Dogs are pretty good at finding their way back home, so when they feel like returning they'll be back i guess...
I expect to be somewhat famous... either as a musician or something else. And have lots of money...
Why do dogs run away? My dog never does that
Can't see the picture
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My parents buy me stuff
beer FTW! Except fot the time when you really want to get drunk...
she has also covered 'Fuel' originally by metallica... it's worse
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do you think that would work? washing it with sauce i mean?

Of course it would. It cures anything, from twitching to asking really really stupid questions. Give it a shot... go ahead.
Are your neighbors rich? If yes, I recommend you going for a walk at midnight.
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That may be so. But it stil doesn't answer my question of how you know its called Acquired Immuno Defeciency Syndrome?

Once again I must stress, not trying to cause trouble.

Well, it's simply because he's not immune to twitching. And he has aquired it somehow.

Seriously, if I tell the TS to wash his eyes with sauce to cure the problem, he's not gonna do it. So just chill.
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Is that so...... are you a doctor?

Or did you just google "twitch in face"

Im not trying to cause trouble, I just wish to know how you came to acquire such knowledge about eye twitching?

Did you expect to find a doctor in the Pit? In that case, maybe it's mad cow disease you're suffering from.
It's something called Acquired Immuno Defeciency Syndrome

I'm surprised no one mentioned it so far
FOTB stands for Azkaban. I know it doesn't make sense, but that's because I've spent a long time there...
john mayer has already been mentioned, but still i'm gonna say 'stop this train' or 'st. patrick's day'
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My cat lost all its legs in a car accident, so is a sausage-cat. And it can never land on its feet, because we buried them.

i lol'd at sausage-cat...
I'm sorry to hear such a thing.... could you not have a camera??
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"Confucius say: Crowded elevator smell different to midget."

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Fine, don't go for it.

I would

he said 'fat'...
what is this?
there's a songwriting forum i guess.. there's also the lessons thingie
Ask them what you'll have to do to get rid of them, and perhaps make a deal?
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Get him drunk, put him to bed, When he wakes up he'll find himself with a sewed up belly.

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I probably would've driven the bus to the beach instead of stopping it, but each to his own I guess.

"The Universe is very big. It has many thing"
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Haha, as if this has been stickied!

Why is this thread stickied?
I remember 4chan invading UG.
for always being truthful
It's so much fun trying to make someone's life miserable
Make a 17-19 group and I'm in
dang! how come I didn't notice this thread???

edit: I'm 17 and 6 months old, but if I'm allowed in the 16 or below I'll go shave immediately.

I don't practise, and I don't feel guilty
You raise your middle finger to say 'hi'

That's all I know
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no dude that never happens to me. i think you have to be some retard idiot if you let things distr..........................................................................................

I see what you di................................................
It's premanently stitched to his skull.