Been a while since i've posted on here, my mate sent me the link to this thread and i'm in agony with laughter...this isn't mine, but it's one i found a while back that had me in stitches

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The Genital Garden is THE worst name in the entire world.
The song's good though and the demo's pretty decent quality (=
Not a fan of the singer but that's just my personal preference in screamers...
It's tight man, keep it up!

Yeah man, GG is from when we were doing a weird pornogrind stage. (The band started out really pornogrindy but we're moving away from that.) Genital Garden is a song we've considered dropping in the past, but we're keeping it in our set at the moment because it seems to be a good crowd pleaser
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Could do with some music on the myspace

The singer pisses me off with his talking at the start of one of the live songs.

Doesnt sound very Melo Death to me
THAT'S the myspace there. Got the wrong link ¬_¬
No idea. Haven't been on here in such a lonnnggg time. Maybe i'll start being a pit dweller again? Who knows
Sup guys, first time i've ever posted in this forum, and it's been ages since i've last posted on UG, but i've been mega busy with college work and stuff. So yeah!

My band is a melodic death metal band from the south west of England. Soon to have a demo/EP and we'd be happy if anyone locally wants us to pop a support with them/fill any gaps they know of (fix'd) - Got some live footage there of us, and some demos from the demo.

Please give some criticism etc. I'm the lefty guitarist with the silly beard and sillier hair by the way :P
Saw these guys when they played with Waste in Bristol a couple of years ago. As some guy above said, their drummer is hillarious live. Pretty tight guys.
So, on a scale of one to T-Rex, how sh*t is the PC Multiplayer for BC2?

Massively. Punkbuster and EA are working together to make me hate life.
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Man Fallout 3 isn't as good as I expected. I just got to a part where there was a super mutant and a brute super mutant with a chain gun, and I needed to get through to get to some radio station. Got owned by chain gun and rage quit. >.>

I hated god knows why i picked up FO3. They're both poor.
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awesome. i shall.

my british friend who i co-op with usually has most of the artillery. my army is very infantry heavy.

My armies usually consist of 4 arty, 4 cav, and the rest is usually line infantry...maybe some dragoons.
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A full roster of rocket teams with full upgrades.
It's hillarious.
Seriously, go try it now. Just against one unit of militia. Hold fire until they get in range of everything and watch them all die horribly.
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we will play with each other against the ai, much more fun.

Ahaha, are you sensing a whole army of "gold gold" rockets?
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Ooohhh...It doesn't look that much different?
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New Steam UI thing is very shiny and nice, I just hope when it exits beta phase, that they include different skins like in the standard one.

Apparently there are c.1.4million people online right now.

Are there screenies of this new steam interface? I am intrigued.
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I wish they would remake Shogun: Total War. That was my favorite one. I loved to build an army of Geisha, and then why my enemies were distracted with having their Daimiyos constantly assassinated I could easily just stomp my way to victory with Kensais and Warrior Monks.

Yeah, a Japanese/Chinese early war period samurai/ninja/warrior time and place (do you see how specific i am?) would be awesome. A re-make is definatley in order.
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yeah think so. i do not play naval battles, because i am awful at them. i am very good at land battles though, if i may say so.

My steam ID (imaginative as ever) is Slinov, so hit me up whenever.

I'm doing a grand campaign at the moment as Prussia, so all my experience is coming from playing against the PC. I do reasonably well...but my tactics are so basic, i'm pretty sure you'll destroy me in minutes.
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played empire total war yet?

we should have a game sometime.

I'm...sort of OK at E:TW.
I played an online naval battle and just got horribly pwned. Then boarded. Then sunk and explodinated.
Can't connect to most of the games though because servers don't respond or something. Probably just a port problem i need to sort out. Do i have you added on steam? I'm pretty sure i do.
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ah. bioshock 2 is great.
i have heard company of heroes is fantastic, i only tried the demo and really liked it.

Yeah, the gameplay and the game mechanics are basically dawn of war 2...but WWII, the only problem is..I suck at CoH and i don't want to buy a game i'm awful at...because i'm susceptable to gamer rage at the moment...and i don't want to punch my screen and be like...fuuuuuuuuuu
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as for the gaming thread steam list, i think blob, arclite or gaz has to add you or something. dunno who has the power to.

nah, it is not common but when it happens discussions are fierce.

what games you getting this coming month?

(The only reason i try and move things on is because i've never actually sat and completed a FF game due to lack of bandwagon-ing. The only music i know is the victory fanfare from FF VII DAH DAH DAH DAHH DAHH DA DA DAHHHHH)

I intend on getting company of heros, AvP, the expansion for DoWII and maybe Bioshock 2...depends how it all pans out really. Been playing the demo for CoH and i'm not really sure.
It seems whenever i come in here, all you guys seem to talk about it the music from the FF games...Maybe you should all just assume they're all brilliant and move on?
As blasphemous as it is, i've never actually sat down and played a RE game. I've only ever been round a mate's house and watched them play (I guess we both needed the moral support :P: ) But from what i have seen, 4 and 5 are completley different from the first one.

Oh wait, i played the demo of 5 and hated the control system. XD
The thing with the original RE's though, is that they were genre defining for their time. Before that, i can only really remember "Medieval" (sp?) being a zombie game. RE was brilliant for it's time because it took the Playstation and allowed people to go..."Oh sh*t...zombies" in a proper way.
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Welcome back!

I can give you reasons NOT to pick up number 2:
I finished it in 5 hours.
The controls are one of the worst I have played.
The boss fights and overall difficulty of the game is ridiculously easy, even playing on hard.
The attempt to design "scary" characters is comical at best.

On the plus side:
The game has a really great atmosphere.
The graphics are nice.
The storyline towards the end of the game is AWESOME.
The music in the final 2 levels is also really good.

Also, I haven't played it yet, but I've heard from many trusted sources that AVP is really bad

I don't want AvP to be bad I love the films...(I have all of them, 8 disk boxed set ftw!) i want a decent modern game to be made too

Those plusses and negatives are making this decision harder XD
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And Slinov, you should get number 2 cause it is more fu than the first.

*insert drill charge pic*

Yeah, i've been watching gameplay vids of all of these beautiful games coming out...and just crying because my bank balance is nil at the moment
*Yawn* Crikey, it's been a while since i've been in a gaming thread...You've made two more since i left. How've you all been?

I've been tres busy in life, and i realised about 20 minutes ago that i hadn't been on UG in a while (on the forums at least) so i figured i'd pop my head in and say hello. A wee update on myself:

Bought an Nvidia Geoforce 9800gt 512mb. I CAN FINALLY PC GAME!
Completed Dawn of War 2
Bought empire total war
Buying alien vs predator friday...

Still got my 360, but i barely play it anymore...


I want to get into the Bioshock series, give me reasons to pick up number 2.
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Why? Who gives a shit, really?


No-one cares. Let them do whatever they want, and when they try to take over the world with magic sad alien soul lasers, then maybe i might consider joining the resistance. Until then, i don't care.

Pedro, Carlo and Roberto.

They all work in Pedro's sombrero shop.
It was so epic. The CGI was so well done. I loved every moment, and the speech Optimus Prime makes at the end nearly had my ejaculating due to the epicness.
When i see a band live, and i start a moshpit, and it's a good pit, with people helping each other up and stuff, and not being dicks punching each other. That is a hellyeah moment, just because you get the pitship going on, and it's such a good environment.
I wanted to play the Phoenix wright games actually...might purchase one tomorrow.
I'm more of an Actiony/FPS type guy, but i know that the DS isn't really built for those, so i'll probably try and get into some new Genres.

I shall try that
Hey guys, I'm buying a Nintendo DS Lite tomorrow because i want to play Pokemon (yeah, i want to feel all young again ) and i was wondering what other games i should pick up for the DS whilst i've got a bit of cash about.
I'd try it to see if i liked it.

If not, i'd sell them on.
If i did, i'd keep them for later.
unless you work at Sainsburys of course...

I wish he lived near me.
So much.

Epic drummer.
Yeah...It's not that hard. It doesn't make you a homosexual if you can recognise whether a guy is attractive or not...If it does, well, paint me pink, bend me over, and let Hans the rapist have his way with me.
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everyone has an accent

I meant distinct British accent.

I have a British accent obviously, but there isn't like a distinct area of Britain it's from is what i meant.
I love my lack of accent.
I've lived in lots of places, so i've never really gained one.
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It took me longer than it should've done to work out this was a joke.


The SM57 gives a nice clear recording. My band uses them when we record, and they're pretty decent.
I think we used a whole web of them for the drumkit too.
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Whether you hate someone or not, it never calls for violence.

Here's what you're not getting - these protesters are doing stuff to him, but he's never done anything to them.

Now, you can control what religion you are, and the BNP are anti-islam. So he hates them over something they control, so you're as bad as him.

He can control his beliefs though...which you said you can you've just destroyed your own argument surely?