talk about /b/!
Your neck will snap if you take the truss rod out while the neck is under tension, not if it's unstrung and it's separate from the body.
A Dean Razorback 7 in satin black with Seymour Duncan Phase 1 blackouts and all black hardware with an ebony board with white binding, and an unfinished 5 piece maple/walnut neck. Running through a Digitech Whammy 1, a Vox Wah, and a Scott Ian Black 13, running into a Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier or a Krank Revolution.
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define "ok". Will it sound like drop C#? Yes. Will the strings be flopping everywhere, buzz like crazy, and go out of tune every 3 seconds? Yes.

Drop C# is a half a step down with the low E string dropped a step from that. They aren't going to be flopping everywhere. I've gone as far as C# standard with 8's and they were fine. If they're buzzing like crazy and going out of tune it's your guitar, not the strings.
Eh, I use Vic Firth Sound Isolation headphones for musicians. I got them for about $50 at Guitar Center.
Eh, it's a coolish temperature. I wear t-shirts, cargo shorts, and a jacket pretty much no matter what temperature it is, so don't trust my judgment. People from California might think that's freezing.
Bwahaha! HA! HAHA! That's what you get when you go to an orgy with people you don't know, she should have known better.
My plan worked, as it turns out, putting 8-52 stainless steel Ernie Ball's on my RG7321 was the most ingenious thing I've ever done in terms of strings. I don't have to worry about corrosion, I can tune up to C#, or down to A standard, and the strings surprisingly aren't too flappy when I tune down. I'm pleased about that.
Hit it son, hit it hard, and hit it good.
Just leave the nut unlocked when you play. I mean, if you really wanted to you could get a roller nut or something like that, but I don't know if that would really affect your tuning stability. I would invest in some better tuners, and get a tremol-no.
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won't a shorter block cause loss of sustain and tone,?

Well, if it's a 32 mm and it's in the guitar body, it should be the same in terms of block to body ratio in thickness really.
Wow, it really will be a "Shamray" V, it's got inlays straight out of the ocean.
"My fly ebony honey" sounds good.
Damn that's sexy, that guy is very talented luthier to make all those inlay routes (or cutouts) so perfect looking.
There's a thread stickied in the Electric Guitar forum, that should help you out.
Well, the one thing I do know about violins and cellos it that they have 4 strings, and you can either pluck them, or use a bow on them.

Good Violins are around $250 to $300, beginners are near $50. And like all instruments, the extremely expensive ones that have been hand made by an American dude are ~ $500.
You went all Zakk Wylde "In This River" style on that ****.
Is in to S&M where he dresses up like a gimp.
Those new Seymour Duncan Blackouts are pretty high output, and they sound great too, try a set of those.
Well, you might have to tighten up the springs in the trem cavity to level your trem, but other than that if it's a well built BC Rich, you should be fine.

Edit: Or you can add an extra spring if you really want to, but that's not really necessary until you start getting towards 11's and 12's in terms of gauge.
I've got a quick question for you guys. I bought my 7 string back in November of 07', and I love the extra range I can get. Unfortunately, the only 7 string sets that Guitar Center has are D'Addarios. However, no matter what I do, my fingers have some magic power that causes my high strings to rust after about an hour or two of playing, even after wiping down the strings and putting a coating of fast fret on them. So, I have decided to order some stainless steel strings from Ernie Ball for a few reasons.

1. I can specify what gauge I would like to order without worrying about if they have them in stock.
2. Stainless Steel won't corrode on me, and the strings should last longer
3. I can order sets of single gauges up to 60.

So what I'm thinking is ordering some 6 string sets of extra light (8-38) or light (9-42)'s, and ordering a set of single 52 or 54 gauge low strings. I figure, if I have the lighter strings, not only will I be able to play down tuned from B, but also either one or two steps up from B. So I figure it should give me a good range between A standard, up to around C and C# (six string tuned, with the high E ignored, or used for really high bends)

How does this idea sound?
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Yes, they are homosexual, get that straight.

...Am I the only one that sees the irony in that statement?

My condolences to you, regardless of his sexual preference, it sucks to lose a friend.
...Well, you should be in Drop D, DADGBE. Sounds like you might be having problems with tuning and the trem on the RG.
...Err... wow. No comment
Total fake, no logo, three single coils, non-gold hardware. Obviously not real.
Huh... that's interesting, I never did much investigation into Loose Change because the first time I saw it I knew it was a bunch of crap. But I do find it quite interesting that his Marrs douchebag was their source. All these conspiracies about 9/11 are so ridiculous in the first place. They criticize Bush for being dumb and then claim that he had the intelligence to plot to attack his own country. Now, I don't think that Bush is dumb, I think he has a problem with public speaking. Every time he gets up there he's all nervous and starts speaking in half broken English, and that's why everyone thinks he's dumber than he really is. Thanks for posting this though, it will give some of these conspiracy theorists something to think about.
That is an Ibanez JEM, and they are by no means cheap my friend. Start off with something basic, like an Epiphone Special II pack.
Go for it man, I did at one point, and I'm white, here's a photo of my goofy ass:

That's called a tailpiece wrap. You screw the tailpiece down to the body of the guitar all the way and then wrap the string around it so your action is lower and you get a kind of looser string tension effect.
I would just replace the tuners. A locking nut would require some routing at the end of your fretboard to make room for it.
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Quote by Kjoyea

but neck-wise the edge 2 is an amazing neck if you want it thin. It will last a long while too.

...Don't you mean a Wizard II? But you're right, the Edge 3 trem sucks.

You should get an RG1570 or something with a decent trem.
Have you tried upstroking? Hit the A first and then the E? Your picking style might also need work if you're hitting the E really hard and then just dragging the pick across A.