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You should really get rid of the 'I' in your usertitle

Damn it, you're right! I'm pretty sure he just said "spared no expense" or "we spared no expense", there was never "I".

Thank you, kind sir.
Shall be doing 3 150ug tabs tonight, with a possibility of candy flipping it with a hit of MDMA. Pretty keen, it will be the last trip til winter is over, done a few LSD and mushroom trips over the past few months and its time to use what I've gained from those trips in the real world. It'll be the most LSD I've done so far, breaking new ground is always exciting. Shall let you guys know how it goes tomorrow!
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Hey.. conversations and shit..

What kind of guitars are you guys playing on?

I just got my fender blues deluxe reissue fixed, it had just been laying around for a couple years. Turns out the issue was just some soldering issues. This is the first time I'm playing it with a Warmoth Jazzmaster I put together. I love it.

Still playing on my Gibson SG that Cory picked up for me a while back. Desperately needs a service/repair though, just waiting on my tax money to come back to me before I book her in. Other than that I have a Fender acoustic which does me well, she aint no masterpiece of guitar craftsmanship, but she does the job.

Once I get the SG sorted I'll probably save up for another guitar, so I can alternate between tunings without having to screw around tuning back and forth on the one guitar. Maybe a Gibson Firebird, they are sexy!
Going for a camping trip on Easter weekend, gonna try candy-flipping for the first time
Little excited, haven't really tripped major balls so I'm hoping for a bit of a breakthrough, I'm thinking being with nature in the mountains will help with that.
Getting 150ug tabs, only having very mild trips before I'm tossing up whether to drop one or two but being that I'm feeling ready to really trip balls thinking of doing the two, even if I split them an hour or two apart. Not sure when the best time is to drop the MDMA, I'll do some reading up about that. Then on the come down gonna smoke some cones and watch the sun rise on the mountains. So fucking keen you guys!
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Well it's official. Modern rock is dead.

So what does every one listen to now? What's your music scene? It's been a while since we all used to hang out in the RHCP and grunge threads

I've been obsessed with stoner/doom metal in my time since our Modern Rock heyday. Electric Wizard, Stoned Jesus, Pallbearer, Tool, Mastodon, Orange Goblin, Corrosion of Conformity, Karma to Burn, Orchid, DOWN...the list goes on. Anything fuzzy, filthy and proggy/spacey and I'm there.
Wept many-a manly tears of both sadness and joy. Good finale!
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I'd say pat, I agree with most of his opinions, like 9/10.

I would like to agree, but Matt is da bomb, yo. He just doesn't take everything so seriously, and to me that's what games are all about. Having stupid fun with your mates, but having those few games that your passionate about under your belt. I don't really share opinions of games with any of them, so I usually side with Matt as his personality is on par with my own.

Pat's just too damn serious, but I still love the ginger rage.
Drug Thread is back
The hype is real!

To get back into the swing of things, dropped two tabs of acid (well, I was told it was acid but after the trip I don't think it was) on Sunday. Dropped one when I picked it up, then once I got home lit a candle and listened to some Tool to blow through the anxiety build-up. Once I hit the euphoric beginnings I dropped the second one, probably 1 - 2 hours after the first.

Spent the rest of the night either listening to music, playing Mortal Kombat, making nonsensical noises on my guitar and doing naked Tai Chi, among other assortment of things. No real visuals outside of text on the computer kinda breathing/morphing a little and the trails on movement when I was throwing my hand around to the music. After years of researching drugs this was my first real foray into psychedelics and while I had some fun, it was a little underwhelming. I know its not like television or movies where its ridiculous "TRIPPING BALLLLS" type thing, but all it really felt like was just being uber baked but less tired/more chirpy.

The come-down hit pretty hard after about 6 - 7 hours of fun, so I decided to watch my comfort movie, Jurassic Park, to use nostalgia as a nice ease down due to my lack of weed. Worked wonders

No real freaks outs or paranoia. Was in a safe environment and in a good mood so all was a-okay. Didn't forget to take my insulin and eat properly so I'm glad I don't turn into a drooling moron on drugs haha.

Going for a different source next week, try their stuff and compare trips. Still got two tabs left but I'mma save that for a concert coming up.

Good to be back

Hey guys!
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Looks like dying light sucks ass then.

New season starts today/tonight! Get pumped you jabronies!
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are there any recent point and click games that are actually good you guys can shoot at me. i mean stuff like i have no mouth and i must scream/ blade runner. not the 900 different series tell tale is doing right now.

i started playing i have no mouth today and im jonsing now

This game looks promising:

But agreed, I'm always after LucasArts/Sierra level point n click games. Gonna check out Beneath a Steel Sky now, looks pretty amazing.
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Been playing a lot of missions and races lately. I wish more people would accept invites, free roam is so boring

For sure, free roam can be a bit of fun every one now and then, but the bulk of fun (in my opinion) lies in the missions and matches.
Styx looks like a really cool game, not sure if I wanna spend 15 bucks on it...
Steam sales reek havoc on my decision making skills.
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tbf this is like the one instance where the bitching is justified

But how?

Every man and their dog has been whining about rushed content coming out this year, with not enough polish and attention to detail (Watch Dogs and Assassin's Creed come to mind but there were plenty more over the course of the year). One company does the opposite, says they won't compromise quality just to push out a inferior product "on time", now that's the wrong thing to do?

I'm not saying its a bummer heists took this long and it maybe wasn't communicated well enough, in a perfect world we'd have them already and I'd be getting blowjobs on command, but to say its justified to bitch about Rockstar caring about their product (and their customers as much as jaded gamers think that all devs are literally Hitler) is absolutely ludicrous.

So really, how is it justified? I wouldn't argue if they just said something like "Heists are coming soon, stay tuned for more info coming...soon" again, that would be horse shit, but they gave us a trailer, a load of information and a release window that is in line with what they said before.

But I'm probably wrong, let's all play bug ridden games with overpriced mediocre DLC and keep crying about that.

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I hear there's a new update live. No heists, but it's for the festivities.

Yep, Christmas time in Los Santos!

Heat up your season’s greetings with brand new items stocked at Ammu-Nation: a new Homing Missile Launcher and Proximity Mines are here just in time to make spirits bright. These items will be permanently available to acquire and keep.

Those dreaming of a white Christmas are in luck as the forecast calls for the extremely rare phenomenon of San Andreas snowfall to hit on a few special days this holiday season. Be on the lookout and ready to round up your Crew for a friendly snowball fight, but be forewarned, those icy little suckers can pack a wallop.

Add some merriment to your mayhem with a slew of holiday pajamas, ‘ugly’ Christmas sweaters, new scarves, hats, masks and more are now all available absolutely free to add to your inventory and wear now through Monday January 5th.

Treat yourself to some new toys this holiday season and fill your garage (now that you can own a third property and garage, also part of today’s Title Update) with four all-new vehicles to purchase – including a tricked out Hot Rod Christmas Ratloader, the sturdy Slam Van, and the fast and flashy Massacro and Jester sports cars with all new Race liveries. These vehicles will be permanently available to acquire and keep.

Keep your eyes on the sky as Holiday Special Crate Drops will be dropping frequently now through January 5th, stuffed with goodies to collect for your inventory – including a few of the rare vintage GTA tees that you may have missed in some of our Social Club Event Weekends over the past year as well as some brand new ones never before available.

On Christmas Day, December 25th, as you’re relaxing in your Los Santos apartment beside your Christmas tree, make sure to check your inventory for a few extra gifts.

Ring in the New Year with a bang – the Firework Launcher and Firework rocket ammo are coming back and will be available to acquire and use from Christmas Eve until Monday, January 5th. You can score one for free on four special days: Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Year’s Eve or New Year’s Day.

Take your merriest Christmas Crew family photo or capture the insanity of the New Year’s party you’re hosting in your Los Santos condo – or any other amazing, amusing or beauteous #FestiveSurprise action. In January, we’ll pick our five favorite shots and award the photographers with a GTA$1M prize. Tag your entries with #FestiveSurprise now through January 5th to be eligible

Today’s new Title Update (1.19 for PS3/Xbox 360, 1.05 for PS4/Xbox One) also includes the ability to own a third property as mentioned above along with other new features, fixes and improvements to the game for all systems."
Heists unconfirmed = bitching and snarky comments

Heists confirmed = bitching and snarky comments

No winning with gamers.
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Regretting saving Fergus again in my second run of Wolfenstein because apparently if you save Wyatt then Jimi Hendrix is in your game for some reason.

1. Why would you save the same person again for the second playthrough? The fun of another playthrough of W:TNO is seeing the difference between the two timelines (small as they are, still a neat little feature).

2. You're god damn right Hendrix is there! I mean, I don't think its literally Hendrix but I mean, come on, it's a black guy in 1960 who shreds psychedelic guitar solos constantly and there's even a
optional cutscene where he drops presumably LSD on your tongue and proceeds to open your mind with a brain melting guitar solo

What an amazing game. Fingers crossed for a sequel somewhere down the line. I'm hoping for some time travel hijinks for some more alternate timeline fun.
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for what its worth, first person mode on gta v makes it feel different enough to where i dont feel that bad for buying it again

I don't feel bad for buying it again because it's fucking amazing! The FPS mode doesn't hurt though
I am pretty much perpetually praying that a sequel to Wolfenstein: The New Order is announced at any moment. It only came out this year so I'm sure I'm in for a wait, but what a game. Going through a second time now, doing the alternate timeline, still just as fun.

Only thing I'll say is I hope they make it longer, I finished my first playthrough in about 11 hours, so if there were a sequel I'd like for them to aim for maybe 15 - 18 hours which is reasonable for a linear FPS. I'm not one for the collectables either, but I know other people dig that sorta stuff so whatever.

But yeah, after I finished it I was sitting around thinking of cool sequel ideas and with the world they've built with that game there's just so many roads to go down. I wish I could go get a job at MachineGames and just ramble out all my ideas and get paid for it
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they dont care people will buy their games anyways

rockstar is more ea than ea, and ea is slowly moving away from being ea

Oh sorry, I seem to have accidentally stumbled into reddit!
DAE hate Ubisoft? Pretty much the Forth Reich amirite?

I don't know, I guess I lack a certain passion when it comes to gaming, but who gives a shit? Sure it would be nice if things worked 100% of the time, but that's life for ya.

I should probably care more, I just don't. Also I'm lacking sleep and had my wisdom tooth removed so I'm probably being more shitty than I should be.
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its not steam i dont wannit

As close minded as that may be, I totally agree. I like all my games being in one thing, and Steam is just great like that. It sounds so petty, but like you said "its not steam i dont wannit"
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Nope, don't forget we're on the internet.



Speaking of old school point 'n' click games:

Thimbleweed Park: A New Classic Point & Click Adventure

Never been one for Kickstarter, but this looks rad. I loooooooove that Maniac Mansion, old Lucas Arts art style and I haven't played a decent point 'n' click game that reminded me of those heydays. Modern point 'n' click games lack that charm I look for, always using enhanced graphics or trying to innovate on a already solid gameplay structure. Give me pixels and the classic Lucas Arts interface any day.
I mean, it would be cool if it was more Day of the Tentacle art style (just my absolute favourite game ever), but I can dig this. Thinking of putting some money in on it next pay day.
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GTAV is either 2nd or 3rd on my list of games to play once Inquisition stops monopolising my time. Is it more interesting that GTAIV was?

About 1000x more interesting. Each mission is unique in it's own way, great writing for great characters and the world of Los Santos and Blaine County is just amazing. I may be a bit bias due to my Rockstar fanboy-ism, but GTA IV (a great game as it was IMO) isn't even on the same level as GTA V.
GTA V is the one game I've played that I can truly call epic.

EDIT: and that's just from my experience with the 360 version, I can not wait for the PC version. A bit bummed that I was spoiled on a new feature or two, but still just a keen! Getting a new GFX card (and some more fans to be sure) just for the occasion.
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Far Cry 4 has the good kind of glitches and Just Cause 2 level voice acting. Confirmed for GOTY.

Excellent, my favourite type of glitches.
"...Our records show 7 GTA Online players in the Vatican City State, and 1 player in Antarctica who we are guessing is someone taking a break from work at the South Pole Research Station to escape to Los Santos for a bit!" - Rockstar

Just imagining Pope Francis and friends playing GTA Online together, griefing noobs and sticking up liquor stores
And that one guy playing in Antarctica, never lonely when you have GTA
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I was day dreaming and thought of an open world action game where you can ride around doing backflips on motorcycles whilst doing 360s and shooting men in bullet time

Capcom pls hire me

Here's hoping Just Cause 3 can scratch that itch for you.
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FC4 looks fantastic. Can't wait to spend hours raging over honebadgers and eagles attacking me.

Speaking of rage I made it to the "hot" section of the gta v reddit. Still getting tweets and no one seems to notice I made an account just to troll streamers.

Man, I hope the PC port is good, very keen to get back into the Far Cry world.
Found an indie game called 'Gunpoint' in my library and thought I'd boot it up and try it out. Well it's a super fun game! 2D side scroller stealth game with a great sense of humor, awesome "noir" soundtrack and so far a really neat story to boot. You play as a private detective who gets caught up in a gun smuggling war between two companies, with that excellent moral grey area that I love.

I recommend checking it out, and it also has downloadable maps from the Steam Workshop for extra replay-ability. According to Steam I just played it for 93 minutes straight, which is pretty great for me, these days I usually don't get much time out of games in one sitting (especially indie games!).
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But in the earlier games they all speak with accents and even slip into using Italian words every few sentences

No, you see, this is the Animus 2.0 Xtreme model. Sure, the old model had trouble with translations but now the new Animus 2.0 Xtreme can translate any language and includes improved cinematic experiences.
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Watch them not come out on release date.

Yeah, they aren't slated for release date. It's the first update after the release, which leads me to believe maybe around Feb - March at the earliest, if they wanna wait for the PC release.

Some people are optimistically thinking earlier, but come on, let's not get ahead of's heists we're talking about.
Now let me just say, if there isn't any decent beards in the new-gen GTA Online, I'm going to lose my shit. I wanna big, bushy gnarly beard like Trevor is able to get!

I expect Rockstar to delay the release is necessary, stop working on heists and single player DLC and give me BEARDS!

EDIT: Oh, sorry for the double post...I may be a little intoxicated.
Is double posting even a thing anymore? I dunno, been too long since I was regular here.
*sheds tear for times gone by*
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Granted I haven't played the story mode in a long time, but I don't remember them being co-operative to the extent that everyone must play their own part to succeed.

Well, that would be because that's single-player
I'd imagine they'll play out a little differently in Online than they did in the story mode.

Quote by King Donkey
Also some elements such as one person doing the hacking would be annoying as hell online if someone can't do it. Also, unless Rockstar bring out new heists, I can see the current ones getting boring fast.

Don't mean to sound like a negative nancy, I'm still genuinely looking forward to them. Just my observations that it won't be a game changer like a lot of people seem to think.

Well true, but then if the hacker screws up you give him less of the overall cut (if that's the way Rockstar plan on doing it). I don't know, I'd imagine Rockstar are on top of stuff like that, hence why they are taking so long to develop.

And I'd also imagine that you can't just replay heists over and over again. They'll be difficult missions with big payoffs and once you complete it you'll have to "lay low" for a while, effectively having a cooldown period for the heists so you're not just doing over and over until you have ridiculous amounts of money. That's my theory anyway, so that'll at least slow down how boring they get.

I've also heard on the rumor mill that JP (job points) might have something to do with accessing heists. As of now, I'm fairly certain JP are completely pointless, so it would make sense that you may have to have a certain amount of JP before starting a heist. Time will tell, I guess.
Quote by King Donkey
To be honest I didn't get why people wanted heists so bad other than the principle of it being promised to them. Unless Rockstar are really vamping it up for Online.

That said, I'm still keen as balls for first person mode and heists just makes me want it even more.

I've never been fanatical about the heists being included, but I definitely see the appeal. It sounds like it'll be a more immersive co-op experience, instead of the missions we have now which (as fun as some of them are) are essentially fetch quests. If heists are pulled off with some form of complexity where each person has a role within the heist and a possibility of being able to do it one of several ways, then the hype is real.

But I'll stay skeptical, I'd like to think they won't just be glorified fetch quests, but I also have to stop myself from letting my imagination get the best of me.

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You are literally my worst nightmare lol.

Although, I'm a pretty good driver, and a couple of helicopters have crashed chasing me.

To be fair, I'm a terrible shot in the helicopter and my friend is a terrible pilot, but its more about the reaction of people being hunted from the skies that's so good. Whether they leg it for their safehouse/closest interior or pull out an RPG and challenge us, it's all good

And outside of all that, I think people are looking forward to jobs with decent payoffs.
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I don't know, I heard it's coming with the first update after the new version releases, so I expect it wouldn't be that far down the road.

Well the PC version comes late January, and I'm guessing they'll want all platforms released and stable before they throw heists into the mix. Also, while it might be the first update after the new-gen release, that doesn't mean that that first update is anytime soon. The new-gen releases come with all prior content updates so there's plenty of content to tie us through to February.
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Well I guess I don't need my console cause I was able to remember my microsoft log it and was able to relink my account with social club. Hello railgun griefing...

Awwww yiss
I hope I can shoot it out the side of a helicopter. Aint nothing like hunting people down in the air, watching them frantically try to make it to some kind of shelter.
Quote by Jmoarguitar
Heists finally coming to GTA, if anyone cares

I care, but it probably won't be for a few months. My guess is probably Feb - March at the earliest. Still exciting though
Quote by Wormholes
Well see I would just do that, But I sold my 360 almost a year ago

Well that certainly complicates matters
Odd that your account isn't linked anymore, but stranger things have happened with Social Club, I guess. I'm guessing because your Xbox account hasn't been active in a while?

I'm keen to use this new hatchet though, I love melee weapons! I'm hoping they just never stop adding weapons to this game, I need all sorts of melee weapons...and a flame-thrower...everyone needs a flame-thrower!
Quote by Wormholes
I guess my old character got banned cause my 360 account is suddenly not linked to my social club anymore(it was a week ago). Damn, no railgun for me...

While that does suck to lose your character, just make a new one if you want that 'returning player' bonus.

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Bet the heists end up sucking.

Quote by Trowzaa
Any bet they're ****ing shite.

Oh the optimism that is gamers!:

"Where are my heists?"
"I can't believe heists aren't out yet!"
"More like Cockstar amirite?"

*Heists will be the next update after new-gen launch*

"...Heists are crap"

I for one, am looking forward to see what they are doing with them. If they can put so much effort into a first-person mode, it'll be interesting to see how much effort went into heists. Bring it on!