Ive noticed this a couple of times now. When listening to some songs I've realised that there aren't enough members in the band for what's playing to be played.

I can't think of any examples right now but have any of you thought this or am I just being daft?
One band I was in was called "Poontang Patrol from Uranus"
and another was called "Roland" because we were struggling to think of a name and it said it on a keyboard in the corner of the room. Genius!
As long as he wasn't being a douche about it, don't tell him.
He is German - Saint Nicholas in German is Saint Niklaus (say it fast = Santa Claus)
Omg! Fry's dog episode made me cry like a little bitch, actually couldn't stop.
Green Mile always makes me cry even though I know what happens.
Rocky II
Black Stone Cherry - although they've only had 2 albums the second is majorly awful compared to the first.
Seasick Steve
No Quarter by Zeppelin is apparently about vikings
Love Spreads by The Stone Roses is about Jesus being a black woman
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Just rewatched Dead Mans Shoes. Love that film.

The first time i watched the ending of that film i was like "WTF?!?!"

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ive never seen it mentioned around here but..OLDBOY!
i loved that movie. If you haven't seen it, I highly recomend it.

One of my favourite films ever!
Bayern > Die Toten Hosen > Clockwork Orange > Cultural References to A Clockwork Orange > Guns N Roses > Axl Rose > Homophobia > Homosexuality > Anal Sex
Neocon by The Offspring
Banana woop!
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Not really a plot hole, but in Reservoir Dogs, how does Mr. Pink get away if the cops burst in the door 30 seconds later?

The game kinda tells you, but there are 3 different endings so tbh I don't know lol
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Wwtpd? (What would the pit do? - it'll catch on)

Im gunna make this happen!
Oldboy - Korean but soooo amazing!
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Best song to do this with is No Quarter by Led Zeppelin

Everyone knows Leeds is where it's at! lol
Mug is the only one ive ever had so that.

Shame u cnt get root beer in England.
expected - yes, but not accepted.
broad yorkshire accent is the best.
Paraskavedekatriaphobia - Friday 13th lol
my 17th bday pressie was drivin lessons and now i feel reeli bad cos ive failed 3 tests and my instructor still wnts me 2 hav lessons.
I drifted apart from a guy cos i got pissed off that he stole my musical taste and then claimed he knew more than me about it., when it was me who introduced him to them all.
There was a girl at my skool wearing a led zep tshirt. Wen i sed "i didnt know u like zeppelin" she replied "duh its pronounced led zep-elin"
Roses Are Red
Violets Are Blue
Now Let's Go Get Sum BBQ And Get Busy!
I think you can get them at Morrisons - not sure if they're on an aisle or just by the checkout with all the chewing gum and stuff. But my dad definately used to buy Altoids from Morrisons
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Oh ffs, Benjo. Don't be an idiot. Witholding medical information is a seriously stupid

Not if you havnt had any symptoms for 4 years. It's just going to be a negative on your appication forms.
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I'm planning to join the RAF soon if they'll let me in. (I used to have very weak asthma as a child.)
I'm 18 and havnt had to use an inhaler for 4 years.
I've also applied for the Police as well. Either way, taxes will most likely pay for my salary.

Don't tell the raf nethin bout ur asthma! my application got delayed months cos i told them i hav hayfever. I had to write a **** load of letters to appeal it.
"You should be looking for a spoon that is bent, one that doesn't sit flat."

I love the fact that they have to explain what "bent" is
Not worth it if any1 recognises u inside the church
Fish hook in my toe
Blunt end of a needle through my finger

One of those 2
When asked how long i've been playing i said "4 years" to which my best friend replies "as if u've been playin tht long. I thort u wud b better"!
Puddle of Mudd and Sum 41
I'm fine whilst watching horror movies, but after when I start thinking about it i scare myself so bad!
I had this recurring dream when I was a kid bout being chased around a table by an old man with a butcher's knife. Had it quite often and i can still remember all the details. Anybody tell me what it means? lol
Towards the end of taxi driver when he shoots tht guy in the face and he doesnt even die?!