i can still recite from memory some of the verses i've read here ten years ago.
shit. read it. made me feel shit. liked it. hits close to home, whatever that is. always liked your stuff. glad to see you around
hey everyone holy shit this place and you all. i'm glad to see you. i'm glad this place still exist. this is one of the most sacred places in life. this is poetry
o my god y'all still here lov u very much
due to some serious talk i had with my exgirlfriend earlier this afternoon, i had the urge to come back and read some of my poems from late 2008, early 2009, written back when i first met her. (is that what nostalgia's like? lol). i clicked on a few of them, but didn't really read much. but anyways, since i'm here now. thought i'd stop by and say

****in merry christmas y'all !!!!

i honestly love all of you. you are all great. good to see some of the old regulars are still hanging around. some of your writings had a really special effect on my life. i don't know where i'd be literally-wise (probably even emotional-wise) if i never discovered this place. it really helped me in many ways. this forum holds a very warm and special place in my heart. makes me happy. i'll read some of your pieces tonight.

i wish you all well and hope you're doing great, or at least trying to. just felt like quoting bowie screaming on that one song: YOU'RE NOT ALOOONE

lol, that was silly and probly unnecessary. also maybe i'm being overly emotional. o well. i feel good.

i'll try and stop by more often. i'd love to catch up with some of you.

x love love x
^that too. just found out about it now
omg i love you and miss you guys. haven't been on lately because life sucks and things are wrong in my head. i just wanna go back and read all the poems i've read through the years on this website and feel like i did back then. i miss being an angsty 16 y.o. who tries to write poetry and finds comfort in the words of other angsty kids. this place has done wonders for me.

what have y'all been reading lately?
it was great fun being a mod. daaamn. i love you all wonderful people

congrats andre !
lol i enjoyed reading this

*moved to techniques*
some bands have managed to use free verse poetry as lyrics, even in traditional pop song formats. for example, fall out boy:

I'm gonna make it bend and break
It sent you to me without wings
Say a prayer, but let the good times roll
In case God doesn't show
Let the good times roll,
let the good times roll
And I want these words to make things right
But it's the wrongs that make the words come to life
"Who does he think he is?"
If that's the worst you've got better put your fingers back to the keys
One night and one more time
Thanks for the memories
Even though they weren't so great
He tastes like you only sweeter

-from 'thnks fr th mmrs'

as you can see no set rhymes or meter.

i'm moving this to S&L techniques, that's where it belongs.
wrong forum. this place is for words. use the search bar/check out Musician Talk
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welcome to the 21st century

lol what do you mean
4 the record i never thought of 'lacking' or 'having' meaning as important in appreciating a work of art. i don't think it's relevant in most cases. some of my poetry might pass off as 'meaningless', it's really not (to me at least/most of the time/doesn't matter), though the reader is free to use his perception of meaning as a mean to judge it 'good' or 'bad'. i think poetry can be appreciated in non-semantic ways. i think art is more about the experience, the contact between a 'work of art' and someone.

Quote by Eccer

This my friend, I agree with. I have written two texts about this actually. Is perhaps language a form to control? As in, do we have another way of communication? I think it's interesting how our language have become by the following years, how certain words create impact on self, when in reality it's nothing but sounds.. like you said Take for example "cursing" What made those words a way for us to express anger? And who made them "bad"? Perhaps a certain doctrine made by certain people of an religious faith? (Sorry if I offended anyone there....)

you should look into linguistics if you like that stuff. really interesting stuff

for example, about the 'badness' of words: in spanish the word we use for 'left' as in right and left, is 'izquierda', a word of vasque origin.
the reason we use that word and not the normal spanish one we originally had, 'siniestra', is because people started having bad feelings about 'the left side', as in there's a lot of superstitions and bad (religious?) stuff surrounding it, (hence why we call 'siniestro' something bad or dark, w.e.). they tried to avoid it, people didn't want to say the spanish word when they talked about the left side so they took another word (a vasque word) to replace the original one.

i think that type of stuff is dumb lol. still interesting
well, due to lack of participation, this will not be taking place

first time in like the three or four years i've been running these

i'm on ali's side. music has no inherent meaning. it is not a 'standarized' form of communication. a tonic to a minor third has no inherent meaning, it may make you feel something, but it doesn't mean anything in its self. you might think 'well, it's sad', but it's not even that. show some nonwestern people that and they probably see it differently.

there's no standard 'music language'. there are no clear semiotic signs. no signifié or signifiant. no set units with their set values.

however we can analyze western music and notice a pattern of certain structures or movements which tend to evoke certain things. it'll be great if someone studied this more profoundly, defining certain trends and shit, but i still say that music has no inherent meaning.

hell, not even the words you say outloud have inherent meaning. they are just strings of phones. we've chosen that as our main way to convey meaning and it is somewhat standarized, like for example when anglophones hear the word 'table' they think of a table, but if a spanish guys hears the word, it'll be meaningless to him. it's a convention thing, completely social, etc. etc.

i, however, have always been curious as to what would happen if a child was not raised with a verbal language like ours, but instead a 'musical' one. like certain intervals meaning (probably) basic things, etc. just some way to construct a language based on music
relations. then it would be 'systematized' in the child's mind, it would have meaning. but still, music has no inherent meaning, he.
Quote by Something_Vague

i don't agree with most of what you say. poetry is not dead at all. it won't be dead as long as people keep using language. and i don't see people stopping anytime soon.

i think there are a lot of misconceptions in your reasoning. you seem to think poetry was 'at it's golden age' or sth before the internet and mass comunications came along, when printing was the only means of distribution.

long, long, long before mr. guttenberg came up with his printing techniques, poetry (and literature and language) was completely oral. that is why there were occitan trovadores traveling around spain and france singing their songs [which were in verse + had rhymes. (a lot of poetic forms have their origin in oral poetry)] to crowds. that is also why aztec people gathered in groups of hundreds, ritualistically ate shrooms and danced around and sang and recited poetry.

poetry has existed since our acquisition of language. maybe even before that (lol). metaphor, metonymy and script are actually fundamental mental processes, present at all times during our everyday behavior. they are also normally regarded as key elements to poetry.

poetry has learned to adapt to what we create. before printing, poetry was shared in ways similar to those i described (music, rituals, proverbs). then books came along and poetry was very easily distributed all over the place, this called for a 'new poetry', one that was not written by trovadores or priests nor was it shared in the same ways. then (now) the internet came along and poetry (really all forms of art) became even easier to share and maybe it's calling for a new way of looking at it.

so where's da problem? the problem is not the material circunstances, for these are actually on our side (it has never been easier to share stuff).

the problem is what people think poetry is. this is one of your points i agree with. yes, most people think poetry is 4 fags. and yes that sucks. the reason people think that is because of a long tradition of arbitrary principles surrounding what poetry (all art really) should be. we are shown certain types of poems which define the concept of poetry. however, once you understand that those artistic requirements (limitations) we inherit from our ancestors are essentially arbitrary, you learn that you don't have to stick to them at all, and that they should not limit your appreciation of beauty either.

the real problem is this. we are told what is and what isn't poetry, that leaves out a whole spectrum of poetically rich material.

here's something i believe: all use of language is literature. there are two differences between a 'My chest was dune and drought, your voice was water' (lorquian sonnet) and a 'i ain't listening to your bullshit' (anonymous phrase heard at walmart). the first difference is this: the amount of meditation the creator of the message gave to structuring its message, Roman Jakobson split that meditation into two axis: the selection axis (which words you chose) and the combination axis (how you combine them). the first phrase by Lorca is obviously a product of a profound reflexion, evaluation and consideration, it is strongly metaphoric and in its original spanish it's probably an endecasílabo. in the second phrase, the person probably didn't pay much attention to the structure of his message (though it too is metaphoric and uses unorthodox grammar), which some think makes it 'less poetic'. that is the only 'intrinsic' difference related to the creation of those two strings of words. the other difference is the context: you encounter one phrase in a translation of Lorca's works; you encounter the other outside walmart.

that's cool and understandable and all. but what if we take some phrases like:

'I wanted to shout out all sorts of things **** or shit or anything at all'
'I wish somebody would write me a loveletter'
'yes I think he made them a bit firmer sucking them like that so long he made me thirsty titties he calls them'

when presented those phrases just like that, we are uncapable of seeing the intention and the meditation behind them. we have no idea who the author is, if he carefully constructed his message, what he had in mind, etc. it should not be important though. what the author wanted means nothing: it is often misinterpreted (both by the audience and the author), it can't be reliable since time passes and contexts completely change, the work is often a product of social circumstances more than an 'individual' creation + more. Russian Formalism and New Criticism can expand on that. so all of this 'poetic meditation' is not tangible, or even always perceivable. i do not see how that should interfere with one's ability to appreciate or view beauty in something. those phrases are from the famous monologue on Ulysses. they could very well be some girl's facebook statuses. am i to value one more than the other simply because one's in some famous writer's book? lol no.

back to poetry. poetry is not what society thinks it is, but rather what a curious and creative observer thinks it is. i mean show your neighboor some Yoko Ono, Nicanor Parra, Bukowski, cummings, Nezahualcoyotl, whatever, those authors probably will be out of what your neighbor thinks poetry is. though i think all of us here can perceive a certain poetry there. it is language.

i think here is where your point works against you. you think poetry is dead.
do you not see clever ads, tweets, youtube comments all over the net? are you not familiar with memes? slogans? writing on walls? songs? store signs? slang? product instructions, warnings on things, text messages? jokes? conversations? these are too made of language. what whoever made them had in mind at the moment of creation is irrelevant. i think any poet can learn a lot from simply actually paying attention to language in its free nature, in its natural habitat, in everyday life.

poetry is everywhere. and it won't die as long as we communicate verbally.

maybe when you wrote that you meant the writer, the poet, in the traditional modern sense. the guy who writes his books at home, then some publisher prints a thousand copies of his work, people buy the books at bookstores from bookshelves and read the books at their homes. in that case, well, i do think that kind of poet/poetry is dying. but i think that can only be good. it means that model of poet is losing relevancy in modern society, thus we must look for new, alternative ways of sharing and making poetry (i mean if we actually care about poetry past the whole author/intellectual property/publishing industry thing), ways that can reach this modern audience and communicate (share thoughts/views of the world) what we want.

i search for that. i wrote a poem the other day about sharing funny content with god over twitter. i write on walls around the city. i write on post it notes and leave them around. i do performances. i try to bring art (unexpectedly and interestingly) into people's life to break them a bit from their usual routine. seeing awesome graffiti on some public restroom can make my day. i don't know if this is che guevaric or not, lol don't care, i'm trying to do what feels right for me.

i hope i illustrated my point clearly. it's possible i didn't.
Quote by darkblackpoison

Doesn't anyone write sonnets or stuff like that? Like, noone here?

FINALLY. some sense.

(idk. i write lots of sonnets irl, but they're in spanish)


vintage & sth_vague 4 me
read the stickies in the S&L Techniques section.

Written by: Final

replace my organs with
circuits and wires;
the bipolarity of a manic depressive:
droll and garish yet weathered.
an automaton lavished with emotion,
confused as to a purpose,
portraying that of a human.
"the world seems a better place
when i'm not about."
- multiple system failure;
power down,
power down,
power dow..

the book i had was as big as my copy of ulysses lol
aightt. imma change the name to January since its january now-

Quote by JustRooster
Aw... cubs called me old (indirectly).

you've been here since '05. you ain't no newborn, dawg
that's not actually the complete version though. as far as i know it is not online, i searched everywhere 4 it at the time

it is in ancient spanish however so nice !!!
had to read El libro de Alexandre for school. a 2,675 stanza (10, 700 lines) spanish poem from the XIII century. read it in its original language (some weird mix of spanish, french, aragonés, portugues, etc. roman languages weren't defined so clearly back then).

craaazy shit. its about Alexandre the Great (i think that's the english name). 10, 700. ALL ALEXANDRINES. 14 syllables, two hemistiques, consonant rhymes all the way through. it was driving me crazy lol. but i enjoyed what i read. cool stuff.
i missed the deadline for the school work, i didn't get to finish it. my exgirlfriend had checked it out of a library for me, we broke up around that time so it was awkward and i had to give it back. i read most of it though. i wished i finished it :/

other than that. i too like Une saison en enfer by Arthur Rimbaud. Le bateau ivre is good too. also Vida de Santa María Egipcíaca. those are the ones that come to mind.
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Nevermind, I read it as a new to S&L contest

it is !!

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Damn, I just happened to post my first S&L thread in ages

yes. but you have a post from years ago, man.

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Can I sign up?

no, sry. you can invite yr friends though

Quote by vegasunderfire
I'm in MWAHAHAHA. I'm a noob to ultimate-guitar haha

kk, you're in.
damn, i'm afraid we can't run the competition if we don't have enough participants. anyone else wants in? if not we'll have to call it off :c
try reading the stickies in the Songwriting & Lyrics Techniques sections. there's some cool info there.

in this forum one should only post lyrics and words. that other section i mentioned is for songwriting processes and tips. you should check it out. i'm going to close this thread since it is against the rules of hw things work 'round here.
F. though i think it's more like a right handed A.
when something breaks
it makes
a beautiful sound

(if i remember correctly, that line more or less inspired this and viceversa).

thanks jimmy. i agree with the things you say. i too see that if i played with some of the things here more carefully i could come up with a more smooth piece overall, more concise. i don't know, i like messing around. i mean i love messing around with the opportunities offered by languages, forms, concepts and signs in general (linguistic or not). i might not be far from losing my mind though.

as for the bridge thing: bridges for me (and i think for mostly everyone since this is such a simple concept) simbolize connection, communication between two different entities. you build a bridge from one side of the river to the other and you overcome a boundary, allowing free transit, you are free to go from here to there. bridges are communications. here i say i don't believe much in that concept since it is quite impossible to truly create a 'bridge' from one person (mind) to another. there are always difficulties present in communication, there are no 'real bridges', no 'actual pure communication'. there will never be a channel of communication where we can transmit EXACTLY what we want (unless we somehow fuse minds in the future, which doesn't seem that unlikely with all this technology).
there are no places where communications are actually 'ideal', in a bridge like way, just info sent and received with no undesired connotations, misunderstandings, etc. it gets all ****ed up in these 'bridges' we try building with languages. maybe ideas get robbed or tired or bored while they're walking through a bridge. idk.

though i think i could work on those lines you mentioned.
nah, but you should read the rules. this forum is for showing of lyrics/words. imma have to close it dawg. for music composition stuff try Musician Talk.
hey come in

Hello, fellas! I invite y'all here to this special thread.
This is a newbie competition, which means it is aimed at *new* users. It is a competition in which people compete, but it is too an oportunity to improve as a writer, form part of the community, get to know other writers and stuff. Here are the rules:

- 9-12 can sign up (maybe more depending on how fast the spots go).
- Due date will be set once enough people have signed up.
- To sign up just leave a post in this thread saying "im in" (or some terrible pun along those lines).
- The piece

To qualify for this competition you must have a join date of any time after August 1st, 2012 OR a first thread in S&L after August 1st, 2012 -- No exceptions!

If you fail to submit your piece on time, you will be deducted 1 point.
Point distribution:
1st place - 3pts
2nd place - 2pts
3nd place - 1pt

More info:
1) Prose is not allowed (or more clearly: long prose, as in three page long short stories, etc.); aside from that, you can write anything you wish. accepted formats: songs, free verse poetry, verse, play dialogues, etc. just try to keep it short.

2) it doesn't have to rhyme, but it can if you want.

3) When you have your piece done PM it to me. To Private Message (PM) you click on my name, go to where it says "send message" on the left side of my profile, then send me your piece. Please put the title in the message, and use the title "newbie comp, hee hee" for the subject

4) Once polls are up, vote in all other pairings that your piece is not in. You MUST NOT vote for your own piece or we will begin by removing fingers and toes and go from there.

any questions or other stuff go here! love love
really if you meet the requirements, i invite you to participate
idk. i think piano playing might help a lot when it comes to keeping separate things playing with two different hands.

i honestly never consciously mix rhythms. why would you consciously try to do that? i guess you listen to the beat. one one one. while placing accents upon different stuff. i sort of learnt to do stuff like that playing philip glass and debussy. triplets vs 1 2 1 2. that's simpler, but still.

i think to do that you sort of have to ignore a main melody and go with rhythm. count the beats. one, one, one, one. count 1 2 with one, while counting 1 2 3 with the other one. individually at first. then take things slowly and see where the accents meet and play both hands, slooowly. that's sort of how my piano teacher taught me.

edit also lol: out of six people who are online now. five of them are in 'ghost mode' (myself included)
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Allen... that sounds... confusing as hell. All I can say is: stay safe, man.

Unrelated to any other topic here:

Do any of you guys practice playing polyrhythms on the guitar? Like getting one hand to tap out something in 7/8, while the other hand is tapping whole notes in 4/4 or something? If so... any good exercises you would recommend? I'm trying to do it just by writing things that do that and then forcing myself to learn them... but it's extraordinarily slow going.

it is, man. let's stop talking about it. i feel even weirder doing so here. i might've of confusingly phrased that though.

i try to mess around with polyrhythms. i sometimes try to jump on some 4/4 with an odd rhythm. fun as hell. repeating something every three beats, and watch it all become weird. i think a really basic polyrhythm excersize is playing something like A B A B on a piano (a 2/2) with one hand while trying to play some 3/4 (C D E C D E) with the other hand. idk i do that. most of my recent songs are in 'free' time anyway. i do a lot of sampling and overlapping. i call it 'experimental hip hop'. i think you can get away with anytype of art as long as you add 'experimental' as an adjetive.
lacandone lacan psych retrouvadore
which one of you knows which one of you knows
double yous dot something dot commentary
on some slovak documentary
about a 20th century classical music composer
which one of you drives a bulldozer
over a wooden bridge three times a week
to dump bullshit on the creek my dears
with no rainbow ears or crooked teeth
i don't know if someone should come live with me
i mean i think no one should even live here
i don't believe much on the concept of 'bridge'
metaphysical shit with uncooked ricecrispy seeds
which one of you can write down dreams in IPA
while some neighbore blasts NWA from a youtube video
dot riddle dot something dot crack
art attack are rat act which one of i did broke the pact