Does anyone know a good place for a cheap ATA case for my 80's Roland JC-77? I have tried ebay but everything on there looks to be complete rubbish. thanks.
Yeah the AC15 is one of my favorite tube combos along with the AC30. The AC15 are loud as hell and ya it would work for like 100 people anything bigger you might have to mic but oh well. Id say if you can fork out the extra cash for sure step up to the AC-30 cause the thing is insane!
well tube wattage is usually (correct me if im wrong) 2.5 times more then what stated. So the ac15 would be like 37 watts. But believe me the sound a 15 watt tube amp makes is not even a comparison to the way a 80 watt solid state would sound. If your that concerned about volume get the AC30, those things are awome!
does any one have the keyboard part of the klaxons song gravity's fiction? If so that owuld be amazing! Thanks
I wana know how to play the keys/synth part of hellogoodbye's shimmy shimmy quarter turn. I cant seem to figure it out. Also i have an Alesis Micron so any settings for the sound would be awsome too!

thanks aton!
Electro Harmonix American Big Muff. end of question
Alright here we go...

Alex used an Orange AD30TC 2x12 Combo for awhile but more recently has changed to Vox AC30's. He uses an Arctic White American Standard Strat and a Mexican Standard Strat. His pedals consist of always changing distortion pedals (ie he used proco rats for while with his orange), he has a danelectro reel echo, and a boss tuner.

Now for Jamie...

Jamie uses a Hiwatt STUDIO/STAGE MKII 2x12 Combo, but as of more recently he changed to some sort of Hiwatt head and a hiwatt 2x12 cab. Jamie used a Fender Telecaster 62 Reissue for awhile in the time he used the hiwatt combo, but again as of more recently he uses some sort of Gibson Hollowbody. His pdals consist of a MXR distortion+, Electro Harmonix Big Muff (American), Electro Harmonix Pulsar, and a Boss Tuner.

There you go
Hello, I need more of thhe power cables that come included with this pedal board! specifically the skinnier ones that fit electro harmonix pedals. Does anyone know where i can buy these seperate?! Thanks
Well I just picked my Blues Junior 2 days ago and i have to say i love it. But, being a extreme Orange amp lover!(I also own a Orange AD30TC head and an orange 2x12 cab), ive played the tiny terror and id say if you can fork the cash get the orange. You will be overall happier in the end. Only things you need a cab if you get the orange tiny terror. Make sure and get the new orange 1x12!
Quote by paintITblack39

The Death Metal pedal as well as the Metal Zone both suck. Try out a Metal Muff. Or just use two distortion and/or overdrive pedals.

Im no death metal guitarist but i know from playing them that both the metal zone and death metal(the worse of the two) suck. The Electro Harmonix Metal Muff is by far the best or do what he said and use two distortion/OD pedals at the same time.
Ok so my blues junior says right next to the speaker input 8ohm min. Im guessing that means minimum, with that being said would that make it ok to unplug that and run it into my orange 2x12 cabinet which happens to be 16 ohms? Sorry for the stupid question I just dont want to potentially hurt anything on my amp.
Ok to sound like Frusciante save up and buy every pedal known to man, 60s stratocasters and teles, A Marshall JCM800 Silver Jubilee with two matcing 4x12 cab's.
definatly check out the matamp minimatt combo....that thing is killer
Im thinking about buying one but i have one question. What do all of those switches do!? Like for example how would i activate the bridge pickup only?
this is probably the best one on the market, it doesnt alter your tone in any way like you will find many do.
I just put Gibson P94's in my LP custom and now it sounds so punchy, midrangy, and awsome lead tone i recomend these like crazy.
Im looking mostly for a "Their Only Chasing Safety" sound, But that and a "Define the Great Line" sound would be nice
Hello, I am looking for and underoath sound through my orange AD30TC. It will sound very close because it is the same amp the guitarist from underoath uses. Im also using the same guitar(a tele). I ahve tried but can't find a good setting!? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Oh and i went through pages of the ultimate setings thread but found nothing(I also used the search engine!)

personally i dont like the DS-1. I sold mine for a Marshall Gov'nor 2 pedal and it blows it out of the water. The DS-1 sounds very tinny. But i know longer need a distortion pedal because my orange has the best distortion ever. Oh and the big muff is amazing if you only want fuzz.
Personally, out of mass produced pedals MXR or EHX are my favorite brands. Boss to e just sound way too tinny. But on the talk of boutique pedals, Fulldrive, Banzai, and ZVEX are my favorites. But you cant go wrong with boss if youre not completely obsessed with tone yet....
How quickly do you need this? Because if you are willing to wait a while you could get this new vox head I plan on buying it as soon as it comes out!
I think im going to buy an Epiphone Valve Junior Amp, but i plan on modding to everything available. The first MOD i plan on is changing the tubes. I plan on putting a Tung-Sol 12AX7 in the preamp, and a JJ EL84 in the power amp. Iv heard great things about both of these tubes so my question is would this be a good tube combo? thanks
Personally Orange and Vox are my two favorite amp companies, but i play the high end all tube versions which are not suited for metal in anyway though ive never played the the solid state ones. I would recomend this saving a little longer to get a Peavey Valveking 112 it will play all the hard rock stuff much better, plus its an all tube amp
Id say find a used Triple Rectifier Combo or mybe the head if your willing to buy a cab. Mayb try this . Im not too knowledgable on the XXX but ive heard goo dthings about it and considering its been recomended to every metalhead on this forum asking for an amp......
Either get a: Orange 4x12 and a Orange Rockerverb 50 Head or keep the 1960cab and get the new Orange Thunderverb Head
MXR Custom Audio Electronics MC402 Boost/Overdrive Pedal

Im thinkin of buying one to use as my main OD. Good or no?
I guess your right hahaha kinda forget that hahaa. Well does ayone know any good mods to do to a Fender blues Junior?
I am buying a fender blues junior and I know that this thing overdrives by crankin the volume. I want to know what kind of tubes would get it some more gain when i crank the volume? Here are the tubes already in it: 3 X 12AX7,
2 X EL84,

Im about to buy one as my practice amp. What do you guys think of um? Ive heard they have great cleans!
Ya dude when i gota my 2x12 it was alot bigger then what i thought and now its not big enough! So im buyin the 4x12 orange cab as well
So im lookin for and overdirve pedal to get alot of boost for leads. I need their to be enough gain to were two-hand tapping is loud. Im thinkin GNR solos or if anyones ever heard of a band called halifax thats the kind of solo tone i would like to achieve from the overdrive pedal. Price range is around 150$ or below. I DO NOT PLAY METAL so please do not recomend me a Boss MT-2 please. Thanks

P.S. Pedals i was thinking are like Boss OD-3 or Maxon OD-9. Boutique pedals are welcome
Definatly the Electro-harmonix Metal Muff. Digitech's pedals aren't really that good.IMO
Hello, I am looking for another cab, preferably 2x12 but maybe 4x12, and am looking at a mesa cab. Heres the problem, so far on the mesa website it says all of their cabs are 8 ohms...well i need 16 ohms because my orange cab is 16 ohms. Now i was told you cannot mix an 8 ohm and a 16 ohm cab, Is this 100% true? If so does anyone know how to get a 16 ohm mesa cab, perhaps custom order? or maybe any cabs that sound like mesa cabs but that come in 16 ohms?

Thanks for reading my super long question guys
are the SD-1 and OD-3 true bypass?
get one of these . Their really cheap, very good, and fully customiseable.
is the sd-1 really that good? its super cheap and ive heard it doesnt have true bypass
I am looking for an overdrive pedal to give me a boost when i play solos. I have an Orange Ad30TCH as my amp. I need it to be able to get a little heavy(not like thrash metal heavy, more like hard rock). Ill be plying everything from Zep solos to GNR solos and the pedal is only for a boost when i play those. I really would like it to have true bypass but if there is a good pedal for me without i will still consider. Overdrive pedals i was looking at were: Maxon Od-9, Ibanez TS-9, Boss OD-3, or a Fulltone Fulldrive2(a little too pricey for me though).

Quote by skunk182
hmm well... the sh8-invader costs about 70€/$, the gibson dirty fingers 170€/$!!
do you guys know about another guitar(s) where one of these two is used? i mean no self-built, but some which have the sh-8 or the dirty fingers installed since their build (excuse my bad english, i hope you understand! ) or do you know about a guitar that has a similar sound?

well, my dealer just told me that hes getting the information about that guitar probably next week, so then i'll know
IF it comes out,
when it comes out,
how much it'll cost,
wich pickup will be used,
and wich woods will be used in the epiphone!! i'll inform you on the same day as i know about it!!

Ok, i bought a Fender Esquire GT and it came with a single volume knob and and invader pickup. The invader sounded so SH**** through my orange i chaged it out for a jb the next week. The invader=crap IMO. The dirty finger is better but i ont care for it to much but if your lookin for toms sound i would wait and invest in a Msa Boogie Triple Recto for your gain and a MArshall JCm900 on the gain channel but with the gain set to about 7oclock . Thats what tom does. You might also have to go buy a Marshall JPM-1