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Bit apparently forums are pretty much dead, I'm on a few facebook pages and they're okay but it's less discussion and more "hey let's post bands we like and then get into petty arguments"

Yeah, Reddit just gets flooded with the same artist over the course of the week, and every post on every different song submission ends up rehashing the same things said on other posts. Pretty frustrating. I'd say about 10% of the posts actually foster any discussion and if they do, it ends up being shortlived.
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Apparently a lot of the regs went over to some place called the punk site (or something along those lines) I remember going to lurk there for a bit and it seemed even less active than here.

Yeah, I was a member there for a bit but I'm fairly certain it died out after a month or two. I don't even know that I'd be able to find the URL anymore.
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Most of the members that frequented this place left to another forum or just stopped posting when the others left. I never posted much, but i miss reading the threads that were in here. I guess the best thing i can do is be active instead of a lazy lurker lel

Anyone found a substitute with any good music discussion? I suppose I've supplanted UG with Reddit, but the waterfall style commenting isn't really conducive to good, multi-person discussion. That, and the thread style overall doesn't really allow for any long-winded conversation. I definitely miss the days when this forum was active.
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I saw this band last month and they sucked. Incredibly boring, too much smoke machine, lots of anti-religious bullshit with stage decorations. Really lame all around.
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True, although in my experience, EP's are not a reliable indicative for how future albums will sound for whatever reason. There are plenty of TAS fans on who were actually content with their last abomination, so it wouldn't surprise me at all to see them continue to degrade...

Yeah, they're usually stepping stones between different styles. I heard the new song once and thought it was alright but I'm hesitant to listen to it again. Oh well, at least the Dead Walk still ****ing rips.
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So, oddly enough,I haven't posted in this forum in ages, but somehow I am the last comment in this thread.
I think this is a fair necro-post because...


Check it out. If you are feeling kind of meh on any of the songs... make sure you listen until the end... most of the songs have some sort of random punch to the face. I'm loving it so far. Probably going to tab some of it out.

I've probably heard it all the way through six or seven times now and I think It Hates You is much, much better. That said, I wasn't super into it at first, either. Heavy Fruit only has a few that I'm in love with after first listen but the ones I'm not into are slowly growing on me. So far I'm super into No Visitors, Something Witchy, ABRACADABRA, and the title track. I Sleep Just Fine and This Will Never Work are a bit heavy handed lyrically but they're coming around. Something Witchy is my favorite so far, I think just because it sounds the closet to the It Hates You sound. Anywho, I'm extremely excited about this record being out. I ordered both it and It Hates You on vinyl last week and I'm headed to the beach this weekend to catch the last date of the HIL tour with Maylene! Woop!
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Dude I'm ****ing blazed lol let me have my fun

This guy.
How do you guys listen to so many albums in a year? I feel like I can't actually digest more than 40 new ones a year, and that might be pushing it.

1. Intronaut - Habitual Levitations
2. Phoenix - Bankrupt!
3. Tera Melos - X'ed Out
4. Evan Brewer - Your Itinerary
5. FS - Cheers and Fears from the Past Year
6. Rivers of Nihil - The Conscious Seed of Light
7. Plini - Other Things / Sweet Nothings
8. This Town Needs Guns -
9. HRVRD - From the Bird's Cage
10. The Black Dahlia Murder - Everblack

This is my top ten list for 2013. I think. I also really enjoyed the new Avett Brothers, Dillinger Escape Plan, Mark Guiliana, and Incendiary records.
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Did they run out of bands to tour with or something?

All three of those bands sound absolutely nothing like what I would expect to see at a btbam headliner. Not even in a good way unfortunately.

How does a BTBAM / Intronaut tour not make sense? At least they aren't touring with the goddamn Faceless again. So tired of that band.
Yeah, I caught them on the first show of the BTBAM tour and they sounded like garbage.
Oh, this again?
Haven't listened to any of the new tracks, waiting until I can get my hands on the whole thing. Pretty excited about it!
Saw lots of cool things today, couldn't make myself spend any money though. :[
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I have a Gallien Krueger 700RB Head and a GK SBX410 cab.
I believe that the bi-amp is not working. Perhaps it's the horn?
Even in full range setting the horn just hisses.
I do recall when I first got it playing a gig and sharing it with another bass player. I showed him my rig and settings and left for a bit. When I returned he had hooked up a Berhinger 1x15 cab to my rig. I don't know the model but recall it not being the correct ohmage. I promptly unplugged it, but the damage may have been done. Could this be my bi-amp in the head is blown or the horn in the cab?

Not sure as I don't have a horn and I'm pretty amp-stupid, but I would ask over at TalkBass or in the Bass forum of UG.
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Ok, well...that's what I thought before (but I figured I'd give them a chance). Since that's the case, then I'm not buying that album (or any other VoM album). That just describes being technical for the sake of being technical, to me. I love technical music as much as the next guy, but it has to have a purpose beyond technicality itself.

I would never buy their music, it's pure entertainment to me. However, I would definitely recommend listening to it, it's really fun.
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What would people say is Veil of Maya's most "progressive" or "technical" work? I can't really get into them, and I tend to like technical stuff in Deathcore or Metal or heavy genres. So...most technical VoM album?...

Just get The Common Man's Collapse. They aren't progressive, they just play tricky stuff super fast and in odd time signatures. Good album, the others don't hold a candle to it but are solid. Very excited to hear the Fallujah EP after work tonight.

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Dylan has some of my favorite covers on YouTube! All by ear, too.
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I'm pretty sure Illimilumalama is the only person other than myself I've seen in this thread who actually likes BTBAM's self titled... so Tommy sounds like a damn crow, who cares, the "my memory..." line in "More of Myself to Kill" gets me everytime. I used to listen to that album while driving home from school all the time.

It seems like some people here get upset about people actually liking btbam's old work! what kind of fvckery is this?

Pretty sure MOMTK is sung by Paul. All the other clean vocals on the S/T were done by Will Goodyear, their original drummer.

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The production on the other hand straight up sucks and makes that album impossible to listen to.

Do you not listen to anything released prior to the year 2000? The production is fine.
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Wouldn't call this metal really, but it certainly sounds nice. I'm jelly at all these kids being such good recording/mixing engineers. But I'm sure mixing with programmed drums has got to help a little at least. Drum recording is a bit of a bitch. If those are real drums, then **** me sideways. Regardless, major props for the mix.

I could never tell whether he uses real or programmed drums, but I know that he actually plays them in addition to guitar and bass. Other Things rules so hard, and so does everything else he's put out. The Pastures album is probably my favorite thing that has come out in the past two or three years.
Haven't seen the video but I dig the song. Can't wait for this record, this band has been like crack to me for the past few months.
Ohhhhh, it goes so hard. This band rules.
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They're sort of an even more intense version of Ion Dissonance.

Ehhhh. Not reeeeeally.
Probably going to sound over produced like all of his albums. Could be worse.
Pretty sure Merchlimited just mocks up all these products, takes all the orders for a limited time, and then just places an order for the exact number of orders that they received. So everyone gets what they want under the guise of it being available in limited numbers.
And I'll just read Will's! Huzzah.
Per usual, I can't listen to the record because of how bad it makes me feel at music.
I had a caffeine headache once after stopping my Diet Pepsi binge in high school. I felt so fucking terrible.
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why is this still open? ):

Seriously, so many things wrong with this thread. Fuck.
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Only do that for those specific records though. It could cause damage to the others.

Oh yeah and if she doesn't have a counterweight, you might want to consider a new turntable. Turntables without counterweights will cause serious damage to records over time.

Thanks dawg. It's a real shitty Crosley, gonna start looking for a better one.
Sup dudes, my girlfriend's record player is acting odd. Everything works fine except for her Victory released BTBAM stuff. Those records look like they have super small grooves and the needle skips so much that the music isn't coherent. Every other record (10+ of them) is fine. What's the deal? Do we need to get a special needle or something?
I feel like you can really hear the basis for djent, especially Periphery, in Sikth.
Buttersnips, Zylgrox, Froggin' Bullfish

Alternative list? Letter Experiment, The Walk, Racecar.
So BTBAM will be on stage for about an hour and a half, hopefully that means Coheed will play for two. That'd make me so happy.
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Anyone here a fan of Halcyon? They've got some djent moments, but overall, they're just plain good.

Ignoring everything else that has been said for the fact that Halcyon is one of the only things I've listened to consistently over the past two years.
After reading and engaging in discussions like this for the better part of seven years, I think I can finally say that I don't give a single fuck anymore. I'm just going to go listen to more Outkast.
Somehow I doubt they sound anything like this live, but I do enjoy a couple of their songs.
^ I only heard it once and that's it. But I don't think I've listened to the album since then.
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I wish they'd tour with someone other than Coheed. Btbam have toured with amazing bands so far every time I've seen them and now they had to pick the one band I give absolutely no fucks about.

Come on man, (I'm pretty sure) I didn't complain when they toured with Devin Townsend and Scale the Summit, bands I actively dislike.

Plus, Coheed is one of the biggest modern prog rock bands around, they're extremely talented, and this is going to expose SO MANY people to BTBAM. Also, if they do play the entire record as a support act, that's pretty awesome. I can't think of many other bands that they could tour with and still have that be the case.

And just for the record, Coheed's first three records are incredible, especially Good Apollo IV.