keep 'em coming!!
Krank, Krankenstien if I had the money to do it
I vote FrenchyFungus because he was cool enought to un-ban me
You should just be able to wire them in. You could also keep the middle sc pickup(HSH is always good)

Your strat has a 5 way blade switch, right?
I liked the Iced Eath version of it.
METAL skullets
Alex Auburn of Cryptopsy

Dallas Toler-Wade of Nile
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I'm thinking of the same thing. Any idea what assembly might cost one?
people who think they know theory and really don't.
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Down III
Daath - The Hinderers
Any Dillinger Escape Plan album
Lost Highway

^worst albums ever!
There is no such thing as too heavy!
just buy a hellburg.
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Its all about Loomis.

Biggest nose EVER
I think it is a pain in the ass to work with anybody who doesn't know at least a basic amount about theory.
pics plz
I Play trombone, 1st chair in both of my schools sr. band (Jazz and Symphonic)
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Most people learn to spell before they lose their virginity.

No kidding
pics or it didn't happen
it's going that way fast
nobody has said it yet, so i wll,
pics or it didn't happen!
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Amen to that.
Nice bolding the typo.

twice a day for me
Dark Signs, by InFlames, hell, anything by InFlames
I get migraines at least twice a month, which sucks ass

count is down to 7 now
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not eating for a long time, heat

Me exactly, with the smell of bleach added into that
about two for me
I kick ass at the harmonica, never heard of the smiths though.
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I have neither the determination nor the ability to count as fast as I fap, for as long as I fap.

Same here

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I'm partial to ibanez edge bridges myself. Might consider one of those. I find them to be more responsive than a floyd.
practice your goddamn ass off.
Shouldn't affect your tone quality that much. It might not have a ton of "beef", but you shouldn't notice anything.
Me and all of my Cherokee glory.
I would agree that greenday sucks
greenday sucks ass
I usually just end up biting my lower lit until it bleeds...
I wouldn't spend the money an an f-50 to put a floyd in.

Just buy a guitar with it. It'll be the same amount
Maybe put space things out a bit? (the symbols at least...) I dunno, I'm just a lowly guitar player
Me, personally, am an ibz guy. Got 2 and a randy rhoads
both suck ass, go with jackson or ibz.