Harpsichord is the worst instrument. Period.
Mother****ing OREO O's CEREAL.

And of course Tony's Cinnamon Crispers.
Yeah I feel like you teach just fine, it's the content thats the problem.

Like the guy above me said, unless you literally have like thousands of fans, no one cares to learn a solo your band wrote.

I did like the overlay at the beginning where you had the faded hands playing both parts. I thought that was really cool and you do break down the instruction just fine.

Pick a signed act and I think you could do some decent vids.

Also, bloopers reel was kind of corny and made the video a little too long, especially seeing as the bloopers reel was half the length of the original video. If you want to do a bloopers reel, which can be fun if you have subscribers and fans, then do it as one video when you already have a solid series going on to give your subscribers something lighthearted to enjoy from time to time.
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I don't really have a price range, I'm just gonna save up for something to start out with. :/ what do you personally like?

Check it. Its a full synth and midi controller. Look up some Youtube vids, it's sick.
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I've smoked weed on a few occasions, but for reasons that aren't important I'm getting blazed by myself tomorrow afternoon. I'll have two hours to smoke and do whatever I want without anyone home. Normally I smoke with a group, but this time I'm alone.

I need things to do, other than take a shower and listen to music.

Haha just play some video games.

Video games are really insane when your baked. I know thats the most stereotypical thing in the world to say, but it's true. Video games get ridiculous.

Also, I don't know if you smoke or anything but I have found that smoking a cigarette or hookah while high is pretty awesome. The nicotine headrush is the bomb.
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looks like about .5, which is normally what 10 bucks will get you around here.

Yeah. Around me a g of heads is 20 and an eight is 60. If i could get a g of heads for 10 bucks i would be so happy. Especially seeing as that does look fairly purple.
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Don't mean to rain on your parade, but that is definitely not a gram, unless its super dense. however, it looks chronic enough, so it could be expensive bud. Wouldn't fly where I live though .

Anyways, smoke it and find out

I'd definitely say thats a G. I mean unless its the fluffiest bud in the world then that could easily be a dense g or just a gram thats a little pressed from the bag.
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does anyone else get rapid heartbeat/chest pressure while high? as my friend so eloquently described it, its feels like youre going to have a heart attack and die . it usually subsides after like 20 minutes though

I thought that happened to everyone?
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Hey drug thread. This weekend I'm going to have the opportunity to smoke some weed with a few friends using a homemade bong. I have a few questions though: I do NOT in any slightest chance want my parents to even suspect me of smoking it, so how long should I wait to get picked up? I read the OP and the part where it said that the smell does not cling like tobacco when smoked in a blunt or joint, but it didn't say if it clung when smoked through a bong. Also, what can I expect when being high?

I am completely inexperienced, so please excuse any outrageous stupidity.

If its your first time odds are you won't get high, but if you do you'll probably experience raised sensations, mild euphoria, increased audio pleasure (music sounds good) and the munchies.

Also, bong smoke definitely clings a lot less then joint or blunt smoke because it's filtered through the water, but it still smells for a bit. I would give it a good 4-6 hours after you smoke before you see your parents and use a little deodorant or cologne or something. Also your probably gonna just be high (if you do get high) for like 2-4 hours anyway, depending on the quality of the bud, so yeah.
You got me. You got me and now I can't feel anything.

I left myself wide open and you got me.

Watching it bleeding out and knowing its going to die is interesting.
Record loops FROM the amp? What do you mean by that? I'm pretty sure you can't send the signal from an RC50 in more then one direction so if you record a loop its going out of the output no matter how many amps you send that to.

Edit: And pumping an amplified signal through a pedal sounds like a great way to damage gear to me.

Doubledit: Wait?? Is your goal to be able to use the tone of the two different amplifiers at your discretion when adding them to a loop? If so I am fairly sure that that is not possible with this setup.
Why would you plug the amplified signal into an RC50? Why wouldn't you plug the guitar into the RC50 first and then into the splitter box and then to your two amplifiers.
Thanks, and what I am going to start in the city is a terrible friendship/relationship that is incredibly self abusing and only designed to use the other person until they can't get away.

I do want it to be ambiguous though so I'm glad you didn't really get it haha.
I'm gonna lose myself in this city
drown beneath buildings till concrete crushes me
I'm gonna wander paths in this city
with an inebriating sense of hate eating right at me
I'm gonna walk my way to parts I haven't seen before
To lose myself for a while drop into the void
I'm gonna turn my life to smoke and wisps
Until memories lose their motions, frozen still like this

I'm gonna breathe the air you can't forget
Stagnant, stale and dripping wet, rotting ever breath.
I'm gonna dunk my head and hold the air
Close my eyes till I see spots and I'm no longer there.
I'm gonna start something in this city
Something that, if I try, will always follow me
I'm gonna feed it with blurry lies and falsities
Until it's full and cannot move and can't escape from me.
Funeral>Neon Bible>Suburbs
Also if you are actually looking to purchase a brand new amp, the smallest of the Vox Valvetronix series is perfect for a dorm room. I had it in my dorm room, no one complained, and the amp simulation is awesome, as is the tone.
Dude 16 bucks for an amp and you need to even ask if you should buy it? Whats the worse thing that happens? You can use it to chain some shit together to get some crazy ass experimental sounds. It's a useful tool and for literally less then what you would pay going out to the movies with your friends, it's absolutely worth it. Just buy it and then figure out what you want to bring to college when you have more time to **** around with it at home.
You are all forgetting about rythmn in a riff. If you write a riff and extend one note by a microsecond and reduce one by another microsecond, you are creating another riff entirely. Since there are infinite divisions of time, with a finite number of notes and measures one could literally create an unlimited number of melodies.
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one time a guy in here invited me to waffles for a demonoid invite :p

and i payed it forward to another uger for nothing in return .

it's hard to hold a good ratio there mine is 1.15:1 though :p

i already gave away my second invite so no can do guys

heres a free demonoid for you guys though


Try keeping a ratio on TEN times harder then Waffles, easily. Just make sure your connectable and are always seeding and Waffles ratios rocket.
Nah man, I got high. I'm high right now, it just took over an hour for me to come up, but it worked out solid.
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bobthebum: thank you sah.

alaub: all weed drinks will smell and taste like schweed, but it doesnt neccesarily mean it worked. How'd you make it?

Double boiler system for about 25 minutes or so. I can feel it, but it's either a mad slow come up or not very effective.
Just made some weed milk and mixed in some chai tea powder. ****ing delicious. Waiting to see if it works, but from the smell and taste of it, I'm fairly certain I did it right.
I'm down to contribute. I don't often write 8 bit but I've been getting into the genre. And to write 8 bit, you have to use gameboyz. Well you don't HAVE to but LSDJ (little sound DJ) is really cool.

Unfortunately they don't make any cartridges anymore so getting one costs a pretty penny on Ebay. FORTUNATELY there is this:

Oh and checkz out Anamanaguchi: 8 bit pop/emo
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I heard heroin makes you feel pretty good.

I hear I'm gonna be on television. That makes me pretty happy.
I like it when every element of a song builds to make it great. I am not a big fan of soloing one track out to be better then the others. Thats probably why I mostly listen to post rock and electronica. No solos there for the most part.

I also hate unnecessary things. Notes that don't truly do anything important or meaningful for the song make music feel bloated to me, and often guitar solos just wank and show off or are there because its obligatory, not because the band was trying to express anything with that solo more then the fact that they are badass, talented or w/e.
Yes I agree a pop filter won't really help with the boominess. I just meant for a better recording sound in general. Sorry about writing that out wrong. Yeah axis placement will definitely help aswell.
You can get or make a pop filter to fix that, and then you have compression and equalizer. You should easily be able to trim a boom out by running the EQ along the spectrum, finding the boom and trimming it. Compression will also cut down on excessive volume and boom.
Place it at the sound hole? With that equipment you should easily be able to get a very nice sound out of an acoustic. What software are you using?
Hey you guys, you all should check out the new website I've been working on since I've come to college and expanded things a bit.
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Not as silly as your signature though. I mean, seriously.

What is wrong with my signature?
This is all so silly. I am far more interested in what is going to happen to the color people then forming some stupid group about how all of the users who didnt get involved want to feel important.
I'm in! This looks like fun!
I really want to get more involved with this. I've started working on some new material and I can't wait to upload it to you guys. This is the kind of eye opening movement that UG needs.
I'm not gonna lie, I really ****ing hate guitar solos. I like guitar when its used towards the composition and feel of the song. I feel like most solos are just like masturbation. I dunno.
Sun, Pg. 99, Salome, Torche, Isis, ect.

Its an awesome genre of music seeing as im not the BIGGEST metal head and I can really get into the epic build ups and huge noise swells.