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Im kinda' leaning towards the digitech ones because they have four switches

butter on the outside
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^yea, because a 40" LCD is good, right

I'm still rolling on dual 17" CRT's

Yes it is... if you do your research and get a good one e.g one of the new 1080p Sony Bravia's

CRT's are old bollocks now
Yeah I'm gonna go make some of that shit right now...
Wednesday evening
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get some decent baggy jeans, a couple of casual tops, a belt, some nice skate shoes ( i recomend osiris) and hair cut and some gel ... then go out there and get tha life youve aways wanted ...

'How to look like a 12 year old'
Guitar Buyer owns Total Guitar, it seems the TG don't actually know what they're on about and give crap gear great reviews and ignore all the bad points
That was just a sketch to give you lot an idea, obviously I'd spend a lot longer on the real thing and add colour

Edit: kill_busted you're the twat from the satriani thread aren't you?
My girlfriend's birthday is at the end of next month and she's into anime so I figured instead of buying her something crap I'd draw her an A3 of her favourite anime and get it framed. The thing is that I haven't drawn in ages before today and when I tried a quick anime sketch to see if I could do it alright, I came up with this, it took about 15 minutes and I'm wondering if it's of an acceptable standard so that the picture doesn't look like ass and I don't look like an idiot... What does the pit think? I'm probably being naive saying serious replies only but... serious replies only ¬_¬

kill_busted how exactly did you pass your 'grade 8' (lol) exam with none of that shit and useless theory?

He's called Bugsy
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you guys have never played a guitar with a floyd im guessing.

trust me, you dont want one.

Trust me, there's this thing called an opinion
Sounds like tinnitus, do you listen to loud music?
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Today i invented a drink which in my eyes is the perfect beverage and i want to share it with everyone here because i love you all so much!

2 apples (preferably red)
50g jelly beans
2 tablespoons of sugar
1 tablespoon of coffee
1 scoop of ice cream (i used vanilla but any will do)
1 can of Coca Cola

Firstly chop the apples into slices and remove the skin and core. put all ingredients into a glass/mug/beaker etc and stir until it has an even consistency. Add your favourite straw and maybe even an umbrella too and enjoy! Best served chilled.

Optional extra
put your beverage into the freezer to create extra special ice cubes for parties!

You twat...
I'd save him because he's called Al and I am too
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I find it rather rude of you to be so skeptical of my situation, but it's a valid point nonetheless. My Mum's known this guy for several years, it's safe to say they go way back, the same goes for me. Odd's are i won't be able to have the super expensive custom models or something, but when this guy makes a promise, he comes through. In the past he's spoiled me and my brother with all kinds of presents, he even got my brother this huge drumkit, which he never plays actually... a shame. But thanks for the skepticism anyway, how refreshing...

You're from the Netherlands yet you speak better English than I do well done!

P.S. Firebird
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less weight, more reps, faster reps, is what i do.

Menthol chewing gum
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Dude come on, you gotta admit. Synyster gates is one bad mother ****er.

That solo in bat country? INSANE hahahaha.

Why the fuck would you want to eat that shit anyway?
I'd sooner give to the RSPCA tbh
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why you bought a ****ing ibanez in the first place??? they suck <-my opinion no flames

You're a fucking cunt <-my opinion no flames

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then i get stuck

I'm doing higer and we've had NOTHING like that.

She should cut off your dick
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I wonder how they'll explain Hermiones new appearence in the new movie.

"So, uh...she fell...and uh...turned into Paris Hilton?"

'A wizard did it'

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Why do you have chickens..

Well my mum likes them as pets and I like eggs, between the 3 of them they layed over 20 this week
We got some chickens a few weeks ago and I was sitting in the garden just now and noticed one of them fighting her own reflection in a mirror, thought I'd share (Y)

Stupid Poultry
I play alot of Satch and Vai so it's useful for me
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Anyway, I don't really have anyone in particular I can't stand, you all suck pretty much the same amount to me.

You have to love me though
But why would you put that image up to show how good your image editing software is?
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A self-portrait

So this is what your 'experience' leads to? You can invert a photo and put a red filter on it?
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cool thing bout PC games is that u wont need to buy a whole new console every 2 yrs or something just to run the latest games! and ur old games wont even run on the new console..
You can just upgrade ur graphics card, which is not entirely necessary as ur old one will still run the game but not at full quality... and u can still play your 5yr old games on the pc... and u can also do 128738283623 other things on the pc rather than just playing games...

well, i need a new pc...
Alienware with AMD dualcore processor, nvidia geforce 8 graphics card, 2gb ram... and i'll kick azz!!!

It's the other way round, I think it was 6 years between the PS2 and the PS3 while I had to upgrade my PC twice in the last 3 years
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atleast someone around here isn't a dumbass

Who gave you right to be a fucking arsehole? Neither of them are better than the other - it's down to personal preference which one somebody prefers, but now we've got you in here spouting off shit on how the 360 sucks, would you say that the N64 sucks just because it isn't next gen enough for you? You can fuck off and take your fanboy-ish views with you.
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I said GIMP was better than Photoshop, which it is. It's a much more efficient program and I find it easier to use. The fact that it's open source means there's a lot of user development so it has all the useful features but less of the junk compared to Photoshop. I should think I have a lot more experience of each of them than most people.

You find it much easier to use because you haven't learnt the in's and out's of Photoshop, It's the most powerful image editing software commonly available and certainly leagues ahead of fucking GIMP.
Ugh, cant stand ventrilo, sounds like crap

My dog Bugsy
That was what my computing lessons were all about until I dropped the subject
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wth is a "bacon butty"?

sounds like "porkin", to me.

There's the door --->