wonderful see if more people apply/can find more peoplE!
yes i think this would be good zaphod bleeber! how long did it take to grow ur hair its awesome! also where u based and stuff? and yes lead guitar is up for grabs and stuff so take teh posistion!
yeh guys y not? this is not one massive LOL. or maybe it is depending how u look at it. this band would be awesome! I am kinda serious about this u need crazy new stuff to keep stuff fresh. any other idea's. i like the idea of the stage been made out of a ww2 bomber and the propellers go round and make my hair blow in the wind. and smoke machines and perhaps rocket launchers. and lot of fireworks. maybe when we are famous. but still something to think about.

I want to start a band! Since no one wants to play old skool rock where i live anymore, who wants to start a slipknot/ pendulum/ bucket head band?

For example I label this genre drum n bass, heavy metal and shred with costumes.
I want to wear a mask and smash shit up on stage and go crazy!

Also I want a higher pitch singer and keep the whole shit avant guarde yknow?

I'm twenty and have not grown up and have palyed guitar for seven years so some music knowledge is required. i.e, can u play an instrument?

er my friend has also filled the position of "playing" a steel barrel with a baseball bat so sorry I cannot offer this position to anyone. However, a list of positions needed is listed below:

Drummer/ percussionist
A person who can play an apple mac. or one of the dj scratchy things. not the ps3 dj hero thing though. coz that aint real. need samples and synths and stuff

bass guitarist
lead guitarists and rhythm guitarist.
rapper?maybe I think 2 front men would be cool

hurry up and apply coz i want to headline download next year. applications please. Band based in the Essex (chelmsford area). have fun.

thanks for the quick reply
Hi ive been playing guitar for 7 years or so now so my skill isnt really at a beginner level anymore and can play a fair bit. however ive been trying to play the beginning of paradise city, that jangly intro bit, since i started playing and i still cant play the bloody thing. its just that last bar where it sort or sweep picks and u hammer on the second fret. cant do it and now im punchin stuff coz im frustrated. sounds sad but after 7 years of trying its quite wearing. grrrr. help me. please
yeh i was gonna make myself look really funny by suggesting a book about some kind of metal such as steel or iron. but its been done already. 3 times. awww nevermind
put them in the microwave
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hey im from milwaukee and play guitar.... how far are you from me?? im willing to meet somewhere and jam!!! PM me

er in england so quite a way mate. if u wanna fly over feel free. thanks for replying though
i wouldnt worry about it. Afterall its teaching skills and personal preference of learning style which the student is after. In this case maybe she wanted a broader knowledge of how to play guitar with other instruments or found it your lessons too advanced if she was just beginning. I'm just throwing bones. Don't worry about this theres plenty of other people around willing to learn. plus ageism does happen but it just shows these people are ignorant.

i just re read your thread and yes it does sound kind of sucky. again, these people are ignorant. maybe do private lessons?
cheers for advice guys you have been most helpful.
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no sorry no make sense me please splain

means she is not my girl friend but is a friend who is a girl, sorry guys for my poor grammar was typing quite quickly.
hi guys is feelin odd and need ur opinion. problem: i was hanging around with one of my friends who is a girl though not a girlfriend if that makes sense and was walkin down the street and some chavs made some innappropriate comments to her. i didnt say anything and she didnt seem to fussed. just feeling as if maybe i could have stood up for her a bit more than i did. anyway whats ur thoughts, should i have done more, or should i have listened to my parents advice and just ignore immature comments?
by the way what car does your instructor have?
buy a speedo from an old car and stick it on your dashboard and wire it up. might not be road legal unless you get a mechanic to do it. or you could go on a modification sight like demon tweeks and buy a custom one or something. renting a car is okay but u probably need to pass your test first before they let you drive it.
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lol I can't believe you asked the Pit on where to apply to university.
Some people really are just too useless to do anything themselves.

SUCK MY ****. im asking for opinions of UEL and London Met, to get some advice from any students who go there. im not askin for ur opinion on how lazy i am.
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Then I cannot help you. ^


Seriously though, you should maybe ask the universities themselves, or someone from school, like a counsellor.

makes sense. okay ive talked to my tutor and she recommends UEL uni and london metropolitan. ive heard there okay. any opinions?
er in the uk preferably please
yo does anyone know any good second choice universities which are good for fine art courses? am really stuck. help is gratefully accepted.
superman, arnie, batman, sly stone, jeanne claude van dam, predator, the hulk, alien, spiderman, mohammed ali and homer simpson in one large fist fight. a random sex scene which lasts 20 mins. a ridiculous plot involving the end of the world, probably with nuclear missiles, probably with optimus prime fighting megatron. an alien invasion as well. plus arnie shooting a mini gun with henchman firing back with the aim only rivalled by a blind person, the bullets hitting everywhere but arnie. also a volcano which is the secret base of dr. evil and dr. x in a joint evil mastermind plot. then action man comes along but gets comically melted by lava. also barack obama makes a cameo with chuck norris and also tony blair, just for kicks. ben stiller arrives and provides comic lines. a car chase involving the dukes of hazard charger, 1000 black mercedes and missiles coming out of the front grill of an aston martin. more sex scenes and on top of that cheesy lines from above actors. then bruce willis comes along and kills snape and samuel jackson, but not before samuel l jackson and john travolta kill random guys in black suits. then kills a load of snakes on a plane. plus bullet time and slow mo throat rippings, decapitations and neck/back breakings. phew.

also forgot to add, jackie chan, chris tucker and jet li and tony jaa have a bar braw against loads of tough guys with snooker poles. mel gibson and danny glover kill south african man and jet li but peter griffin cuts in first and says 'its just been revoked'. end titles.
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It would have an early 80's vintage Arnie. And the rest of the cast of Predator.
Basically, they would go into a jungle to 'rescue a senator whose helicopter had been shot down by guerillas, and be hunted down and killed one by one by some alien hunter, until finally Arnie kills it'.
Original or what?

sounds like a darn good film to me
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Oh I know your drummer Sam Fresco. I'm not good enough to be in a band though sorry.

ha how did you know that. yes he used to. unfortunatley that project disbanded. was good fun though.
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okay i can understand that if you just want a project and if you live near a track. it just bothers me when high schoolers trick out their junk cars without a reason.

coming from essex i can understand that lol
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Everything you've mentioned is possible. Extremely expensive though.

Changing out your fuel injection system for a weber carb will also involve installing a chip & custom program, if it's available.

You can give that 205 a 1000hp if you want. It all depends on what you want to spend.

Hmm it already has a weber carb on it but not that model. do you know how much it is for a rebore? also would like to see a 205 with 1000bhp would be fun
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cool, the car kept up with a lambo going about 35 mph. i'm not trying to be a jerk, but i just don't see why people upgrade low end cars so they can go fast. unless you live on a racetrack it just seems pretty pointless.

as i said in the previous post its more of a project cause im interested in that kinda thing. I live quite near some racetracks (moderatley) as well so i want to take up track events as an extra hobby maybe when i have more money.
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Try waiting until one of your friends is nearly killed by someone who thought that speed was the most important thing on a car.

Also, try not to pick apart a name that was chosen by a 13 year old, arrogant moron. Learn to spell. Grow up.

im sorry if one of your friends was killed by a speeding motorist if that was the case. unfortunatley you do get some irresponsible people around. Im looking at this as more as a project. Anyway do you know anything about cars?
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I've never seen the point in doing this. You're still a prick if you're going over the speed limit, it just lets me hate you quicker.

what about track days?

i see your name has the word sadistic. curious. In my fairness im asking a question on cars, not whether you like me or not. besides, wot have i done to you? i could be a nice guy. time to grow up.
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You mean it has a 1.3L displacement. Not capacity.

my apologies unfortunatly I'm not to well informed on car terms on that i didnt know what it was called.
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that's one of the goofiest looking pieces of junk i've seen in a while. why bother upgrading it? you'd only be a lot more afraid for your life driving it....
this is why
Hi there need some help.

I have this ingenieous plan for my 1995 Peugeot 205 mardi gras 1.1 manual with 5 doors. I've been doing some research on how to make this a quicker car. I've gone through my options of getting a 1.9 gti engine conversion for my 1.1 or simply buying a 1.9 gti. However, because of my age these options are not feasible due to insurance. Unfortunatley engine modifications for such 5 door peugeot 205's with 1.1 engines are very limited but im too attatched to car to get rid off it.

Anyway, enough waffling and onto my plan. After more research I discovered that the rallye version of the 205 uses essentially the same engine as mine. The only difference is it has a 1.3 litre capacity instead. Would it be possible to rebore the cylinders of my 1.1 engine to a 1.3 or 1.4? I've heard this is possible as most engine blocks are the same size but with different sized cylinders.

The second part of my plan if I get that far is to attatch some weber 40 carbs, like in the rallye version. Would this be possible?

Of course I would have to uprate suspension and brakes and make gearbox adjustments etc but I have found solutions to this.

Once this work is done the only other problem is getting a decent exhaust system. i cant find a system for a 5 door peugeot or any induction kits etc. Any solutions?

Any advice would be accepted gratefully. Cheers and thanks for reading

u could say the singer mistook the words 'joining permanently' and 'audition' mixed up. by treating a jam as an audition u have an argument for not inviting someone back if it doesnt work out. i found this a valuable lesson wen making a band and it takes away a lot of stress.
Whats white and blue and cant climb trees?

A fridge in a demin jacket
Whats white and can't climb trees?

A fridge.
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So... do I just post pics of girls from facebook or something? What if they find out

if they find out u look really creepy
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is it really wierder to appreciate good looking girls just because they aren't models? I think this is a great idea and a nice brake from the plastic world we live in.
amn't i a f*cking saint!

nah thats not the point its like one girl on here hus 13 and for all anyone knows could be posted by the leader of some pedo ring or stalker.
this is really weird
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£1000 is focking cheap for a 19 year old.

Get a full time job and not a part time.

Or just buy a bloody bicycle and get off your arse.

im a student so part time jobs my only real option for money. also its like 15miles to my college so biking it is a bit of a mission. cheers for your reply
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Then why is it going to cost you that much to insure yourself?
You can always try putting someone aged over 25 on as a named driver, which can bring the price of the insurance down.

meh dunno maybe im just been mugged of by insurance companies