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Thank you! Although, 56% isn't much of a majority.

It's about as much of a majority as you can get in a partisan country. Also, if you look at the actual report, only 36% of people surveyed were actually opposed to legalization.
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What majority? Have you surveyed people in the US and determined this?

Or do you have some other source to back this up?
It should be legal. It's legal in my state and I see absolutely no reason for it not to be.
Blur is headlining? I thought they broke up in the late 90's...
He's not an idiot, he knows buying a car, taking a bus, or flying would be cheaper and easier. He's doing it for the experience. No one walks across the country because they think it will be cheap or easy...That being said, think it through very thoroughly and make sure you have enough money saved up to bail if need be. Also, maybe try reading some books on hiking the Appalachian, Pacific Crest, or Continental Divide trails, or the triple crown for that matter. Pack as light as possible and bring only what you need. As far as the gun goes, it's probably a bad idea if you're under 21. If you're over 21, then go for it, just check the laws in each state beforehand.
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I don't understand how a vacant city can exist, especially in a country as heavily populated as China. Is the city too remote? Why doesn't anyone live there?

They had a pretty big mining boom at one point. People were making lots of money and developers bought up land and basically started putting together this huge city. Ordos was supposed to be the next thing but for some reason, no one really thought ahead and once the mining resources depleted, the city died.
Ordos China. It's a city designed to house a million people. Houses are in, infrastructure is mostly in, but the town is practically vacant.
Haven't posted in a while but I just got back from Mexico and thought I'd share some images from my trip. Here's a preview, I'll post more when I get time. I'll also include the link to a travel video I put together.

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I must admit that was funny But does anyone have anything serious?

Just a heads up, good graphic designers don't work for free. You might get lucky and find someone who will design you a logo out of the kindness of their heart but just like anyone else, if they have a marketable talent, they're going to market it. Artists, designers and photographers get taken advantage of often, thus they don't like working for free.
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Looks nice, but, a lot of places Ive seen reviews of it so far say the build quality is pretty bad. Is it?

It's definitely no L series but I'd say it's better built than their kit lenses. Honestly, I wouldn't worry about it too much. It's one of the best bang-for-buck lenses on the market as far as image quality for the price goes. If you want better build quality you could step up to the 50mm 1.4 but you're paying over twice as much for a marginally better lens. You could also consider 3rd party manufacturers. I believe Sigma makes lenses in the 30 to 50 range at between 1.4 and 2.8. However, those sometimes have issues with quality control.
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I think Ive posted a few of my photos here before, never really got a response.

But, I have a question this time.

Ive had my Canon Rebel XS for about two years now and Ive always just used the stock 18-55mm lens, but Im thinking its time for an upgrade.

Im thinking I want to get a decent little prime lens, but Ive never shopped for anything for my camera except UV filters, so Im not too sure what to look for.

Im pretty obviously just a hobbyist so I dont really need something super high quality, just a nice general purpose lens, I like being able to have a really shallow depth of field.

I suppose around $300 would be my high range, if I can get something for that.

Any help would be awesome.

Try the Canon 50mm 1.8.
Does anyone have any experience with 70-200 lenses for Nikon? I've been wanting to pick one up for quite some time but I'm unsure as to which. I've mainly been looking at Sigma and Tamron. From my understanding the Tamron is great optically but the AF is painfully slow. Anyone have any experience? Would the AF on the Tamron be as slow as the older 80-200 Nikkor?
Made my first video. It was a project for my video production class. I know mostly photographers post here but any advice would be appreciated.
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I live in Oregon. As in "or-eh-gehn." But some people insist on calling it "or-eh-gone." Seriously, wtf?

I've done a fair bit of traveling and it seems like most people out side of the west coast/PNW call it the latter.
I've heard Portland locals call Portland PDX but I'm not sure if it's common. As far as Seattle goes, I've heard locals refer to it as Emerald City or Jet City on occasion but I've never heard anyone say "I'm from the Emerald City, etc."
I have a friend who is majoring in international wine studies. Sounds like bullshit to me.
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So every year, one of my local towns hosts a balloon race where a bunch of hot air balloons go up and race to the coast. So I decided to go and watch them this morning and got some great shots.

Those are all beautiful! Great work!
Dreamweaver is pretty decent. It has a graphic interface that you design on and it codes for you. However, it doesn't always work out exactly how you want so you do have to have some coding knowledge.
Just got back from my first camping trip of the season with my girlfriend. Everything went really well and we had a blast. Ended up borrowing a friends tent and liked it so much I bought one. Can't wait to go on more camping trips this summer. Backpacking trips as well!
Anyone use Tokina lenses? I'm looking into a wide angle for my D7000 and the 12-24mm has caught my eye. Also I'm looking for a fast focusing telephoto in the 70-200mm range. I've mostly been looking at the Tamron and Sigma but I've heard the autofocus is pretty slow on both of them. Any experience?
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127 Hours

Definitely a good one. I've seen it a couple times though.
Anyone know of any good adventure films about expeditions, climbing, surfing, skiing and the like? I've seen 180 Degrees South a few times now and I'm hoping to find more films like it.
So I need to come up with some conceptual photo illustrations for an assignment I'm shooting for The Planet. One is a story about whether Roundup is the modern day equivalent to DDT. The other is about the dirty dozen (produce that tend to absorb industrial chemicals) and clean 15 (produce that tend to be relatively free of chemicals.) Not really sure how to conceptualize either of these things. For the roundup one I was thinking of spraying a dandelion with Roundup and setting my camera on a timer to take a photo every 15 minutes until it dies then combine the images in photoshop. Anyone have any thoughts?
What are some good Verizon android phones that are a generation or two older? I'm looking to pick up a data phone but want to go used because I don't want to get locked into another two year contract with VZW. I'd be willing to spend up to $200 for a solid used phone that runs android. Suggestions?
He asked if he could leave the Mac store with a Mac. Not if Mac was superior to PC. And to answer the question, yes, unless of course you want them to tweak it a bit or add software. Then you might have to wait.
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Really? I say how many I take to people here and they freak out asking how I manage.
I guess it depends on the university?

Yeah I'm sure the university has a lot to do with it. I'm guessing you're on the semester system? We're on the quarter system with 3 quarters being a typical school year and then there's summer quarter (which I don't take classes during). Basically that means each quarter only lasts 10 weeks but on the flip side getting through 3-4 courses and the related textbooks in 10 weeks is kind of a bitch.
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You don't relax at school. Relax during the summer.

First year university, I got screwed because my university went on strike for four months, and when we finally all came back, we had finals/midterms the week right after. We all got destroyed.

What did I do second year since I got destroyed first year? I took seven courses at once to fix my average and to get into the program I wanted.

Once I got into my program, what did I do? Took seven again in third year. Now I'm back on the honors list.

What did I do in fourth year? Why, took seven yet again, so I can finish within one more year where, you guessed it, seven more courses.

Relaxing in school calls for laziness. Never be lazy in school. It's about challenging yourself, not kicking your feet up. Do it.

Sounds leisurely, I've never taken less than 9 classes in a year and it's usually more like 12.
OP: Try reading a couple news articles before coming on here and looking like an idiot. Just my two cents.
I never have on the first time.
Do morning sex and pancakes count?
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Judging from the very prominent aperture stars coming off the lamps It looks as though you had quite a small aperture. The shapes are formed when light leaks through gaps in the aperture blades when stopped down.

Next time maybe try opening the lens up to reduce this effect

This, it will also help reduce noise by allowing you to have a lower ISO.
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Only been messing around with my new camera for about a week. How am I doing? Any tips?

On the bottom one it looks like theres sort of a line of darker colored rocks that goes down the beach. I would have tried playing around with that for compositional purposes. Maybe experiment using a leading line or something.
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Not really... back when Bush was president, gas prices were one of the main topics and everybody blamed Bush. I don't see or hear many people blaming Obama for gas prices today. In fact, everyones saying that no president can control gas prices.

I just find it funny how Bush was blamed for 2 dollar gas by everybody, but 5 dollar gas under Obama's presidency is shrugged off as not his fault.

Well bush did stir up a lot of shit in the middle east that made it more difficult for us to get cheap oil.
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Is it? That while we were split I wasn't having sex and she was? Is this a normal feeling to have, and should it be an issue?

I'd say its pretty normal. Whether it's an issue or not I guess depends on how much it bothers you. Personally I havent had that experience but I think I would feel pretty weird about it as well. I think whether or not it would work out would depend on if I could get past the thought that she slept with x amount of guys between now and the last time we had sex because that's not really a thought I want in my head while getting intimate with someone, especially if it's someone I have feelings for.
Graphic design, recording music, and most art/multimedia jobs in general don't require a degree or licensing. You'd be pretty unlikely to get those jobs without a degree but if you're really good and know the right people you could be a very successful freelancer in the art/multimedia world without any formal schooling.
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My ex and I are thinking about getting back together after like 7 months, why am I so bugged that she's been having sex over this time?

Because you haven't?
I never bought the hype surrounding apple products until my boss picked up a 27" iMac for me to do photo editing and video production on. After that I was sold and ended up getting a macbook. However, apart from the macbook I've never owned any apple products.