Looking for a 7 string Schecter (stainless steel frets, Floyd Rose, passive Duncans) please let me know what you have. If yo have something similar but not a Schecter message me either way. Thanks.
Everyone is different; I used to hold the pick with three fingers which was absolutely awesome for rhythm playing, but it really slowed me down when playing lead. You have to experiment until you find a way that works for your hand and style. I went back and forth and maybe tried four different ways until I decided on one.

When pulling off, yes you definitely have to pull - off, just lifting your finger will give you an inconsistent and faded tone to your playing. I say focus on muting the strings with your picking hand, then work on how to angle your hand and pull your fingers off whilst minimizing contact with the surrounding strings. Step by step.
^ That is all you need to know really, just make a conscious effort to practicing that.
Make sure you don't stick to one song as that will become bland soon and will put you off practicing. Make a list of 3 or 4 songs with the technique you want to practice and keep at it.
Your guitar setup in addition to your effects/amp can make a difference inhow much you hear the harmonics and how clear they are. If you can nail a clean harmonic repetitively at a certain point then you have the technique down. Now you have to find the sweet spots on your guitar and learn them (which will come by practice). The Floods solo is a great way to learn that.
Kudos to wanting to clean up your playing.

Now, you can always mute the other strings using your palm by placing your picking hand at the bridge when you are picking and making a coscious effort to mute the strings. It will feel awkward at first but practice it for a while and see if you can nail it. Also focus on slightly curving your hand upwards so that when you pull off, your fingers are more perpendicular to the fretboard and as a result it will be more difficult for your fingers to contact the other strings. Developing strength will also improve your finger control and reduce the noise you are gearing from your playing as well.

Good Luck
Of course you can practice too much, hell too much exercise can accelerate your aging. Everything has a limit. I also sometimes find that taking a 3 day break results in better more relaxed playing. Always alternate between consecutive days of focused playing and then more casual sessions to keep things balanced. In addition to maintaining the health of your joints and muscles to avoid potential problems like CTS and arthiritis.
Tremelo picking - wrist definitely
Strumming - a combination of both

You want to be able to play what you want for as long as you want, so there is no point in using a technique that will tire you out in 30 seconds. Go for a relaxed and fluid technique which you can develop by experimenting and then practice it over and over to develop your stamina.
It's all about modulation of your grip strength. You need to grip hard enough for it to stay in your hand but not too hard to adversely affect your tone/accuracy of your playing. Just practice like you do but make a conscious effort to grip it slightly harder than you are used to and then experiment with holding slightly looser. It should be a fluid motion when strumming.

About alternate picking, try to minimize the travel of your wrist so the change of direction occurs right after you pluck the string. Tremelo picking will just suddenly happen. I kept practicing and trying to force it when all of a sudden it just happened for me so don't be too discouraged. You will get there.

Finally, grab a knife and make some shallow cuts on both sides of the pick, that should give you a bit of extra traction which could help, but in the end it's all about techique.
It depends on the sound you are going for, the music you want to play and the strength of your fingers. The thicker the gauge the bassier the tone and the harder it is to play. I like playing 12 gauge in standard mostly, or E flat sometimes.
It depends on why you want to make the move. If you just want to play the music you like and it requires 8 strings, then by all means. You will get used to it sooner or later.
HNGD, that is one awesome guitar. Nice play on words....
Threat Signal's 'A New Beginning'; man I love that song!
Definitely the custom! But make sure you play it first and spend at least 15 mins with it to see hwo it feels for you.
HNGD, that was my first electric guitar and it was definitely a blast to play.

I thinking of getting this, I just want a speaker powerful to listen to my playing at home, as well as recording at home. Do you think this is a great purchase?
All feedback is appreciated.
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Yup, a bit more oomph into turning them was all I needed. Thanks guys.
Got my Impact Picks today, and got to say their precision 1.2m are great for metal; rhythm and soloing for that matter. So far the best pick I tried.

Dunlop take ages to reply. Maybe a followup email might help things.
I have got to get me one of those!!

I'm definitely itching to play it, but I think what is stopping people from buying them is there lack of testing. So a relatively low price would definitely help things along.
Does my folyd rose bridge have to be exactly parallel to the body plane, or is it okay if it's slightly slanted upwards? I also tried to turn the 2 primary screws which are responsible for adjusting the action but they won't budge.

Recos appreciated.
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Was he one of the top racers in the MotoGP? As I say, I've never followed it.

He definitely could have been a contender for the title in a year, maybe 2.
Today, we lost a promising star from the world of motorcycle racing. At 24 years of age he was a 250cc world champion and has steadily improved his performance with every race he has ridden in the premier class. In a bizarre accident today at the Malaysian Grand Prix, Marco's bike low sided and instead of continuing to slide of track, it unexpectedly dragged him in the opposite direction to the slide right across the racetrack into the path of Colin Edwards and Valentino Rossi. This happened because his rear wheel after losing grip suddenly regained traction. Another element of his horrific accident was his helmet being ripped off his head in the accident as well. His injuries ultimately led to him passing away just minutes ago.

Marco you will be missed.

My thoughts are with his family and friends.
HNGD! One of the few Telecaster color combos I like.

Michael Jordan was ENFJ too.

Hell Yeah!!!
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Actually Rhoads are available with maple fretboards:

But the only one with a reversed headstock is the fixed bridge Matt Tuck signature; so my best bet is it's either a fake or its a custom shop made Jackson.
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it happens... chances are that you're too drained from the midterms to really enjoy playing guitar. I love playing guitar, but sometimes it is hard work, and although emotion and feeling come into playing, so does active creativity and thinking, not to mention learning (all of which require some level of energy and effort), and if you're really drained and not in the mood, you'll struggle with it. Playing guitar takes more energy than watching tv does, and if there isn't much left to begin with, you'll end up hitting a roadblock. It happens to me often when I work late shifts (the whole time I'm aching to go home to play), then I get home and plug in, strum a few dissatisfied chords, and go to bed. My advice would be to get some rest, go out and laugh a little, then come back and try it again. =)

Very well put.
Cool axe, I actually like the body, which I usually never say about Fenders.
Niceeeeeeeeeeeeee, HNGD; something special about this one indeed.
Had a friend with .13s on a floyd rose (not original) it was an M something LTD Deluxe, he didn't have any trouble.

I use .11s and I think they might be the best choice so far because of the best of both worlds chugga chugga and lead work comfort. But I'll probably try .12s out at some point but not .13s.
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Adrian has a signature Jackson (or two sort of - slightly different specs and finishes) but they look just like strats more or less, a bit more metal I guess.

Yup, it's on my wishlist, I just haven't been lucky enough to see him play it yet.
I played D'Addarios XL and liked them, tried the GHS Dave Gilmour Boomers liked them more (but they were coated I think) and then tried ElectroHarmonix and surprisingly were the longest lasting and liked their feel as well. I still have a lot of different brands to tryout; speaking of which, just about to try the Half rounds by D'Addario very soon.

When it comes to strings, it is more or less 'to each their own'. But things like durability can be vouched for by different players.
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some people say the emgs are soulless and it doesn't matter who is using it cuz they all sound the same, i disagree but i there is a bit of truth in that statement. with the passive pickups the sound is easily manipulated by technique. with the emgs there is a signature sound they give off but a skilled player will then use that sound in to his or her personal playing.

That's interesting, definitely the first time I hear about that. But isn't that exaggerating; I mean if you want 2 players to play the same solo, both of which are very proficient are you saying you probably couldn't tell who is playing?? Bit of a stretch I imagine.
Definitley the RG321, never played through a Vypyr. Are they better than Roland Cubes? Because the Cube might actually be cheaper and more common for TS to get his hands on.
Great demo Ola, rather informative; keep'em coming
One of the most decent Deans and the Livewire pickups rock!

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I think Slash recently retired his '59 RI Les Paul that he did all of Appetite with. From what I know he is play his Sig guitar and his Sig amp actually...

Which are?

Marty Friedman used to play his Custom Kelly Jackson signatures when he was with Deth all the time. Alex Skolnick plays his Heritage (which is a Gibson from heaven basically) most of the time. Adrian Smith plays his usual Strat with hot rails but eventually ends up squeezing a song in on a Jackson RR and Gibson SG.