Working out the details as we speak, but we will be in Kettering, Ohio (The Attic Club) in either late may or june.
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In my experience anything other than playing throught headphones is too loud for dorms.

This 100%
Hey you're from Ohio? I believe we have a show in march in point pleasant, wv (on the river basically), and are also working on hitting up cincy, dayton, columbus, and akron in the near future if any of those happen to be close to you.
Hey UG, recently joined a band out here in Louisville, Kentucky by the name of Trust Divided. Modern rock band with influences including Alter Bridge, Five Finger Death Punch, Killswitch Engage, Breaking Benjamin, Dope, Pink Floyd, and Three Days Grace.!/profile.php?id=100000367939439
Inverted on computer, regular on consoles.
Spent the better part of each of the past two nights working on this. Still obviously just a rough draft, but I like where it's headed. C4C
This just means I can hotbox early and early each day.
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Haha yeah its a great song. And now I'm about to work on learning it! If you wouldn't mind checking one of my videos out that would be greatly appreciated
Probably the best cover I've seen in a while. Great job! My favorite song off the album!
Relaxing music + weed
Im doing it now and I feel fantastic (:
Just a few minutes of me jamming on whatever I felt like playing at the time, would love to get some opinions on the riffs, which ones are keepers etc...C4C!
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Im thinking the Reds should just leave Chapman as a reliever. He will end up blowing his arm out if he is throwing 104 for 5+ innings every 5 days.

It would be a real shame to see him and Strasburg go down with injuries in the same calendar season.

Even more, look at this stats in AAA as a starter/reliever. Its ridiculous how different they are. He is far more effective when used one inning at a time.
lol mine's in my master of puppets tshirt
The one time I've gone under was when I got my wisdom teeth removed. They gave me the shot and I was out with in three seconds. The next thing I remember is being back home in my bed watching TV. It felt like absolutely no time passed between the two events. It's really not a big deal, and as long as you're not typically a paranoid person you'll be fine. PS...depending on how strong the anesthetic is that they use on you, you'll wake up feeling very nice. You could very well be in for one of the best highs of your life.
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Thanks man. But no it was a Peavey 6505+/Avatar 2x12 cab with my Marshall Delay and Holy Grail Reverb on (and Morley Tremonti Wah for the leads). The head in the bottom right corner of the screen is my dad's Marshall though, if thats what threw you off.
That was pretty trippy. You have some cool software and you put it to good use. remind me of one of the guys from the whitest kids you know.
First try taking a video with my full setup. For 5 minutes of getting the sound at a decent level and 5 minutes of recording it didn't turn out half bad. Let me know what you think, and of course C4C.
First try at recording an actual song with my new laptop. Just my schecter hellraiser running through an MG. I'll probably eventually go back and re-record this song with my full set up and try to work out the mistakes I made. All in all I'm pretty happy with it for only taking one try. C4C
Also, any requests for future videos would be welcome.
Just got a new laptop and decided to record a quick improv session with the cam to see how it sounds. New videos will be up soon.
Here's a song I started working on about two hours ago. I'd say it's been a very productive snowday.
Keep in mind, GC doesn't buy things to keep them, they buy them to sell them. So if it should be able to sell for $160-$200, they probably won't offer you any more than $100. Unless theyre doing a trade in deal that you think you can take advantage of, selling to a store is never the way to go.
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I mean bands that like have the lead doing the normal stuff but the rhythm player is actually doing some fun stuff not juts doing chords. like coheed and cambria for example

That broadens it a lot. My personal favorite two guitarist band is Alter Bridge. They definately don't have the lazy, boring, rhythm work you seem to be trying to avoid.
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I think the 6505's need to have separate EQ for the two channels. The clean channel is way too twangy. I love my 6505+'s separate EQ to ever think of getting rid of it for a blue light up one. Still looks sweet though.
I made this username up a looong time ago, and I just got into a habit of using it for everything. Around the time I signed up was right about the time I started getting sick of it. Here I am three years later....
Cereal first ALWAYS. ...I don't put milk on it...
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Come to my house ...

We can play scrabble.

Hey that's second base in christian baseball.
I got a squire for christmas and then four years later got my schecter. Then two years later I got my ibanez. Now i'm working towards a PRS...
But to answer your question, not very. In the years of playing my squire I was still back in my blink182/green day/tons of other punk/pop crap stage. I was just getting out of that and learning to play heavier and slightly more difficult stuff.
It's all about who you see and where you see them. A band that puts a lot of money into production is going to be more expensive then a band that just steps on stage and plays. And keep in mind, if a band can consistantly sell out venues at a high ticket price, then they clearly aren't "too high." If you really don't think the show will be worth the money, don't buy the ticket.
Around here only one store carries Jones in cans, and the cans are waaaay cheaper. 12 pack cans cost less than a 4 pack of glass bottles. I mean, glass bottles do taste better, but not by that much.
Hey there delilah - the plain white tees

Three times a night.
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Everything slipknot does live. I can't help but ****ing love their live show, but you will never catch me listening to them.
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Lmao this is one of the best threads ever.
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I absolutely ADORE the Doom movie and the Resident Evil series.

Resident Evil mostly due to Milla Jovovich, though

I'm with you on the Doom movie, but I grew up playing that game. The movie can really only be appreciated by big time Doom players.