vayne92 Yes, you are correct Economy Picking is the term more applicable, thanks for clarifying.
Zaphod_Beeblebr You are definitely correct in saying I have it backwards, that's my mistake writing it down. 

My question is how best to do the string skip when I am changing direction at the top/bottom of the sweep or if there is any tricks you employ. I ask because I identify this as one of my weak points in my playing and I am looking for ways to actively improve it in addition to slowing down my playing for such passages.
 I've been practicing a section from a song that goes something like this:

 | u u d d d u u u------  d u| 

I have found that in order to play this passage to proper speed that this is optimal way I can approach the passage, denoted by u for upstroke and d for downstroke.

My problem with this is that I find myself weak on the first downstroke in the passage. I find myself raking the 15 and 12 fine, but having to skip the 13 and hit it with a downstroke is causing problems with my timing. I am looking for a more general way to approach this or some advice on how to approach this.

Anytime I am rocking earbuds at the gym definitely put your cord underneath your t-shirt, or whatever you're wearing, you will probably not rip out your headphones anymore if you do that. Also there are shorts with a little pouch/pocket on the back of them where you can put your phone/music player while you do squats/dead-lifts etc
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It's a double standard because when a woman's assertive she gets called a bitch, for example look at my girl Hillary.

Yeahhh, nothing to do with tons of scandals, being a liar, being caught being a liar on MULTIPLE accounts, dismissing women who made claims against her predator husband for sexual assault... but yeah... assertive. Right.
Some of these responses show who does not get out and interact with people ever. Just politely tell them you're not interested and pay them no attention, they will leave. People come from different backgrounds and families, everyone interacts differently. You don't have to be rude but in this case I would have firmly asserted myself as uninterested and walked away.
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Let me look up the instances in which cats have killed people and dogs have killed people. But yeah lets end this now before you get your ass handed to you even more. All I tried to argue in this thread was that 1) getting on a bus is not a great accomplishment 2) a thread about a cat saving a baby is closed yet a thread about a dog going on a bus is not.

^You can't close a thread cause I sourced the dailymail. It was on every news channel, that was just the quickest translation I could find. Also I don't see a difference between the blue names.

Nobody cares.
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If you are so insistent that they are demons then I'm sure you wouldn't mind if they possessed your soul for a couple of years and made you mingle with other cats 24/7

You have the most lame responses I think I've ever seen.
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Show girls this excellent thread you've made.

LOL I ****ing died...
Hey man, nice song here! The only part that sounded kind of off to me was 32-35 with the lead, but other than that nice job!
Props to the first couple sarcastic posts, ****ing died laughing!
This thread is more of a 'you are dumb for eating and bread and having the opinion that bread is okay' thread than anything else. Most people enjoy bread, deal with it.
Yo, no worries about critiquing lol, it's why I put it up.

Just to clarify, I am no means a drummer or have any knowledge about it, I just sort of punch in some numbers and try and fill out my noise that I've created. If you could add in some sort of your idea for what drums for that would be better I am totally open to that to the solo part at 55. Just so I sort of know what to build towards in the future!
This isn't really the kind of music I listen to and I can really dig this, I really like the rhythms and riffs. Would like to hear a recorded version sometime!
Just a song I had in my head for awhile thought I would throw it out there for critique, just curious what anyone thinks. C4C as always
This thread was fun to read, until all the butthurt came out.
Definitely 'Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas', idk if anyone suggested that, but if not, FOR SHAME.
Just a few riffs that I have come up with this week and feel it makes a pretty decent song with some tempo changes.

If you like any parts of it let me know!
Just leave a comment and I will comment on yours or leave any feedback.

Thanks and enjoy!

For best listening I would say use with RSE, but midi sounds pretty decent too.
I moved away from Windsor, ON to Ottawa, ON for school and I have to say it was the best decision ever. People who live in the same city forever never get to experience anything else and have the same lives since high school. Make the best of it and keep your old friends and you will meet new people. Good times ahead, enjoy!
It brought a smile to my day knowing you found what you were looking for haha.
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I was able to hit 40 wpm with my specially modified typing method.
(I only use my index finger on my right hand. That's good form if I've ever seen it.)

This post just killed me haha, thanks for the laugh.
I don't care what speed you drive, but if you want to drive slow and cautiously... STAY OUT OF THE PASSING LANE.
Hey man,

First of all thanks for the crit and I took a look over your song. I enjoyed it, it sounds really good & I wouldn't mind hearing a recording of a finished product!

The riffs were really good, I just found riff #3 a bit bland and repetitive. A few people had mentioned the solo being a bit generic or whatever and I just added some stuff and made some minor changes to it.

Anyways though, nice job!
Alright cool thanks man, glad some of the stuff I have in there is decent.

I can see how that one part at 32 doesn't work, can definitely try to re-work that, but when you say the chords in 16-18 are not good... what would you suggest for that?
Not quite sure how to really categorize this tab, but I'd probably say metalcore. Any criticism/suggestions or praise (mainly praise!) would be appreciated.

If you have something you'd like me to look at just link it in your post.



ps, don't be harsh on the drums, I have no idea how to write them, just added as filler in some parts.
The bike was a good suggestion, also I'd suggest setting out a travel plan so people know where you will roughly be in case of something happening. So something like a GPS or that Glympse app on iPhone would be a good idea too.

But as far as walking 16 hours a day, that is highly unrealistic I think. Biking you can cover way more ground and carry more.
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Pretty sure our Thanksgiving focuses on being thankful for family and stuff we have as well. Who the hell sits down at the table talking about natives and pilgrims? We talk about football, food, and family at our table...also, all those other countries have slaughtered millions as well to achieve what they're thankful for. So just go ahead and quit that dumb shit .

I think this is thread is funny. I mean how can any American actually think they are the shit? You are hated almost everywhere because of how arrogant and rude you are when you go there. How you can even berate girls from a different country blows my mind when your population is 50% overweight and host to the most grotesque people I have ever seen. You are the most vocal of critiquing everyone else, despite having the most problems at home, yet feel the need to regulate the world still... just go away. The people I've met from European countries are much more pleasant than anything I've met from the US, would take them over an American any day.
lol most of the people that look down upon wife beaters are people that simply have no muscles to show off of their own.

Same argument that women with small breasts make about other girls showing too much cleavage.
Hey just wrote this and would like to hear what some people think, c4c.

From what I've seen and what that picture shows, yes, undeniably resembles a skin taco
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don't your toes squish when you walk?

nooo, I only use the dirty ones and plus it almost doesn't feel like you touching yourself when you wear a sock on it, i recommend it!
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ok thanks

edit: BTW selling sperm at the sperm bank can earn you around $96,000 a year.

So wait? I've been jerking off into my socks all this time... when I could be making money off of this?! Now I feel even more ashamed
Does at anyone at carleton play guitar and would want to play with me? I go there for comp sci.. but I don't look like it haha
I play guitar and only sing in the shower
I'm 20 and i live right in the middle(?) of Ottawa near Lincoln Fields... but I'm deff up for jamming or something.
Hey!! I'm looking for someone in the Ottawa/Kanata area, preferable Kanata, to just shred around with or start a band or something.
i once got asked if we ACTUALLY had electricity in Canada. ..ffs they live across the river from Canada and they couldn't tell? I was so mad i rode off on my polar bear
i just happen to have an old iPod just lying around...might as well just plug it into the onion and let it charge while i paint my toe nails
Hey I was just about to pick up a new acoustic guitar and I was wondering, which strings produce a better sound, steel or nylon?
thats kinda cool?