i just got a boss gt8 and i dont really know how to work it, does anyone know a link or a you tube vid that could help me out to understand how to work it?
the music he wrote was good, so he's an inspiration to me.
you do have a point, but its harsh to say he's crap, when he's some what talented to some others.....
hahaha. man i supoos so then
yes! free are really cool
wait,. it worked. its really good hope you guys get far
wheres the video, it didn't come up. maybe put it on youtube, i really wanna help you guys out.
the wall by pink floyd, if you don't know what i mean.
what do you guys reckon about the wall movie? Is it me or is it quite hard to understand?
you mean the edge?
rik emmett, mick mars, Mark Knopfler
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How about under rated guitarist like Glenn Proudfoot, he is amazing and has so many different playing styles that he is like a ten in one guitarist

if you want to do under rated guitarest then make a thread
so i was reading this and it said about how to fix your bridge if it gets lifted, and then it said add more springs and don't put too much pressure on them, well what if i only have 2 and they're really stretched out? where do i get more springs from? i put them so that they're on the end and come in kinda diagonally, is this alright?
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Neil Young!!!

just maybe, he does stuff up some times.... but no doubt that his song wrighting is amazing!
this may seem like a stupid question, but if theres this big debate about gibson and fender, then why are gibson's more expensive than fender? I mean usually the more expensive means the better right?
whats the advantage or each type of string gauge? and the disadvantages? I wanna change strings, and was wanting a new gauge.
hey has any one heard about "faul mcCartney"? aka paul is dead?
Lesson learned guys don't ettempt to tune your high e sting into a g! it'll snap. luckly i have a packet of strings ready to be used over on my desk, so now i just need some help on how to string my guitar.

I've done electrics before, but no acoustics. can any one help me? or give me any links on how to do it?
keith richard, by a long shot
bonzo! or keith moon!
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At least check the fuse first. I know it's obvious, but sometimes we miss the obvious.

What do you mean?
Is there anything good about a pod? does it just do the same as a amp?
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Have you tried actually putting the capo on the electric?

Of corse I have, I was just wondering.
i got a capo, thats meant to be for a acoustic guitar, But i doesn't matter if i use it on my electric does it?
oh wait here a limerick I also wrote

There once was a man from iceland,
who had just formed a hard rock band,
they wore 80’s wigs,
trashed a few gigs,
and within a month they were banned.

this is more like poerty not lyrics
Its not really meant to be a song but i wrote this poem....

I’m not going to school today,
its not because I want to play on my x box all day,
or watch mum wash dishes while I rest,
no the reason is I have a math test.

Its easy really, all it takes is a few words,
“mum, i’m not feeling well.”
But my mums not that thick,
no, not like a brick,
she seem’s to be able to tell,
it only takes a few seconds for her to click
“arr, hun your not sick.”

This wouldn’t be the first time,
i’ve committed this kind of crime,
once before, when my math test was due,
it was the first time, and i really had no clue,
“mum,” i would say,
“I think I got the case of the chicken pox”
she only took one look,
at those chicken pox, and said,
“Okay lets take you to the doc,”
But that doc, boy was he a smart cookie,
mum now owns a book “is your kid pulling a sickie?”

I’ve read that book in side and out,
i know i won’t fail, with out a doubt,
she’s made a fool of me once before,
i’ll have her screaming ”oh, please no more,”
this clever plan may have side effects,
that’ll hunt her for ever more.

I’m lying in my bed,
i’ve got a hottie on my head,
mums pink blusher on my check,
man, this is going to make her freak.

Here she comes,
she’s making her way down that hall way,
“Haha,” i laugh, i’m going to make her pay!
She’s turning on my bed room light,
“ARRR,” she screams,
man did she get a fright,
she’s backing into the hall way night,
“Mum, I’m not feeling too well,”
she’s spooked, I got her real good,
“mum”, I say, “i think it was last nights pud,”
“you don’t mean the vegetable tarts do you?”
theres my cue,
i through up some fake spew,
“yes,” i say wiping my face,
“maybe you should give that one a break,
you know, just in case.”

With out more conversation,
she decides its time for my vacation,
and give me my days lone,
“Hun I think you should stay at home.”
I'm pretty sure if theres a R on a circle and at the end and above fender, That means repeat doesn't it?
Or just check where its made.
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Unlike suggested above, do not open it. You're 15 and unless you are very electronics savvy you could possibly stuff it further than it already is or could injur yourself.

Take it to a tech

haha yeah thanks I've already injured my self lately so I'm not willing to take any more riskes.... If he meant just taking the back off I could probably do that, Seems simple enough Other wise would I just take it to a music shop to see what they can do? Or actually call in the technician?
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I bleed semi-regularly when I play with my band, and it's happened with both hands too. It only happens at good shows and great practices though.

I guess that means you don't use a pick?
i downloaded poisons talk dirty to me, on the computer, and at about 40 seconds you can here what sounds like something being dropped in the back ground. What do you rekon it is?
Okay its a marshall DFX 100, and (this is where your going to say the seller was a duda) I got it second hand about a month ago. But he seemed sure it was all good, gave me a run though, he wasn't asian, didn't seem dodgy at all, He said he was selling it cause he was sick and needed to pay for his sickness.
It just doesn't work, no sound will come out of it. I twist the volumes and no sound will come out.
I had trouble with this but got used to it, It really improved my playing once i got it! Just do scales slowly doing up and down picking, and eventualy get faster thats how I did it!
I'm in my schools production band, and i'm always sitting down when I play guitar, so I'm a bit crammped. And about after an hour my shoulder starts hurting real bad
this probably isn't much help, sorry. :T
Is it really possible to play so much that your fingers bleed? I know that the album "let it bleed" by the stones was giving that name because Keith's fingers bleed during that album.
How long does it take before your fingers start to bleed?
I was playing my amp (That i brought not long ago) and It just stopped working, its not the lead, and Its not my guitar, i've tried them In other amps and they work fine.
Please help me It is a wicked amp that i don't wanna loose!