even the gay arse nerdy keyboarder guyy got a solo! CMON!!!
Save the file somewhere.
File, Import, Power Tab

then fiind the power tab...then it should open it up!
Cheers, Ben.

This one isnt for a band logo but its for an album cover??
My bands name: Full view failures
Album name: Genre Confused

AAny ideas?
Thanks, Ben.
Yeah we kinda dont know what genre we are..but ...we just based it on the covers we played. What song did u listen to...thers 3:P?
Heyy Everyone,

Im just here to see what my band sounds like to other people. We're 15 and from melbourne. We play punk/rock and we started out bout 5 months ago!

Here's some songs on our myspace :
They're just made in a garage so don't expect the best quality but yeah.
They're our first originals and ...yeah. Please Crit.

Cheers. FVF
What type of iPod is this?
Hahaha he's just wants an answer but fair report.

Anyway dude i've been told its a improvised jazz bass line, i've asked for this before on a diff forum that wont be named. I got told its improvised so soz i cant help!
well made but immature humour..7/10:P
- Solo's can be played but turn your friggin amp down!
- No stuffing around because that always leads to trouble.
- We all pay for own food...unless your a good mate...cuz i bought my drummer a zoo:P
- When ben (me) says shut will shut up...cuz i will fight you..thats no lie:P:P

My band just hasta do that and we're off and running
Call ur band "Funk Rock" (this is to that joey dude)
our 2nd gig...guitar amp blew up...and so it was just : Drums..Bass..And vocals...I FELT LIKE CRAP!! i was the bassist!
What type of genre are you?
and i like Hollow Point Better...
Mate i dont have any solutions but i got the same problem right now..i feel the pain:P
ahaha my band use to do that.
we finally got a PA system
Quote by hb15577
I couldnt understand what the lyrics were but i know that its a pretty fast rock song and at the chorus the guy sings in a sort of high nasally voise.

Yeah uh....i would help...but you know...that really..really wasn't the best information better
Wake me up when september ends, intro to basketcase, intro to When i come around and many more!

My band the "Full View Failures" are looking for a new singer. We play Green Day, Ramones, Living End, etc. We're basically a punk/ rock band, but our originals are un-genre'd lol because we cant explain it haha.

Its like rock but great :P And we need a singer badly, hopefully a singer in teh glen waverly area! Give us a hoot lol. (it says we hav a singer but yeah...u knw)

Cheers, Ben.
Oh! SOrry mate, and thanks aswell!
Hey Everyone,

Question...this could be really simple or something but does anyone know any Amp Settings websites so i know wat settings to put my amp to when playing diff songs.

I only know one setting to one song which is "holiday- green day". So instead for the rest of the songs i just randomise the settings lol.

Cheers, Ben.
I never saw Sweet Children but i started from Dookie!
we changed our band name, we are now the "Full View Failures".
Genre: punk/rock
colours: any...wateva easy

think bout this: your very lucky to have a gig lol!
i auditioned for a battle of the bands, sadly was very very disapointed and didnt get thru...its been ages since. ok cya
can anyone like add onto this if possible?
Or just change around...
We are a punk/rock band much like: Green Day. We are called "The Cunning Runts"
Because our banner atm is reli reli bland n boring. Thanks alot!

Cheers, thecunningrunts.

Band name= The Cunning Runts
Genre= Punk/rock
Colours= Grey/Green...preferred..
I don't see how u think of these logos.! they're so mad. Anyway , thanks for this.
Thanks a heap! Cheers!
u think ur retarded...i didnt even know wat a humbuck is lol
this isnt a lame band. we don't want a lefty because we've had one before and teaching him new songs was incredibly hard...and it was just too difficult. i'm sorry if i offended any left handed guitarists...
what did i do? I dont hate ibenez guitars....i wouldnt mind having one lol, this is like my second thread....i only joined like a week ago...why am i being falsely accused?
Yeah we have an amp the singer sings into.
I use my Mike Dirnt Precision Bass. Paul uses his drums. And kosta uses i mic i've got...easy...and u can hear all of it together.
cool thats fine, just nothign like
We play all green day but the band prefer's old green day...
Old and new green day are good but yeah old is better.
Eg/ Dookie- International Superhits
also forgot age lol...14-15
LOL and yes u do get solo's...

state wher u live so if u live near or sumfin then we cod arrange practise..
Hey everyone,
My band needs a guitarist...permament guitarist not just fill in a for a gig. Ok, here' the details of the band.

Genre: Punk/Rock
Name: The Cunning Runts
Members: Paul- Drummer, Me (Ben)- Bass & Kosta- Singer.
Inspirations: RHCP, Green Day, Wolfmother, Etc...
Must like green day because we play majority of their songs..haha!
Prefered: Right handed, not hardcore (sorry if offended but no slipknot or heavy music lovers!)

If interested contact me...
Cheers, Ben
Please may someone make a logo for my band.
Name: The Cunning Runts
Genre: Punk/Rock

We are like green day sort-of. We want to be like green day, chili pepper's, etc.
ne help for a band called: The Cunning Runts?
we're a punk rock band. Cheers! how do you make these logo's? photoshop?? etc
heyy please can sum1 make a logo for my band "The Cunning Runts"...
We are a punk band much like green day. So requestiing: Not heavy evil looking logo or soft pop....thanks! Colour: Green and black, or just whatever easier for you!
this is thread is such a good idea! cheers!