Kid i went 2 school with - Ahma Bhatti
When i was first born i was called Astroflash! I **** you not
Leek and Pea-stroy
Pie Of The Beholder
The Lemonry Remains
Harvester of Soreen

Fade To Black Coffee

My Acoffeelypse
Love If A Four Letter Word - The Day That Never Comes - Metallica
Generals gathered in their masses, just like witches at black masses - War Pigs - Black Sabbath
She's a Rainbow - Rolling Stones
the arch enemy song was blood on your hands
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Dude, what in the HELL?

it's easier to type
Ever listened 2 a band 4 a while then realised that the singer is the opposite sex to what you thought?
2 Examples for me - Thort the singer of Arch Enemy was a guy until i realied he was called Angela lol and thort the singer of Rush was a woman for years.
failed 3 times so far lol!
lol ur parents r well strict!
I wanna be your Penis
James Hetfield
i wud just do it as 111111 and write a note or wotevr tellin ppl theyre 11s not 1s
i clicked on this cos i thort it sed mind controls - damn u!
1967 Pontiac GTO - amazing!!
thats what happened 2 my guitar pro as well!
14 - Alice Cooper lol
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u should go to that kid, slap him and be like


ne1 know the reason y bill left?
i don't think thers nethin rong with a slap on the legs wen they step out of line - i was smacked and u dnt c me goin round smahin bus shelters.
Recorded a short riff and put it on my profile, little bit quiet so u hav 2 turn ur sound on full. Tell me wot u think plees. cheers
i want a tattoo of the metallica ninjastar with flames on either side of it on my back.
Im 17 been playin guitar for 4 years but i could sing or play bass at a stretch. Let me know if your interested in a jam or wotever. Not workin at the moment so have lots of spare time although that will only be for a while.
chinese ribs - thers not enuff meat on wings
y is evrithin in japan ****ed up?!
put your left hand on top of the string without actually pressing down on any fret and pick the string with ur rights hand. u shud get a ghost note
i always play bad wen my hands r cold lol
lol im sure u did a better job than me the first time. i usually cut it all off or leave a little bit watevertakes my fancy. My botom E string is the original string it had on when i bort the guitar - 4 years ago lol.