It's a very nice song. The solo is beautiful, and the drums on the outro are absolutely brilliant
View > Horizontal Screen Mode.
Then, on the bottom left, choose which track you would like to see
This isn't the whole song but I just had a couple free minutes and I could barely hear what's going on in the chorus so here's the intro and verse
Hey everyone, this is a song by my band, have a listen.
Can you upload this in gp5 form?
I don't have much to say other than I loved it, and I dig the odd guitar tuning
Hey guys, my band just released a new song! Please check it out!

You've got some really beautiful and interesting riffs in this thing, just need to make it into a song
i also cannot open this
how do you open this kind of file
the destiny engine is really one of the best things i've heard
ninja.kitty exact same thought i had. 34 is soooo good you guys really need to collab
those 5-7-9 and 9-11-14 are definitely playable on guitar.
i dont have any real tips to give you about writing guitars but the piano/synth stuff you have are great and i'm looking forward to hearing a song by you
i cant believe he came back to apologize after almost 12 years
i really am a big fan of your songs on here, do you have a band?
Heavy dragonforce vibes my dude. great song
clarinet is the best for vocals
man this is honestly a masterpiece album
Hey man can you export and upload this as gp5?
Beautiful work my dude
you listen to dance gavin dance?
can you post is as guitar pro 5?
A song I wrote for my band, would love to know what do you think about it
Hello, I would like to hear what do you guys think about this song (which is not finished yet) and also get an advice about what to do after the breakdown.
Thank you
I really love this
Hey man if you'd be willing to use Guitar Pro 5 I'd love to work with you on some songs maybe
I really like this