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under 4k views lol

Ha it's just a small local band from Louisiana, gotta take what you can get!
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i'd prefer if you did kiss me tbh

Alice in Chains is something you need to experience!!! It won't be terribly crazy or out of control. Make sure you find a way to go!!
nope... unfortunately we lost. it was a great game though. By that time though i really didnt care who won, i had been drinking since 9 in the morning.
yeh man its the best.
would you believe me if i said yes? and if i said i was 2 for 3 on my nights there. I have never seen so many people drunk at 9 am on thursday through sunday morning.
Anyone else go to the game or to Baton Rouge? I was there for 3 days and it was one giant party the whooooole time!! I slept in three different dorms and even showered in the girls dorm. It was like the scene in porky's, only no peephole. Was a GREAT weekend. Anyhoo, anyone else got stories?
use colored electrical tape.
A girl stole my pillow while at a show in Texas. Saw it a few days later on myspace when we received a friend request. Her default picture was her hugging it. Also have gotten bandanas and t shirts that were made for us.
Lol at "I am currently the leader in my class".

I ride the A class. been riding since i was 4.
We all know the typical dinner and a movie, but what are some of your ideas of a good date?
As I Lay Dying

August Burns Red
weeeeeeeeeeelll... the article is about bird flu.
because then criminals would be the only ones with guns.

when everything dies-god is an astronaut.
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i thought that was victor wooten at first

vernon reid

guess this one

steven wilson.
we just bought a tour bus. with no tour scheduled at the moment...
yeh i usually do... i was having a bad night and it just slipped by me.
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Im sorry...but how the **** do you forget a giant 1500 dollar pedal board?

i was loading up the trailer while everyone else was bringing stuff outside. i wrongly assumed they got everything.
well i sent them a message, but im almost positive someone stole it. it was a small venue and it was just sitting by the stage.
nah we live 4 hours away... we just got home this morning.
i left my 1500 dollar pedal board at a show in houston last night. i want to cry.

it wasnt even a very good show...
we used to walk out to a song in 300. the one where they are standing on the clifftop in the rain and the ships are crashing. it was epic and made for a good start.
ive got an orange 4 x 12 with a b52 head. a gibson les paul, an esp ec 1000 and an 85 strat. and a 1400 dollar pedal board. i also have another fender have stack. I worked for one summer traveling and working in refineries/playing music to get it.
what part of louisiana are you from?
oo its definitely worth it. and im 20 btw.^^
hah nope. the best way to describe it was like a cheese grater. it just slices a little flap that he lifts up so the laser can work.
they gave me numbing drops, but i was awake. you go blind for about 3 seconds when they cut your cornea, then its like looking through a kalaidescope (sp?) for a bit while the laser does its work. the whole procedure lasted about 3 minutes.
yep yep... weeeeeell i forgot to mention. the only bad thing was i had to keep bandages over my eyes for 24 hours. Not all places do that, but i slept for most of it so it was totally worth it.
it was 3170 for both eyes. i was in and out in less than an hour. i had it done yesterday and the only side effect so far is that my eyes feel a bit dry, but they said that will go away within the week. It was really cool, they gave me a sedative and let me listen to beethoven and the only thing i felt was a little bit of pressure around my eye. not bad at all. and now i can freakin see!!
completely off topic, but my buddy was on there the other day. twas a bit weird seeing him hanging out with travis pastrana.
And its freakin awesome!!! anyone else had it?

edit: lasik is corrective eye surgery.
whos complaining about it?