haha f'ing madcap, I can't believe your'e still on here
I haven't been here in so long I'm posting to see what my join date is, because i honestly forgot. I doubt any of you guys remember buttsecks or lol wut?
im 17 about to be 18, and for my birthday, i want to get a laptop financed. I know that invoves some line of credit, and i wanted to know if i could apply before i turn 18? does having no credit history disqualify me? (talking about best-buy here)

Also, do any of you have any experience with financing things?
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This is true in some cases. I am young (18) and capable of thinking for myself, as are all of my liberal and conservative friends and I pay no mind to what's "hip", however, so I'mma disagree a bit there, but I can see your point. I feel some young conservatives are over influenced by older generations and don't really have an opinion of their own yet, as I was when I was younger.

I think the reasoning behind the beliefs is far more important than the belief itself, though. If someone says freedom because they want to kill and steal, it is totally different than someone who says they believe that all people should be free to pursue their own interests without harm or interference from others.

It is pretty well outlined in kohlberg's theory of moral development.

I see what you are saying, and by no means did I mean to say that ALL young liberals do it because it is hip. I was just trying to illistrate that there does seem to be a pretty big group out there that does.

Perhaps instead of using conservatives I should have said libertarians, but they are not as well known or have much stock held in them.

Also, moral is a very relative term, so I don't see how kohlbergs conventional stages apply here. It may also just be a brain malfunction on my part, as alongside this I am working on my senior paper (the two are totally unrelated
The whole reason I made this thread is that you could argue that (most) Liberals have their beliefs because they put an emphasis on equality rather than freedom, leaning more towards social programs and the like. Also, (most) Conservatives do the opposite, putting a larger emphasis on Freedom rather than equality. Now, there can be an overlap between the two, but what i inteded the question to be, was out of the two, which is more important to you.

I will definately get a lot of flak for this, but I believe several younger people consider themseleves liberal, for no other reason than because it is considered hip, and all the stars are doing it. I AM NOT TALKING BAD ON EITHER BELIEF. I just figured a poll showing both options would favor freedom, yet curiously liberalism as well, which just helps support my hypothesis that several younger people wrongly identify with a certain belief.

It is still early in the poll, but so far the results are showing the greatest for freedom, yet the fewest for Conservative.

Granted, this is all based on the theory that liberals identify with equality and conservatives identify with freedom. If you disagree, I understand. But PLEASE do not flame and say "lul, ******, lrn 2 politks, liburl and conservativ is sh!t L@b3l"
Intelligent conversation is welcome.
Also, post why you chose what you chose, to make this thread more than just a poll please, thanks
Equality, or freedom? Wanted a poll, so sorry for not taking it to the appropriate ONLY thread. Also, I think the topic is somewhat distant enough to constitute its own thread.

PS: I allowed you to select multiple options, but please only pick one answer for each. I know some kids think its hilarious to check all the boxes, but please don't
Well, if you have to write seven pages, it has to be something you're either knowledgeable about, or something that you have enough interest in to bullshit about it for seven pages. So, TS, what gets you off?

The sad thing is, I can't think of anything that I WANT to write that much about, which is why I came to the pit. I also have to have 10 seperate sources, so it might be easier if I don't know a thing about it
I have to have a topic for my senior paper decided on by tomorrow, and I still have no idea what to do. I can do it on pretty much anything, but I have to be able to write seven pages on it, and it has to argue a point.

Any ideas, Pit?
thats pretty rad bro. You guys are just casually walking down the street like you're NOT huge rockstars, but more like you're just five regular guys, who are in tune with the vibe of the city.

Oh, and its all black and white, to make it 100x more dramatic!

ITT: people who slave over a hot photoshop for a ridiculous band
take a shot every time she licks her lips
She hates me now, but I can't get over her
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09ers bitching about 10ers (which is a really stupid name btw). psh.

07er bitching about 09er bitching about 10er psh.

on a related note, i love grooveshark!
no, but I hear their soccer team is pretty bad. :/
The Confederate flag is not a sign of slavery and oppression (sp?). Hell, the war wasn't even as much about slavery as most people think. It was about how much power the states have as opposed to the federal gov't, Slavery just pushed it over the edge. The flag is more about southern heritage than anything else.

I guess all it comes down to is what the flag means to you
No, but there can be three different stages of morality according to kohlberg:

Pre-Conventional: You do things based on satisfaction, wether it is obtaining something you want, or not getting punished. A good example would be Johnny doesn't take a cookie before dinner because if he is caught, he will be grounded.

Conventional: You do things based on a group. Johnny doesn't take a cookie because nobody else is, and it's not in the groups best interest.

Post-Conventional: You do things based off your own moral code. Johnny doesn't take a cookie because he believes stealing is wrong.
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No where on that little excerpt does it say that only women, aboriginals, or people with disabilities should apply. It simply states that it encourages people to mention the fact that they belong to one of those groups. It does not imply that simply because they belong to one of those groups they will be chosen over someone not belonging to one.

As for this "reverse racism" in the states, I think it is ridiculous, given several reasons:

A) Discrimination against women, African-Americans and Native Americans is still rampant and widespread and measurable.

B) Considering that most of these groups were considered second class citizens at best and possesions at worst up untill 30 years ago, you can't expect them to have equal opportunities just because we all up and decide to legally state that we are all equal.

I honestly don't understand all of the complaints of reverse racism. How can you expect to make up for 300 years of slavery, oppresion and legal discrimination with barely 40 years of supposed "equality"?

Whoa, umm... Just because I'm white I have to pay the price of slave-owners that aren't even related to me? (Im Irish and my family came over in the 1880s). Even so, Nobody alive today has personally owned slaves, or been a slave. Anyone can change their situation through hard work, nobody HAS to stay underprivellaged.
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where are you now? USC?

No, Just got accepted into KU, and wanted to go to a better school eventually. I'm not worried about money, the GI bill takes care of that
So UG, I kind of F'ed myself in Highschool. I got good grades, and took honors courses, but it still wasn't good enough to get into the school I wanted to get into. I don't really know how transferring works, so I wanted to ask if I got amazing grades at a not-so-great college, would I be able to transfer to a better school?
Is it too late to join? If not, I'm in
I agree with the whole Iron fist thing

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I read all four books.

According to science, an erection is caused by the penis filling with blood and hardening.

According to Twilight, the blood in a vampire is frozen in their veins.

Edward got Bella prego, through the traditional manner of sex.


**** you dude, I just started reading the fourth one tonight too!

Im just hoping that it's revealed early in the book, so it doesnt spoil the whole thing
It was scary shit, I saw it one of the first nights it came out, and I when I saw it I wasn't sure if it was real or not. I wanted to believe it was the whole way through, but the sane part of me knew it was fake

I liked it.
Im old-school right now listening to some American Hi-Fi...

They are NOT a boyband
Im glad I'm not the only one, or one of the rare, that dislikes them. They are SO overhyped where I live, it drove me to make a thread
Meh, why not? As long as I enjoyed what I was doing and making money from it.
Unfortunatly I have to catch a plane tonight
What a ******.

That was really my first thought :/
I think it's hard to hate someone when you haven't experienced their crimes firsthand. Maybe it's because the police seem more aggresive that makes us look at them as the "bad guys". I see what you mean though, I feel the same way sometimes.

Wonderful Wizard of LSD by Duck Duck Goose

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Seriously poor logic.

Seriously poor post.

**** Yeah
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Uhh, okay.

Look man, there's a 99% chance Jesus didn't even exist. Evidence is slim to none. His character is based off Astrology and ancient Paganism, so you look even more silly.

Even if he were a real person, it's still kind of a dick move to go all semantics on everyone. That's just not cool.

is 99% an approximation, or an exact figure? You look silly for making fun of people who have faith in an idea that is accepted by millions of people worldwide, yet you yourself has faith in a seedy video circulating the internet (aka, Zeitgeist).

before I go further, I would like to apologize for possibly turning into a religious debate, yet it's hard to avoid when the topic is Jesus. I would just like to second that we need some middle eastern people in here for Jesus
All right... someone explain Donnie Darko