Buy a squier, basically punk is a big fucking mess that all sounds the same and requires no skill to play unless maybe if you're the drummer.
Grip a metal (not glass!) slide in one hand and then hold a lighter in it until it is nearly too hot to handle then roll it between your hands until the heat has dissipated.
What Marshall? An MG?
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I have a B.C. Rich Bronze Warlock, and I find nothing wrong with the playability at all. They have 24 frets, speedy necks, and you can slap whatever set of humbuckers into them that you want. I have played the Warlock, Bich (spelled that way on purpose), Zombie, Virgo, and Beast and find the same results. My opinion is kudos to B.C. Rich for keeping the body styles different and experimental. They have a metal style to them that nobody can compete with, and I think that each of their styles that I have played has had excellent balance and are relatively lightweight. Sure beats Fender and Ibanez, who stick to the Strat style body for most of their designs. So the designs aren't for the squeamish, but if you want to play a guitar that looks like a medieval weapon, get one. Or you could do what everyone else does......and buy a Strat.

There's a reason why strats sell so well and BC Rich's... dont.
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you spelt cheque wrong lol

lololololol fuck off
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get a metal-2 it is a great pedal!!

Yeah, if you want your amp to sound like a box of bees.
The headstocks on Strats aren't original?

Oh and Sylent, shut up you gook.
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It'll give you hand cramps


Its an Ibanez.


Are an idiot
I would invent them and mod my guitar with them.

What if we had 4 arms?
Jam something underneath is and prise it off, crowbar style
We all know Warhead is an idiot but there isn't alot we can do. Just pray with me that he'll die soon.
I doubt you're going to be the next big thing if you can't tune your guitar.
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...for ****s sake. I HAVE an electric tuner. It has the 6 strings, in standard. I need to know how i tune the top string to C. Would i play the 4th fret and tune that to standard E? Or is it 3rd or 5th? Simple question.

Just fucking play the top string and turn the tuning peg untill it says C you idiot.
This thread reminded me of those disgusting McDonalds ads.
It's what idiots do with their EQ because it sounds good in their bedroom.
Shut up and fucking tune it
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how do you copy the pics of your guitar?

I printscreened it, put it into photoshop, cut it out, saved it and then uploaded it.
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^ you forgot stones

I did that earlier
76.2 Kilograms
747.3 Newtons
1.26 Picul
2016 Tael
8415 Duella
107600 Obol
13440 Beka

Wouldn't want to forget anyone
It's the Haloween theme tune.

Damn their lack of a Tree of Life inlay!
Great you quoted me now everyone can see my flagrant coutryistism

Edit: I don't know what stone is but we use it and it's great.
I'm only 12 stone lol

Edit: 168 pounds for the less geographically fortunate.

(edited to avoid being countryist)
You're generally quite tall? Do you vary in height or something?

Edit: Having now read your post I can say that this isn't a problem, my hand is 22cm long and my middle finger is 2cm wide and I have no problem playing.

Edit #2: Check out the size of Buckethead's fingers.
^^ 7/10 now, 8/10 when you get the new gear

Mexican Strat with stock pickups swapped for a set of noiseless Kinman AVn Woodstocks (AVn-69/AVn-69/Hx-85)
Gibson SG Standard

Vox AD120VTX

Ibanez TS9 Tube Screamer
Off topic but I thought you said "Guitar for a hobbit".
^ You got murked
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Mangos taste rather nice, but the texture of them.... isn't too nice.

Exactly, it's like eating a fruity squid.
Should call them mangos, they suck.
So basically you're building a new guitar? Why bother taking it apart just to throw it away and put completely unrelated pieces together?
Dunlop Tortex .60mm
Make sure you never get a Marshall MG, they're total shit and anyone who says otherwise is completely deaf.
I pronounce Ibanez "eye-ban-ezz", some people I have heard say "ibb-an-ez"
My SG > Ibanez TS-9 Tube Screamer > Boutique Overdrive channel on my Vox AD120VTX

Gives a nice hard rock or metal tone that doesn't sound like a DS-1 AKA box of bees.
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I have a couple...

1. People that pick up my guitar and play songs using a different tab
2. Touching my guitar
3. Fenders (Suck Monkey Testicles IMO)
4. Dusty Headstock
5. Input Jacks Falling out

People that call output jacks input jacks.
Put thermite in your mouth and then set it on fire so it burns out of your eyes. Now that's good Youtube material.