I usually bite them but the consequence is it hurts more:P
I feel ur pain =P
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He Who Calls Himself The Mightiest

It's kind of a long one. I think it would be cool to have a name like that, though.

Chili peppers songs!

- Can't stop (its easy)
- Higher ground (GOOD PRACTISE)
- Aeroplane (personal fav)

Just use them wisey my fellow ben, i am ben too...that is cool.
Cheers, Ben.
Welll my i just use my bands guitar rroot notes,



But i thought hey its boring, so i'll ad a little spice...well yeah


Tis be my bassline. But you cant just do that for everysong, im finding a bit hard now to write basslines with my band. But try your best mate!

Cheers, ben
i live in australia and like 80% of my equipment is from ebay....
On bass i love to play "No one knows- Green Day"
I'd like to say a few things.

1. The person who started are slow
2. hugging over the internet like *hugs* is really inaffective..i dont like it =P
3. Yeahhh most people are over it now.

Sorry to ruin your fun =D
Cheers ben
You know what you need...the jigsaw murderer (from saw). He'll make you grateful to be alive.
it was blackburn billy hyde music store!
No! I Saw It On The News Just Then! Channel Ten News In Australia! It Was Cool As!
One of the deadly sins...SLOTH.
If you've seen the movie Se7en a guy will lock you in a room for a year...and you'll be very very hungry =P
Oh ok, thanks ill just wait and see.
G'day Everyone,

For the first time, yesterday i restringed my electric guitar. I restringed it with Washburn Paul Stanely Signature Strings (they were lying in my room). So i restringed 2 strings and they all tuned and everything, i just played an open chord Em. ANd it sounded terrible, the strings sounded like plucking an electric fence wire.

Is it meant to sound so metal-y?
Note: i am a bass guitarist =P

Cheers, Ben.
im in melb and i use to pay $30 a lesson. expensive. i quit and im fine.
i quote from Bam & Deco "ENJOY RE-RUNS FOREVER". because they said its over after the episode where they find raab's wife again.
I own a Mike Dirnt Precision Bass, it's a great bass guitar, people say the only thing good is the look but the tone and volume is great. It's louder than usual bass guitars. At band practise my bass is louder than my guitarist amp and:

Guitar Amp (100 Watts up full volume)
My bass amp (30 watts up full volume)
So the bass adds a lil volume.
Anything but panic at teh disco...the gay fags...

"These tables are numbered honey you just dont know it yet"|
I think thats one of thers
All i can think of is the Melbourne University of Music. Yeah i live in melbourne too, im only young but i want it to be my life. ..well it is my life but yeah.
Quote by imdwalrus
Well here's what you should do

1. Go on stage and play your first song, should be very catchy.
2. After first song, introduce the band, maybe say the names....whatever..
3. After the second song, hit the next few right after and don't say anything but "Thank you" in between songs.
4. After about the 4th or 5th, think about something slightly interesting and make a very short conversation. Like "This next song is for the lovely lady with the pink on in the front row"...or whatever a girl pretty good looking is wearing.
5. After the song you dedicated to the girl, say something like "Actually I just said that so I can get laid tonight possibly. Sorry"

Yeah that's what I did my last gig. I thought I'd do something different. But I didn't get laid

did anyone laugh tho:P
This is my 3rd song i've written. Simple rhymes i guess. But the meaning should be easy to get...tell me if you dont get it.

Now let’s hold a sign,
It’s gonna take some time,
It’s running through your head,
Well done thick-head,

Free hugs are all I see,
It’s how it’s meant to be,
Now lets all rejoice,
Let’s all turn pro-choice,

What are we…going to do?
Should I post myself eating a shoe?
But we all know that,
No one is famous,

No one is famous,
Grab a cam, do what you can,
But no one is famous..

Now what are we…going to show?
What is the overall stream flow?
But we all know that,

No one is famous,
No one is famous,
Grab a cam, do what you can,


Cheers, Ben.
"Quickly does anyone have a WoW account?"
"No..i have a life.."

Miss Teacher Bangs A Boy
"Cop 1: Some young boy's having sex with ms stevenson?"
"Cop 2: Niceeeeee"

Stanleys Cup
"Stan: A Tie!? Well what does that mean?
"County Guy: *Turns on record player* Stan marsh was suppose to win it all, the big game, a dying boys hope, the only problem is.....HE TIED! And now he's about to find out..TIEING isn't the same as winning!"

"Al Gore: Alrite kids, i need you to keep an eye out for manbearpig droppings!"
"Kyle: What do manbearpig droppings look like?"
"Al gore: Similar to pig dropping but more manbear like..."

Those are my funniest moments!
Cheers, Ben.
throw it all away- toby rand?
Spread legs out reli far like mike dirnt,
Fling bass forward a bit so it looks like im throwing it at ppl =P
Jump to the beat.
Play behind head..yes i did that once..ppl went nuts
yeah i cried too because thats the way my grandad passed telling my dad bout family. but it wasnt raining, still sad tho
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Fine!Fine! I'll confess............................................. This thread is gay!!!

Any song with a solo can have two guitars...because one plays teh solo and other plays the rhythm chorus or whatevers in the background.

Like american idiot- green day
boulevard of broken dreams- green day

guerilla radio- rage against the machine
white unicorn- wolfmother
dominated love slave- green day
the greatest view- silverchair
Champion- Grinspoon (GREAT BASS INTRO)

nickelback songs sound the same
and guns n roses aint as gud as wolfmother. (BUT THATS JUST MY OPINION)
no one knows- green day

The intro bass line on guitar sounds hot!
Not really..i dont use it as a protector:P I use it as more of a holder hahaha
where is it..
wherd u get the bass recording?
G'day All,

Presenting a new band pulsing outta melbourne Australia!
We play rock/other...AND YEAH. We are the Full View Failures (FVF)

We have 3 songs up:
1. When The Dark Moon Rests Tonight
2. Morning Light
3. Isolation

They're our originals. Pretty shotty recording but just want some feedback on the music please. Much appreciated.

Cheers, Ben.

TommyT you are a living legend, a walking god!
Yeah once google was classified "Pornography" hahahaah
I couldnt stop laughing.
Yeah most times it does ruin the tone to a song, it may be easier to play the singer above open but the tone counts..and does ruin it
Snare snare Cymbal,

do that , the 2 snares are fast and the cymbal is yeah..normal
hey everyone,

on ebay i see the bargain $30 buy it now Daphon Wah wah its really cheap, i am just wandernig had anyone used this pedal before?

How much they got it for?
Is it durable (seeming that its made from plastic)?
And is it good?

Cheers, Ben.