Yeah, so im gonna be honest, i have no clue what to think of my situation. Me and my ex broke up about two weeks ago, and the day after we broke up, i went and hung out with another girl and kissed her and such. Well my ex found out about it and she got like really upset about it and started crying. So last night at play practice, we were talkin and stuff and she started to cry again. I asked her what was wrong and everything. and she said "Nate, i just cant get over you, everytime we break up all i do is think about you and how much i wanna be with you." Like what is that supposed to mean to me. I have no clue what to do......
Yeah, so. My girl doesnt want to have sex. Ive evn tryed to get some oral but she wont go for that either. Like what can i do? Like yeah we make out and everyhting, but is there something extra that we can do?
So this is just an update.... In the old thread i said about how me and my girlfirend broke up during the summer cause we just didnt see it working with both of our schedules. Well now that everything has calmed down. weve gotten back together!!! and we are lovin every minute of it!!!!
Ok, so me and my girlfriend broke up at the beginning of the summer. We were perfect, always doing things together, and we would sit at her house and just talk about how happy we were together. Then when the summer started she was working all day and every day and we never had any time to even text each other. So we decided there was no point in having a relationship if we never got to see each other. She said that we are going to wait thru the summer and see where it takes us, and maybe even get back together. My question is, does she really mean it or is she just saying it as an excuse?