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I travel the world and teach foreigners English. I win.

I travel the world and fit explosives to fast jets. I win.
I'm from Bradford but go out in York quite often. I love Stone Roses bar!
Took me a while but i got there in the end.
Go to the doctors, go to the gym and try learn some info for an interview I have on Monday :O. And maybe open a bank account but that's just too much stuff for 1 day lol
18 Today! woooh.
Finally legal to drink - Goodbye fake ID lol
for the people interested - i got in! yey haha.
and yh the electrics fooked up but i daredn't send my ticket in for the refund incase they realise their mistake.
For all the UK Pit monkeys, or the US ones who can remember SOA season 1 episode 4. (shown last night in the UK)

Can anyone remember the name of the writer who's words were written on that wall Jax went to? It was something about anarchism.

Begining to wonder if it was a real writer or just one they came up with for the show now lol.

Im not sure but for some reason I think his name was something Emmet but Google shows nothing so I'm probably wrong.
No im not offering one lol. My friend ordered 2 tickets fo Oasis in Machester for this thursday but they sent him 4, so he gave one to me.

Do you think it will work or will it be a massive disappointment travelling to Manchester then finding out that the tickets wont get us through the gates?

It's a standing gig so there's no chance of having to give up our seats to someone who actually got the tickets they ordered or anything like that, so what do you think Pit?
I think to be a pro at either it takes something extra than lots of practice - just born with a nack for it. But that's just my opinion :S
now i wanna know :@
I just farted and was basking in the aroma when I got thinking why is it that when someone else farts it's disgusting, but when you fart you don't mind the smell?


I think the poll might be a bit pointless because everyone loves the smell of their own farts. But just to make sure I've put a poll up anyways.
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I once saw the searchbar open for the searchbar. It was a kickass show.

there's always one cunt isn't there?
How long will it take the McCanns to realise she's dead?
I wore a suit to an interview for a job at a fish and chip shop! haha got the job tho
In honour of my presidency I now declare this day, National Ku Klux Klan Day...*waits for applause*...
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Bacon butty!

oh yh good point. But cheese butty?! It's just not cricket.
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In which case it's pronounced 'sandwich', possibly 'sarnie' or even 'butty' if you are from the north.

nah you cant have a cheese butty. It's got to be fish or chips to be classed as a butty. But yeah - cheese sarnie is acceptable
83 pages!!?! Sack that.
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its gauda you american capitalist pig

I'm english!
I was making myself a sammich with some Gouda and was wondering how do you pronouce it?
yes please
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^awww man, I found the issue!
Remove the less than signs "<" from your tab and try it again.It will show up alright

ooooh thank you! sorry to bother you and will remember for future reference - no less than signs lol
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^If your tab is a regular text tab, copy/paste it to a notepad and attach it to your post. If it's too long and you may not attach it, host it somewhere and post the link to the download page and let us see what could've caused this.

I have tried submitting a tab of Bacchanal by Clutch but when I previewed it before submitting it only displays the top page or so. It also appears like this in the "tabs pending approval" section. Is this because my tab is too long?
Shouting Guns N Roses jokes at a Velvet Revolver gig.
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Don't you hate it when you take a dump outside, don't wipe and the **** sticks your ass hair together so when you go for another one later it hurts like hell?

Bane of my life...

omg so glad it's not just me
we are all the virus
This afternoon


What an afternoon!
that's what she said!
People who report something for no reason
People who answer every thread with "Searchbar" or some lame joke that includes the searchbar
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in my opinion no... but to me no Blue Peter presenter can ever live up to Katy Hill!


Katy Hill was fiiine!

Zoe Slamon pretty nice as well
good but overrated
**** No!!! I hate that bitch