There's an STD that makes you cum green but I can't remember which one. (I've had quite a few now)
What are we going to do tonight Brain?

Same thing we do every night Pinky...Try to take over the world!

slow walking people and Coldplay
First, you sort out when to use "to" and "too"
he might be looking for bank documents so he can take all your money. make sure you shred them lol
I'll read this later.
It changes regularly. Atm it's fairies wear boots but i love supernaut and sabbra cadabra
captain beefheart if u like blues
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I've never walked out of a movie theatre, but I've stopped watching a number... for example Borat and Forgetting Sarah Marshall.

Are you serious?!
shave it all off - you might as well now you've chopped all that off. It always grows back
Ewwww, the description gave me goosebumps!
If someone can tell me how to post a pic i will :S
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MMM an interview with cannabis does sound good right now

Im glad it's not just me who read that first time round.
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Metallica's some kind of monster is kinda cool... And look up BBC's 7 ages of rock, fantastic 7 episode show!

both of these
Water in the face. Simple as.
Don't worry - we'll still see her munching on those Rivitas
Suicide Note part 2 - Pantera probs
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So the only kid that lives near us at all, is this little afro-american boy. He comes over and ****s with all our stuff, breaks ****s, ruin things, eats our food, and then leaves. He avoids everyone except my brother, and he keeps shooting dirty look at me. He doesn't even play with my brother though, just sits there playing his PSP, or makes us let him play our video games. Frickin annoying. And he says he plays guitar, but he can't say what kind he has, and when I handed him my guitar ans said "play something", he just says, I make my own music. And walks away. I don't like him at all....any of you have anyone like this?

I believe we're saying "Black" now
Harmonica and Kazoo but I cant really play the harmonica
Welsh Springer Spaniel - carazay bastard!
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Is the thread title a Jay and Silent Bob reference?

You know it!
I searchbared this and got nothing.

Im going to a party this weekend and its a bring your own booze thingy. The only way i can get to the party is walking and so was wondering what is the UK law on under 18s having possession of alcohol. Im not going to drink it in public but will i get in as much trouble with the police if im carrying it?

Google only came up with laws about actually drinking the alcohol in public, before some smartarse replies with "Google".
I walked in on a teacher getting out of the shower on a school trip. Stupid bitch didnt lock her door and I thought it was the room my friend was staying in.
I cant believe Pokemon is still around - it was a fad about 10 years ago.
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Is that the one where its a surprise party for Lois and Craig is the only one there?

Yeah that's the one.
Yes, it's another "help me find this song" thread.

It was on Malcolm In The Middle the other day where Craig sings it to Lois at a party if that helps anyone.

The few lyrics i remember are

Watch her come down it's Lois Lois
Strutting down the aisle like she doesn't know us.

I've tried Google but to no avail. I've also tried looking for the Malcolm In The Middle clip on YouTube to see if there were any comments that said the song name but no.
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If you haven't seen it already, Watch The Office. its alot funnier than the crap american rip off,

WRONG! The US Office creams all over the original.

Try Father Ted and The Young Ones.
Procastination - A lot like masturbation. It's good at first but then you realise you've just ****ed yourself.
Put a Mars Bar down the back of someone's pants when they're asleep. The crack sweat will melt the Mars Bar and when they wake up they'll think they've shat their pants.
How is babby formed?
My Friends tell me once you have 1, you Can't Stop eating them.

I fail compared to some of these posts
Inscence and Peppermints
Morrisey and Johnny Borrell/Razor****e - both c u n t s
Akron, Ohio - Black Keys anyone?
Is the number next to tab name in the contributions section in my profile the number of views? Because some of my tabs have more views than tabs in this list but aren't in the list. Im confussled :S
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I went to Leeds Fest '08 and that was awesome.

HORROR: The Shining

DRAMA: Easy Rider

ACTION: Oldboy

COMEDY: Anchorman

ALL TIME: Apocaypse Now
Scentless Apprentice - Nirvana