I'm sorry guys but none of that was epic. First time I heard Cannibal Corpse (circa 1994-95ish) I got goosebumps. I got that feeling again when I first heard Nile and Amon Amarth. Nothing has done that to me yet. Looking for that feeling! I been searching for that fix.
I should have been a little more specific. I am looking for something epic in the true sense of the word. And themed some how. I been listening to Amon Amarth lately because I've been drinking Vikingfjord Vodka, but I need more!
I haven't posted in awhile but I need some new metal bad. Anything a seasoned metaller wouldn't have.
Since when has someone with a stupid name been a nice guy? I'd wager he wasn't very nice. One of my ex's used to enjoy A7X for some reason, and she hates them after she met them. They were dicks.
Well, I find it hard to trust a man who doesn't not eat bacon or drink beer; so, give me death.
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Forefather (though its saxon not viking) - Ours is the Kingdom/Steadfast
Black Messiah - First War Of The World
Einherjer - Blot
Frostmoon - Tordenkrig
Gjallarhorn - Nordhiem
Nebelhorn - Fjordland Sagas
Oakenshield - Gylfaginning
Theudho - The Völsunga Saga
Thrudvangar - Zwischen Asgard und Midgard
Windrider - Muspelhiem

that should keep you going

Thanks, I'll give that list a look over.
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You're an idiot. I said a did not like Blotted Science because they are sterile and unremarkable, I did not say I don't like metal, I said I didn't like Blotted Science. If that bothers you then please, tell me why, explain your opinion. But don't get all defensive and act like a pissy kid who can't handle a criticism without losing their temper. Grow up and dry those tears.

No, you went to insulting people's tastes in music after someone made a comment considering emotion. Well, please, now define who or what is emotion in a song? Then present a valid reason why this album has none. You, sir, are and idiot.

Like I said before: if you don't like the station, change the channel.
I need some good Viking metal. Or at the very least, Scandinavian / Norse mythology type stuff. I would prefer non folkish, but that is good too.
Whatever Amon Amarth fall under.
Oh you're right. Let's all just go have a discussion on how much we dislike hardcore, or country, or rap in their forums; making threads bashing and calling them boring, unimaginative garbage. But that is against the rules, is it not? Damn... I am just going to go search youtube for Miley Cirus videos so I can bash them instead. Let me go out of my way to make fun of something other people enjoy.

Hand holdy enough for you?
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It's okay differing opinions can be scary.

Also you display an astounding level of immaturity using an accusation of homosexuality as an insult, I'd suggest if you want to disagree with me you at least say why you do so you don't come across as such a hotheaded child.

Clearly, his reasons for not agreeing with you stems from your overall gayness. Or it could be that fact that you come in to a thread about a band and post a negative remark with what would otherwise be fans. But, then again, maybe I am moron who doesn't know anything...
This thread has no fun intended.
Jarzombek did a demo in my music theory class in college right when this album was coming out. I think he is a pretty cool guy. Eh makes riffage of the gods and doesn't afraid of anything.
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And I notice he has EMGs not the normal DiMarzios.

No "signature" model, short of those that cost thousands, are anywhere near what the band plays. Did you really think someone with enough of an endorsement to have a guitar made after them isn't using some kind of custom set up?
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Because they were a good band which he was the force behind?

IMO, it's not really honest when you state that 'this album will be in this style' before you've even begun writing it, but it could still give that side a chance to shine.

I don't see who having a concept of what you want before you start diminishes honesty. If I want to paint an picture of a horse, and state so before starting to paint, have I painted any less honestly? He is just giving himself a direction to go in before writing; almost setting a plan, a blueprint if you like, of what he feels his writing will be.

Regardless of what he puts out, I'll buy it because I've enjoyed every Townsend release to date.
I happen to enjoy nail art. It gives me some time to play or read or anything I want with someone out of my hair doing their nails!

Plus, it is cheaper than a Louis Vuitton handbag. ^^
Has anyone played Dynasty Warriors: Gundam 2? I am thinking about buying it because I liked the first one and this one has over 60 Gundams to pilot.
If you can make it, join the Chair Force. You will get more done.
I think you SHOULD rape her. She already cried wolf. You'll get away with it. Trust me.
You're all alone. Nobody else would ever consider killing themselves. Ever.
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quit your job, become a traveling poet.

They have a name for that Jewels. Its called a bum.
People actually call it "playing a bass"? I thought it was just for the friend who sucks to have an excuse to hang out >_<
Rockwell - Somebody's Watching Me
Only if lumberjacks are around and it is real maple syrup, not that **** you buy in america.
From what I've heard about the navy, and I know many a military folk being in the military myself, they all like guys. The Navy used to have beer rations, but stopped. I don't think you can drink while on the boat, but once you hit port, you can do whatever.
You: I think I'm bi.

Me: Cool story bro.
yes, i believe so, as I've got Aphex Twin discog

I think I'm Turning Japanese - the Vapors
Not only is it legal, it is constitutionally protected if you're in the US.
Unas, Slayer of the Gods is up there. But then again I love HP Lovecraft and Nile.
Seriously? Old thread is OOOOOOOOLD

I invoke the sushi rule...
Granted but it tasted terrible!

I wish I had banana phone
Go to a real college, if they'll even accept you.
I've been playing the crap out of GRID lately. For some reason, I enjoy drifting on that game.

Looking forward to Dynasty Warriors: Gundam 2 in a few days. Hear it is better than the first, and I loved that one. Oh well, niche gaming FTW.
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I'm not surprised. Noone has.


Stephen Sondheim - Epiphany


tsuzuki genkin ni karada o haru - Rymester
Hopefully you've been to many ports and had a lot of experience. Just write about that. I am sure there is an audience for the "crazy things you do at sea" books. Just a collection of stories of people landing in different places at different times. Talk to some other people as well. Maybe a compilation of all a bunch of people. I am in the Air Force and I know you can get a bunch of interesting stories from the older guys if you just ask.

クリムゾンタイラント - Aural Vampire
Write a book about the Pit of Destiny!
Microsoft gives a single language version of Visual Studio free for download. Best to start with something simple like that to hold your hand. Plus, coding with just text files instills horrible coding standards.
I have the Samsung Behold, which is very close to the Omnia. I was very disappointed with my hands on with the Storm. I say Samsung all the way.
Wait until you get to multi-threaded program. That is when it gets fun.