seeing as its been around since before my time, it will last as long as the forum does
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I don't know what pomade is...I've heard a bit about it...isn't it just some form of hair cream?

Well, I'm about to book an appointment at Nicki Clarke's in Manchester...yes, I'm changing from my usual place only on a temp I'm going for some completely not the usual cut I have every time on payday...which is just kinda boring and doesn't really suit me. I want something edgy and a bit rock n Noel Gallagher's hair this month. I just feel kinda embarrassed about going to the salon...especially Nicki Clarke...last time I was there...I felt so out of just wasn't right...and not to mention, I've opted for a girl to cut my it's not like I can really use the barber talk with her...but I don't know...maybe she'll do the cut better...because she might be more attentive...I think £45 for a haircut is steep and I shoudn't be wasting that sort of cash on a haircut...low salary and debt and all...but I did win £50 on the health lotto so I can treat myself this once and then back to the normal place next month...but what I'm hoping to achieve by going to this place is that it is possible to cut my hair in a 'style' and it can look good...last time I went to Nicki Clarkes...I had really long hair...and well, I came out looking like a completely different you do when you cut off a lot of hair! And it was a great changed my whole life really...I had short hair before...but well, being short again was like a new lease on life if you like. Anyways, I'm very concious about having my haircut in there again...but well. I think I have enough length on top for Noel's cut but not quite enough on the sides...but I'll take a picture in ...and go from there. ETR said I should take one in if I'm feeling confident...I thought you take them in if you're not feeling so confident ...that way you don't give them the wrong info and the cut turns out to be terrible. I'm hoping it really works can't get any's boring as hell, thick, lacks any sort of's been the same sorta style for years...and it's not getting me anywhere so time for the change.

cream is a light based substance where as pomade is a wax or an oil based substance it often creates a more sleek look to the hair follicles where as cream doesnt create a look and you wouldnt know you put some in your hair just be looking
it was a genuine mistake.
if they bring it up simply apologize , let them know it was a honest mistake and sure you'll be fine
pretty awesome to see alot of the same names , i also remember Scourge...
its really all personal opinion, on what each person likes some like short some like long,

As long as you have a good facial shape for short hair than do it! Hard to know without photos though

If it indeed is long enough 10 inches or longer donate it, as long as theres no previous extensive damage from color products you can donate .
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Oh my, this is awkward... Umm, I hate to be the one to break it to you, but we (the internet) quit capitalizing "lol" in 2008. Sorry.

sorry missed the memo
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That's quite the transition.

yeah for sure, lol.

Well its nice to be back I was reminiscing through old pictures and posts. Sent a few to kiefermatot he hates me right now LOL, dat scene kid phase tho.
yeah well i was young...and quite dumb. i joined when i was 16 , now im 24...quite a bit different not a hairstylist anymore. I did become one.

Now Im a certified holistic nutritionist.
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I remember you because your avatar freaked me the **** out.

i think it did for a lot of people... LOL i would change it but i felt it defines me.

Anyone one rememebr kiefermatot?
hes doing well thought you guys and gals should know :p
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Goddamn you're a sight for sore eyes

/has a creepy good memory of UGers

oh my goodness gracious HELLO how the heck have ya been!
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ha, good one. everyone knows there aren't any girls here.

haha man ive had such good times on here!
I actually won like 300$ from UG back in the day ... :p
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Howdy dude I vaugely remember

female. :p
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'07 master race.

Edit: Your avatar is nasty as fuck.

yeah it totally is, ...i dont think ive ever changed it LOl
whats up pit?
im sure many of the people i used to talk with are gone now...Im an 06er just curious whos still here!
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Wash with just water. Don't use shampoo. I use conditioner every other dayish, and a water/baking soda mix once a week. Shampooing that much is contributing to the frizz.

as a licensed hairstylist i have to disagree with your statement.

Its shampoo every other day, everyday if you have excessively oily hair
and conditioner EVERYDAY. especially if you have frizzy hair
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I'm letting my hair grow, and it's currently at the point that I can't handle it and that it looks blatantly stupid. It's jut not long enough to tuck it behind my ears or do a tail of some sort. Most stuff that I put in my hair to keep it in place makes it really greasy. I've got thin blonde hair, FYI.

As there are quite some people out here that have let their hair grow, anyone got tips? :/

you just kinda have to stick with it, dont over do products if you have thin hair obviously the products your using are the wrong kind. you could go to a salon and ask them for a nice LIGHT texturizing paste , anything heavy and oily will make it worse on you.
As well as you have blonde hair, lighter hair colors reflect light so it makes it appear more damaged , more oily than it truly is
that is why some people choose to go to darker colors because they think it makes their hair look healthier when it actually doesnt its just the light
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For the past 3 years I've had this shaggy mid length hair

I've always liked it and had girls tell me it looks good/cute on me, it always makes me look like I'm 16 (I'm 19). I wish I had a haircut that made me look my age, but I can't really pull off short hair whatsoever (I have a round fat face, even when I lost a bunch of weight now).

Can you guys recommend me some mid length haircuts?

you have to be confident when pullingoff a hairstyle in fact youre currently sporting a very ROUND hairstyle which makes your face look even rounder,
you need to have a hairstyle thats thinner on the sides and has volume ontop to balance out your face if it is Indeed a true round, cannot tell by a tiny small side pic.
so actually even though you think a short hairstyle doesnt work for you if you do have indeed a true round face a shorter hairstyle is exactly what you need

one of these would suit a round face, as well as create an older image.
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So, I've been doing this infamous no-poo thing for a few weeks. Mainly just out of curiosity and to get to the bottom of all the stories you hear about it.

Honestly, my hair feels no different. Maybe a bit better, but only a bit.

the no-poo thing is a fad honestly i think its over doing it , you need to shampoo your hair you need to remove the bad oil build up, without stripping of course the good oils,
if you wash your hair every second or third day , you will be able to maintain a healthy balance of proper oils and also get rid of the bad ones
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And lay off the hair drier if you use it a lot, especially don't use the really hot temperature

this is pretty untrue while heat to the hair can cause SOME damage as long as youre protecting it by using a thermal heat styling protector and natural oils like argon oil you will be fine.
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That's the first time I've ever heard Devin Townsend/James LaBrie/Mikael Akerfeldt (etc.) called "opera singers"

my apologize i found the song that was stuck in my head
jeesh i was driving myself crazy looking for that figures the second i post on UG i would find it.
Okay I used to listen to this one band anyways its on the tip of my tongue and i cannot for the life of me remember who they are.
I believe the band started with an A
it was a metalish kinda band, and the guy wrote all these songs but got opera singers to sing it.
I know the albums songs where called like Chapter 15: Love
and so on anyone know of this band,? It's driving me crazy.
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I have a question!

I have naturally curly/wavy hair. When it dries after a shower, it gets poofy and I don't like it.

However, for the first ten or so minutes after i get out of the shower, I love the way my hair looks. I dunno if it's the moisture weighing it down and making it sleek-looking or what, but it just looks awesome.

Do you know of any products I could put in my hair right after I shower that will make it stay like that and keep it from getting frizzy, dry, and poof outwards?

product will help without actually touching your hair myself it will have to be through trial and error,
try mousse,
try essential oils,
do not brush your hair finger brush it
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American Crew has an oily hair care line,
as for the haircut it is a specific cut you should take photos to a hairstylist you trust, I cannot really say because i have no idea what you or your hair looks like
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I have have long straight hair and it gets a very little bit curly on the ends. Hair reaches a bit under my shoulders.

So the 'problem' i have is that my hair seems to be very oily, my mom complains about it doesn't look good some hours after taking a wash or if i don't wash for a day, so she says i don't wash my hair properly.
I use the same shampoo that my sister uses and her hair looks good.
Any idea on what i should do?

And the other thing... my hair gets on my face! Usually if that happens i'd move it behind my ear(my hair almost reaches my mouth...) but sometimes that doesnt fix it and keeps going to my face and covering my eyes, it can get annoying.

What you guys do in situations like that? I think just cut the front of my hair so it doesnt reach my eyes, is it just that simple?


everyones hair is different you most likely have an oily scalp which causes your hair to feel greasy you will need to buy different shampoo and conditioner for this issue, specifically made to help people with oily scalps what works for one person will not for others.

I take it your male however you could pin it back with a bobby pin, or you will just have to wait patiently for it to grow more, you could cut it aswell
just because she edits her photos it makes her seem a lot better looking then she really is, i believe element4433 's comment really is the truth here
5' a female though still sucks though... wish i was a bit taller like 5'4-5'5
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anyone here used American Crew's Fiber, Forming Cream or Paul Mitchell's Tea Tree shaping cream? are they any good?
im looking to change my D:Fi D:struct molding creme, its a good product but i want to try out something new. I have short, straight hair (medium in the front/i gots bangs) and its thick and coarse (azn hair).

oh and photo reference, this was taken a week and a half ago. im getting a hair cut tomorrow but same style as what i have now, just shorter.

quantum texturizer paste best paste EVER hands down
sam roberts he was amazing and played a free show , it was very well done
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I have absolutely nothing to do that with anymore.

Im sorry if I can off rude but people expect help, which I gladly give no problem when I could be at work getting paid for it but I like to help so no problem yet they give me nothing to go off of

"my hair is uh like thick..and stuff ..but like its uh dry or something"

does not help me help you. I keep asking for full descriptions
age , rough location idea, and a photo and detailed explination
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its like grey but itss still full and stuff

depending on his age, im unsure if you will go bald, you give me little to no explanations I wouldn't worry about it right now anyways until you notice your hair line is receeding
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does anyone know anything about going bald? im 15 and have a full head of thick hair but my grandpa is bald, will i go bald?

depends on genetics...whats your dads hair like
it can be done extremely tastefully, youd never know mine is shaved until i pinned up that side of my hair or put it in a high pont tail that way if i need to do an older clients hair or go to a funeral i look respectable but if im going to a bar i can pin it up and it looks nice also its never down right to the skin
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So I've been coming to terms that my hair is freaking awful. It's longish (to my eyebrows) and I'd love it to be like

but it's really just a frizzled dead/dry looking mess no matter what I do. I use Suave shampoo that's supposed to be for "dry and frizzy hair" and it seems to be better than anything else I've tried but it isn't helping. All I do to it each day is wash + dry w/ towel and then blow dry it for a minute and brush. Unfortunately cutting it short isn't really an option as I'd look worse with it right now. If anyone has something that might fix it I'd love you forever.

wow so you use 1$ shampoo? horrible idea first off
i cannot fu cking do anything without a photo and yes i may seem a tad bitchy about this but come on ive only been asking for like 3 years for people to add photos

once you upload one ill help you
youre going to have to feed your child sometime in public, but do it in your car , or in a womens washroom, ect ect
so much wrong in this thread im not even going to comment and ima just walk away
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Dating a girl with a kid. Yay or nay?

depends how old the both of you are
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i looked for the product on my local beauty supplies store and they didnt have it D:
i settled in with the L'oreal Texturizer cream, it was really cheap

when im close to run out of of the product i'll just order the thing you showed me online.

good choice, not every carries every product line i suggest ordering it,
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thanks! and yes im Asian
can you recommend me more brands that make the texturizing paste thing? Just incase my local cvs or salon doesnt have the brand you linked.

thanks again!

cvs wont carry it is a professional product, to be honest ive used lots of paste, creams, gels, ect in my day and this is by far the best product ive ever come across, it doesn't leave hair sticky, or white, or clump search to the ends of the earth for it.