This is a track that my father wrote and recorded in 2006 with his classical guitar. The song I'm posting in this thread is titled "Gethsemane's Grace".

Gethsemane's Grace

If you go to his channel on youtube by clicking on his name you can view the other 3 songs he has uploaded. His name is Martin Lazda. I think he is a great artist however he has troubles with the whole internet/technology thing, so I thought I'd do this for him to get his work out there.

I hope you guys enjoy! and thanks alot
Yeah and from what I've heard in the background it has a very "controller" feel to it. It sounds awesome. I am definitely excited for this album. I got the $75 perk on their indiegogo campaign. :P
These are incredible.. this is exactly the kind of sound I have been really wanting to learn. I don't know if you have ever heard of the band Proeliis Fere but listening to some of these is bringing me way back. Really awesome man.
I have a tutorial I just finished up of City and Colour's Silver and Gold

Let me know what you think, I've just started doing some tutorials and will be always adding more. Thanks!
I have been searching a lot for this. If someone could tab this it would be amazing!
Saw them live where I live, they were opening for As I lay dying I believe, picked up their album when I was there. Really great band
Yeah they really need to release that new album they have been working on. Their songs are amazing and its been a long time. The last video update i saw was months ago.
yeah i would be doing most of my playing unplugged so that is definitely an issue if they dont resonate well unplugged. Maybe ill take a drive and check out the deep bowls.. thanks alot for the help guys
yeah i wasnt a fan of the rounded back but they have a shallow body model and I'm wondering if that's better than the mid size?
thats actually pretty sweet. it would amazing if you used all your fingers on the fretboard lol :P
I'm not going to lie I didnt know what to expect from this, but i actually really enjoyed this. Vocals were awesome.
You move on to kick the chair
Neck is snapped, no one cares

I actually like this line in the song and I wouldn't change it. I agree with the guy above me about the statuary part though

All in all it has a really dark feel and it sounds great so far.
Have been really thinking about picking up an ovation, the only thing is my local music store doesn't carry them. Just wanted everyone's thoughts on these guitars and experiences with them, and if you would recommend it. Thanks