This is a pretty cool piece ya got here. I think the main riff is groovy enough that it wouldnt actually be boring if performed. Enjoyed!
Possibly check your mic gain if you haven't.
This is the only way I've ever "broken" strings. It's cause by the intense strumming, and I've had random ones pop that i didn't think i was even playing. So i would say let up some... and personally I'd only change the one string if you"re only 2 weeks into that set (depending on how many hours a day you play).
Smack. stomp. Smack. stomp. repeat.
Someone needs to comment on this. It's got some pretty awesome stuff.
This is what i logged on hoping to hear. Well done sir.
Thanks for all the feedback guys. my apologies for leaving it in such an unfinished state. i'll be taking the guitars out for the finished product, i just used them to keep ideas flowing. I'll definitely add some more ambience to it, i appreciate that suggestion.

MustaKuura, i agree about the intro... still trying to find the right sound for it. after i take out the guitar section i think i'll find a way to build it up.

First of all, this isn't finished. But have a listen, and hopefully enjoy.
I've tried to emulate some nes/snes audio the best i could.

"Steve is it Wizard Knights?" "If there's not a game called Wizard Knights there should be. Dundledorf's Castle?"
I came back just to hear the end of this. Then i came for real.
As if a 1600s battle were in fast forward and fought by power metal maniacs.

This was solid, but very repetitive. Maybe try using different harmonies other than 3rds to open up a new sound... but the 3rds definitely work for this piece.

Mainly due to the repetition, this song doesnt seem to go anywhere. Sort of hits you in the face at first, but after being pummeled so long you go numb. Maybe this just isn't my style of music though.

I couldn't help but think of Power Rangers at the breakdown. That's a good thing.
Drag the Waters' first half sentence tells me he's a douchebag.
Work on your moustache, and then you'll have a solid peeeeeeeeeeece.
I've never been to a harbour, but the intro feels just right.

love the verses, nice and relaxed, the melodies are familiar yet interesting.

I agree with Mr Mustard on the chorus, it should have people knocked on their rumps live.

Enjoyed the flow and counterpoint of the bridge between the solo and vox, nicely woven.

You have a really nice piece here! well done!
Wow. this is really interesting, you've done a terrific job making this work on guitar pro. I purely enjoyed it throughout, and the Bass as G really made a big impression on me. Nothing that i feel able to crit haha. very very nice work indeed.

This was fun. I could definitely ride a horse through a kick ass plume of smoke while listening to this.

It gets boring due to repetitiveness, but you've got a nice little thing goin' here. Don't be scared to change it up.
Its been awhile since i last posted.

This is the third installment of "Garsh!". The first two have been posted at some other date, and i'm too much of a noob to put them in this post or in my sig or whatever the hell you kids do these days with your walkie talkies and your windows 95.

Here's Zooprize!!
Turtle! turtleturtleturtleturtle! hahaha! that would be my older brother. how the hell did i get on this masterpiece anyway? damn I'm good.
Yeah man totallllllllllly. sounds good, wicked sick. when the drums finally fell in for the breakdown my balls dropped on beats 2 and 4.
Anyone know how to make a "choked" cymbal sound on guitar pro 5?
Actually a lot of fun to hear. thanks for this, and thanks for not bothering with leads that would've taken away from the tough and growlly groove.
This is my C4C return.

Intro- Doesn't feel very musical, doesnt sound bad though.

riff 1- is alright, i think it would stand out alittle more without the synth, but when the synth falls out for the next part it really helps it hit hard.

solo and riff 2- pretty boring... solo was very bland.

bridge 1 and 2- has a very living feeling to it... nice. dont think the the synth part does anything for the song here either.

quiet part- is ok, nothing wrong, easy to listen to.

solo 2- much better than the first.

for the rest...- repeats some nice parts, after the solo til the end feels like im just waiting for it to be over, feels like you wont be pulling out anymore tricks. so, fairly boring to me.

Work on usage of the synth, and dont have it playing just because it can. let it serve the song.
Thanks Vengynce. Im really into prog, so that makes sense. i believe i Crit'ed back.
I would say that some of these straight pm chugs could be changed, or left out. Its all very repetitive, and none too interesting to begin with. maybe work on changing your rhythms around, or trying throwing in non-triplets into your triplet sections.

As for parts unlike these, they were welcome breaks, but seemed... unfocused in a way. get into these parts and try to pull out some strong melodies.
Song B:

So the song song felt pretty good, i would say that was the strong point, and it was consistent.

Nothing too impressive from the riffs note-wise, but if it feels good, why bother?

And as stated, the synth is a little drabe, but thats been talked about.

Pretty nice job here.
Pretty fun listen, the riff that first shows at measure 26 is pretty awesome, and i was glad to see it reappear a couple times. Some of the leads felt bland, and to me the rhythms were fine on their own.

Nice job.
Something i've had for awhile, just felt like posting it up.

i would say C4C, but im not sure i'll follow through on them all, though i will at least listen.

Anybody got suggestions on the genre?
Thats an abrupt ending. Nasty nasty nasty
The intro is ok... definitely goes too long to not have any sort of lead, and i dont even like lead parts. The drums make it very confusing... and the guitars dont do much to interest.

I second Kwonnie on this.
Gettin dogged on pretty bad... me and my bud loved it
Sounds pretty good mathie. Glad someone else likes that riff, its easily my favorite. And yeah when i named this i was totally thinking about something else. I SHAN'T BE FORGIVEN!
Bass isnt finished. mostly due to laziness. but if you have ideas feel free.

And yes the ending is abrupt, but this plays directly into another song.
This was enjoyable. And who gives a F*** if you can play it? its still music, regardless of the medium its presented in. So bravo on conception and completion of this piece. It kept me interested, but not in a "whats that terrible sound i must look" way. Your structure really stood out to me. Going from one feel/riff to the next was fairly seemless, and most often done with no choppy bits. I say, great job.
A very fun listen. I'd wish i had bad things to say and normally do, but this was really a blast to listen to. Thanks for actually using your brain in the making of this, your work shows.
i will say this is much more enjoyable than most others. Love the fact that there is a solid true riff, music lacks that too often. the 3-2-0 pulloffs i would try as 2-1-0, but thats just preference. interesting piece.
So, now that my good songs are out of the way.

This is actually something i've been playing and working with, disregarding the last little bit.

Final Fantasy does kick *ss. oops, i mean ****************.
Thank you and thank you. bodily spasms are a must in enjoying good music. The best eh? im digi-blushing
Ah yes but you mistake him, he is the SWEEPING GOD! mops schmops he always says.
The Sequel to Garsh!

have a listen, have a ball.