Be confident and show the people that came to see you that you love what you're doing (that's the most important part), just have fun for YOU ! the audience will feed off your vibe and you'll start doing your own thing on stage. Let it come naturally, don't force it by trying to imitate professional musicians !
Bury Tomorrow
Of Virtue
Ground Culture
Of Mice & Men
Fall of Humanity
August Burns Red

I can keep going on but these are what I could come up with atm.. I didn't list any albums in there, just youtube 'em and check some songs out, I think you'll dig some songs of those bands (well, I guess and bet you know A7X but I put them in there because....... fuck you I don't need a reason)
My God... This forum is filled with bitter old c*nts.. I'm sorry about the expression which will most certainly get me banned but come the fuck on.... Stop living on the first albums of dinosaur bands, open your goddamn minds and explore new bands...Metal is faaaaar from dead
Ablast Haha.. Exactly.. Mine were a bit feisty and naughty at first, knocking down everything... Now they're chill, they're 2 years old, they play around a bit but now at least their playing around isn't costing me any money anymore in glassware.
I was kicked out of atheism school for not believing in atheism as much as the other atheists
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A conceptual being responsible for the creation of all of life who will never be proven or unproven because they, as a concept, will always be beyond our comprehension.

Now eat your chicken tendies.

Pretty much this... Plus I'd make him/her/it a compilation of George Carlin videos for him/her/it to watch when he/she/it got older.
I've got two cats cause I work a lot and I'm away from home.. At least they play and entertain each other, would love to get a doggo sometime though.
Vaccines save lives, that is all.. If you don't want to vaccinate your child for "reasons" go ahead.. more oxygen for the rest of us
All cats are dicks, therefore all cats are dudes, even female ones !

In all seriousness, only you in the US get offended and cause trouble about these types of things, the rest of the 194 countries of the planet couldn't give less of a shit if you call your male cat a "dude".. Seriously, get real over there... Unless "getting real" is offensive now 
Garlic shrimp, if I had the opportunity I'd make that dish every single day, breakfast, lunch AND dinner. Can't get enough of it
Whenever I pick up an acoustic guitar I always end up playing The Regulator by clutch, I don't know why, it's automatic... After that's done I go by my business playing whatever I intended to play when I picked the guitar up.
I listened to it with  really low expectations... I loved it ! There's not a single song in there I don't like, spectre is my favorite.
Nothing is OK in the metal forum dude... You skew off 1 degree of the rule tangent and you'll burn in UG hell forever !!!

But really.... What was your "rant" ? That you enjoyed a concert ?
Nevermore (some songs)
In Flames 

That's all that I can come up with right now... 
I really can't believe Warrel is gone.....
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MAXPAYNE4664 you're supposed to comment the above users song.

I used to be a huge Trivium-fan 8-10 years ago, haven't really listened them since. The song was pretty good actually.

Finnish progressive rock

I'm loving this... Reminds me of CCR,  I love the vocals from 3:12 -  3:25.. This song is just what I needed right now, I love it, I'm going to go explore more Sammal
Their youtube page is pretty much in stasis, last video 4 years ago, I'm hearing rumors through the grapevine about a new video for the upcoming thing and so far it seems I'm Mulder in the X-Files, chasing dead end leads and rumors...

I is sad

Their official website announced a tour though
I'm starting to get tired of the ex machinas of this show to be honest, and the thick +100 P2W plot armor of Jon Snow... Hey,  I love the guy and his death cost me a keyboard, a coffee table and some other stuff but now it's like he's a Marvel hero, they could've toned it down a little.

Anyway, I'm burning a candle of sympathy to the most friendzoned s.o.b that ever lived... A moment of silence to Ser Jorah
  1. Queen of the Reich - Queensryche (whenever I hear that opening scream I get the most goosebumps that ever goosebumped)
  2. Summer's Rain - Savatage (everything about that song is ...uhh... is.... )
  3. Dracula - Iced Earth (That was a vocal performance that'll be written in the metal history books)
  4. God of Emptiness - Morbid Angel (I loved the haunting element of it when I first heard it and I still do)
  5. Where dead Angels Lie - Dissection ( I guess it's a generic black metal voice but I love the shit out of it)
  6. I can go on and on and on and on and on but those 5 above are my favorite
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i want someone to come tell me that game of thrones isn't the dopest shit so i can punch them in their face
I heard that the episode leaked yesterday while at a footsoldier bootcamp for a medieval war film, imma be an extra killed in the distance
so spent some of the day talking about game of thrones with bearded combat nerds

one mentioned reading about an ice dragon which made the scene where they swoop in all the more suspenseful for me 

I want to be there and contribute to the face punching extravaganza

The riff on 0:23 is starting to cause serious neck injury for me
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So apparently their next album is gonna be a 3 CD rock opera.

Yeah, I'll buy the shit out of it
Quote by K'Nuckles
Holy shit who's seen the new leak

No issues with the copy I got, it's in HD

Jon/Danaerys incest in 3... 2... 1...

I did, cause I'm an impatient asshole.. I'll still watch it on Sunday to support it cause I'm thinking the budget for this leaked episode was probably INSANE and it was absolutely amazingly done. 
Huge props to all the special effects people involved in GoT, holy shit they're amazing.

EDIT: The leak in episode 7x06 was their fault but it doesn't matter, we should all support, or in season 8 we'll have white walkers doused in flour to simulate cold and origami dragons.
That's what I always liked about Therion, there were never really "consistent" in terms of genre. There is something for everyone in their discography, but their orchestral work is truly amazing for me.
These meandering references to R+L=J are tiresome... Just spill it out all fucking ready.... Now he's going beyond the wall and bran won't be there to tell him and blargh blargh blargh wait 10 years for the 8th motherfucking season.
Who'll die I wonder...Nobody of importance has died yet this season, I'm afraid to watch the last three episodes


To Kytokinesis :The warning is also a magnificent album !!! Rage for order is also a masterpiece !
Who is old enough to remember the "Mona Lisa" of metal albums ? Operation Mindcrime was for me the most amazing album lyric-wise, music-wise etc..
Who else feels the same ?? 

(There is no official Queensryche thread, therefore I'm not breaking any rules)
I've had "Saints will conquer" since 98 and never listened to it , it was just collecting dust on my CD shelf, then I decided to rip it to flac on my HDD (for my collection)  and gave it a listen ! Been a huge fan since then. Delirious Nomad is one of my "go to" albums when I'm in the Heavy Metal mood.
Quote by Ozzy87_2
I'll continue my relentless Therion hype despite of the feedback. Recently I've been more in to the symphonic stuff - Gothic Kabbalah mainly, but also Ho Drakon Ho Megas, which I consider as the start of the slide into the band we know them today as.

Could someone recommend me a studio album of theirs that could stand up to Gothic Kabbalah, Secret of the Tunes and Live Gothic?

I'm to believe that winter is here until some Stark inexplicably dies again 
Pink floyd - Marooned, everytime I listen to this song I'm crying...I've chopped old onions and I haven't cried as hard as listening to this song
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Threads that people have brought back from the grave from several years past

Ah.... I see :P .. You can see why I thought this was personal, hence my confusion 
Quote by severed-metal
I don't really care about necro threads for the most part. Band threads are ok, but if you see a thread that's 5-10 years old with no posts in it since then, feel free to make a new band thread. 

Any technical question threads from that long ago will be instantly closed. 

"Necro Threads" ???