Well, buzz is off.

That was pretty shit really...
Hi guyssss

Well, week 2 of weed and im pretty buzzed right now
Tried weed for the first time last night, was decent quality butttttttttttttt......

It was good in the way of it made everything go slow motion but i got this feeling like i needed to take a shit but i couldnt so i felt sick most of the time, so I just went to bed.

rolled it with a filter and mix of tobacco and weed, probs half half, had two joints.

Is it cause its the first time? will it get better? any suggestions?
Get bored from not working at work.
In the intro after the hektik downpicking, doesnt it go 3-2, 3-2, 3-2.... not 2-3, 2-3, 2-3.

0:28 roughly
Aussies, bbq's come first. Always.
Also, dunno if this helps.. Im 19, 5 foot 10 and... 57kgs lol.
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If you're drunk stoned people are boring as shit. Drinking with people > smoking with people

I have found this.

Im drunk as and the stoned kids are like whut and no fun
Ah sweet. Yeah smoke one cigerette before lmao.

Sick of getting drunk to have fun
Alrighty, completely new to this. How many grams is it going to take to get me sufficiently relaxed? Going to smoke it in a joint.
Sup guys.

Just wondering how much 2gms of weed is.

Got offered some at $25aud for 2gms

They are everywhere!
I got my **** pierced lol.

Only had my ears done before, in the city with my ex and went why the **** not.
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ive got a holden vl pics on this computer tho coz im on dads laptop
Hopefully it will be running 10 second 1/4 mile passes in a few years :P (mind you that will be about $20000AUD in engine mods)

Its a 1987 VL Commodore SL (ex police car)
It has a Nissan straight 6 3.0l turbo engine (RB30DET, same as r31 skyline).
Mines currently putting out 182rwkw at 11 psi.
Custom white leather interior
Senator Signature rims
2 x 12" Alpine type X 3000w subwoofers
Lowered with SSSL springs all round.
Paid $9000AUD for it stock and have spent around $13000AUD on it :P

This is basically excactly the same as mine just different wheels and i have leather interior


But wrong on the engine, unless it has an RB25/rb26 bottom end cause rb30s are single cam (DET is turbo twin cam, ET is turbo single cam) :P

does it dose?
Ah i was not aware of another movie, my mistake
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Yeah can't wait for his next movie

Uh was that sarcastic?

He died you idiot lol
my ****in god everyone is asleep apart from me and im not sure how my laughing has not woken anyone up


I just got pwned...

ME: Ihave a large penis
God: How much did it cost?
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That's in Drop C


Teehee there you go.
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But really, cutting it short and styling it will do wonders for your sex life.

True stuff.

You know it bad when you're eating pussy and its your hair that gets in the way lol.
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If they're going black they're made of a ****ty material. Go out and get some gold or titanium studs or rings.

Hmm, k.

It's the Studex sterling silver ones that you get in chemists.

I'll go find some new ones.
Yeah the V3 doesnt have a slot.

V3x does.
Hey guys, first post in the thread...

I've got my ear pierced twice and its been like 2 months at least and i changed the studs to just sleepers. Thing is, the sleepers are going black where they sit in my ear :/ and I do clean them every day or two.

Bit of a broad question...

My ex used to swallow

But now she's my ex...

Hey guys.

I have an Ibanez RG350DX (RRP is $999) and want to trade it for something different.

Similar quality but different shape is what i'm after.

I'm in Brisbane, Australia.
Computer: Danger to the manifold!
Brian: Shut up, just shut up *turns off computer*

Fast and teh Furious lol

After a biff lol.

Yes, I have Megadeth and SOAD posters on my wall.

umpalumpaman and Godsmack311

They had a big fight, and now they are freinds. at least i think. the one dosnt like a lot of the things like the lol pear, and the other one, just likes to be not cool. but now it is cool with them. Leave it at that.

Dangit, beaten to it.
The pear made it to the UG wikipedia page lol.
Mines at not enough lol.
I would of said hacky sack from personal experience.