Cell was a ****ing badass and actually had a clear gender unlike Frieza. I aint got no time for no hermaphrodite villains.
5:30 AM Friday Apr 20, 2012 called. They want their news back.
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I came to post this.

That or drink some coffee/anything with caffeine. Going on a run helps too.
Decided yesterday that I'm going to give up porn. Never had any ED problems but I feel like the whole excessive dopamine rushes are making me feel 'meh' about every-day things which should be enjoyable. Also beginning to affect my sex life because I expect my partner to react like/be a pornstar which is causing quite a lot of emotional turmoil and performance anxiety. I feel really good about this change!
Quick car question guys...

I have a car. I have two sets of wheels (stock and aftermarket). The previous owner bought the car with the aftermarket wheels on and then put the stock ones on because they were more to his taste. If I want to put the aftermarket wheels on (which still have the same tyres), will I need to get a wheel balance or alignment?

The only time anyone ever asked me if I was on steroids was when I had an acne flare up :/ Take it as a compliment!

Changed gyms the other day. No squat racks or lifting platforms like my old gym, but it's a lot closer and is 24/7. Used a deadlift machine thing the other day which actually wasn't bad. Much easier to keep good form on which is handy with my history of back issues. Way more honeys too.
Seems pretty good to me.

Edit: although if Swim and Sleep (Like a Shark) doesn't come up soon I will be raging.
Used to have the same problem caused by anxiety. Got this stuff 3 years ago and not a drop of underarm sweat since. Life changing shit tbh.

It's not a normal anti-perspirant. Normal ones didn't do shit for me either.
Air conditioning ftw. I have barely even noticed the heat today. U mad?
I want Kai Green to release a grapefruit flavoured pre-workout

With extra tribulus.
3 massive, decaying balls of wet, slimy hair from the shower drain. Almost puked when I pulled the first one out the a coat hanger.
I don't even know which foods have gluten and which are gluten free. So safe to say I am not gluten intolerant!
I like that Rihanna song.
It's so we don't have to touch your filthy hands.
Omg the hide thread function is amazing.

Edit: Actually it needs to be changed so you can hide unlimited threads.
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just had a potluck dinner. easily 3000+ calories for the day. gonna wake up in 7 hours and go to the gym, then eat at a buffet breakfast, school, haircut, then volunteer for 2 hours at a treelot until 9pm tomorrow, then im gonna go straight to sleep.

fuck my (draft) essay due on friday.

also: my hip flexors and such are stupidly tight, so tight that when i go to squat after stretching for 15mins i get pulled forward and i lose balance, and its only remedied after 20+ minutes of squatting ATG. how do i fix? i stretch 5-15mins pre-workout then 15-30mins during the day.

Focus on strengthening your hams and glutes, stretch your lower back, and foam roll your hip flexors/lower back.
How do you know when you should break up with someone? Is having the thought to do it enough on it's own?
Why does this thread exist? I don't even...
Alcohol and caffeine are all I need. Being dependant on either is stupid though.

Can't stand people who say "I can't function without a coffee in the morning". The human body has evolved over thousands into a finely tuned machine yet they somehow can't function without some kind of stimulant. Pathetic. /rant.

I love coffee though.
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ugh. but it's stupid to aimlessly hate the mainstream. i guarantee he was going to post a nicki minaj song.

I really like the Nicki Minaj song with Justin Bieber. Music is so much better when you just take it at face value and don't worry about who the target audience is, which stations are playing it or who the artist is.
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Shush. That song is awesome.
Lost it at 20 to a girlfriend of 3 months at the time (now one year). It was the first time for both of us. I used to worry about it a lot and was pretty ashamed of it but after losing it I realised it didn't really matter because nothing changed afterwards. I was still the same person. Glad I didn't just throw it away with any random chick though just to get rid of the label.
Layne Norton recommends ~40g of protein pre-workout for anabolic purposes but not for energy.

I've had some of my best workouts first thing in the morning with no food and just a pre-workout supp.
That guy is the most annoying sound in the world.
I don't worry about eating pre-workout. The mere act of thinking/worrying about pre-workout meals and if I've had one or not has a greater effect on the workout than any benefit I actually get from the macros. Like if I haven't had one and I have one bad set then I start to think that it's because I didn't have a pre-workout meal and then the whole workout just goes to shits.
^ I merely assumed. Surprisingly I'm a bit off.
He makes a lot of good points.

It's easy to seem smart on the interwebz.
OP is already cooler than the users he listed...

Hope to have this sitting in my driveway in the next 3 months. First I need to learn manual and resit my test though. Clio 172.
Dat feel when your bench is so weak it isn't even a big deal if you fail

On a side not got 5x80kg unassisted the other day which is good progress. Gaining fat has it's advantages.

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I use a Smith machine when benching alone.

I'm a big fan of incline bench on a smith machine.
^Most bodybuilders are pretty short/average since it's hard to fill out a taller body with longer limbs. Back in the day they were taller though.
I swear this song was on Australian TV for some reason...maybe NRL...
I think it's annoying when a user takes on a persona or partial identity of a fictional character. But then again I am old and grumpy.
The best thing for hypertrophy is heavy fork, high reps.
I'm a faggalicious faggetty fag ******.