I agree (!!SMOKE!!) Subliminal messages are cheap and tacky (!!SMOKE!!) so i hope you all (!!SMOKE!!) learn a lesson of (!!SMOKE!!) to stop doing it! (!!SMOKE!!)
1. Queen!
2. Hippie stage
3. Duno
4. Green Day's mudfight at woodstock.
5. Hendrix BY FAR
6. Da Vinci! DUH
7. Ceaser i guess...or Jesus :P
8. Old England
Worst Accident In My Life.....My Birth.
Your Mum Went To My School No He Did'n
Nah mate i get ya. I am trying to get her to understand everythings like not a big deal. But she just doesn't get it..because it's the way her mind works.

She knows what her every move is (well nearly) so i told her to not plan her life and stuff forget whats going to happen tomrrow etc. But she still worrying botu teh future and whats going to happen to her/
Heyy Everyone,

My good mate suffers from a lot of anxiety, and i try to help but it gets annoying (no offence to her). And i've tried all i can to re-assure her bout stuff but i duno how to help her overcome her problem!

So if you could help me , help her. That would very appreciated.
Cheers, Ben.
i've done 4 days. but trust's not that fun by the 2nd day.
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The Magic School Bus Gang. ****ing ownage.

They ***king Creep Me Out
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Am I going to hell if I laugh? your not! Her Fault. Tough Tits
Heyy Everyone,

I'm doing a project and i need your help please.
I need to finish this last question and it is, in depth how does Kidney cancer affect the human body??

I've searched pretty hard on sites and i've just found like how your body gets side effects after the treatment.

Help would be awesome thanks.
Cheers, Ben.
I got that right now mate, so don't feel alone
Like i wrote 4 of my bands hits that everyone loves then..bang nothing..
To me Its like..

Rock/ Country/ Blues/ Hard Rock (yeah somewhat)/ Western..

Great song though!
Good to see people loving muse.
and he fell into a burning ring of fire...
constipation isnt me....
Since when are we all sh!tbreak?
(and if you dont get that...i'll scrape off your skin with my toenails)
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Right now I hate the mother fuckers riding mini-bikes outside my house. They're just going up and down the street, it's loud and fucking annoying. I wanna go out and kick their goddamn teeth in, but they're like 20-something. So I'll just sit inside and brood instead.

Happens to me too, sh!ts me too.
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Play blackjack for 24 hours straight. You could make a fortune!

Such Words...So True...You Sir Are A God!
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yeah, they better ruin your boxers..

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I went to see Green Day. Jimmy Eat World opened. I don't listen to much Green Day anymore but they put on one hell of a show.

Yeah i was there when Jimmy eat world and MCr opened for green day.
that was my first concert
Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
Your eyes are beautiful,
Just like your boobs.
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i have to look behind my bedroom door when i go into my room, cause i thought there were ghosts there when i was little

Meh i do that. Cause one time my friends pranked me and a chick in white crept up on me. Been fO$%$ng scared since.
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I'm scared of Samuel L Jackson
Well are Eyebrows apart of the human anatomy?
I been arugin with my mate that it is.

Cheers, Ben.
Green day.
Were awesomely good...but...a.i really put me down.
Awesome i've got it done, that was so quick thanks to the guys on UG.
Thanks everyone.

Cheers, Ben.
Thanks mate.
God damn..homework..dont we all love it (rolls eyes).
Ok ok i'm doing this thing on "The battle of Mon's", which has to do with WWI.

The questions i have are :
- Where was the battle of mons?
- How many casualties?
- Who was victorious?

I could only find out where it was, in France.
Much appreciated.
Cheers, Ben.
This is sad BUT FUNNY
Maybe you should go outside
Whoever says it, deserves to be branded on their forehead "D**khead".
If you have an MP3 player, record yourself saying in the questions and answers. And listen to your mp3 players through the test

But if you get caught, blame the swedish people who i learn't from
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G'day everyone,

Is there a difference between nickel PLATED strings and nickel WOUND strings?
Because i have 2 packs of new strings andi just wandering whats the difference.

CHeers, ben.
Abbrievations suck the life outta words.
if i went..YEAH Metallica's coming to melbourne! R.O!!! ...see no life in it!
but if i went.. YEAH Metallica's coming to Melbourne! ROCK ON!!!! Thats got so much hype.

I just used metalica as a example...Hah.
Cheers, ben
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