If anyone's the narcissist, it's me. I think we're great together.

My snarky thinking with regards to all the stuff we talked about is, I'm pretty sure, based on my own insecurities and of losing her - so why I continue I don't know. Life's much happier when I'm not questioning other people's intentions. And I really do trust her.

Thanks for your help. Was good to get a second opinion.
Yeah, they're not flirty or suggestive.

I think I can be a judgemental guy. She's my first major girlfriend and I've spent the most of my 25 years alone, so I think I learnt to deal with the world with my own fairly rigid guidelines.

Maybe I just get jealous that other guys talk to her on there.

I know I need to get my head straight - it's on me

Is thinking she's a bit of a narcissist just a defence mechanism for myself? Projecting, perhaps? I think I'm pretty self-aware.
I judge my girlfriend for tweeting lots. It's probably down to my own insecurities of losing her. Maybe I'm scared that she's reaching out to others for validation. Maybe I think she can be self-centered and loves to talk about herself and I judge her for that. I stopped being so out there on social media, generally, when we got together. I'm an introvert and she's an extrovert - maybe I should quit whining and accept who she is in this regard.

I don't want (and can't, of course) to stop her voicing her opinions, talking to people, going out, etc. I'd never want that.

Either way, my snarky comments come through and I'm finding it hard to control. I love her and I don't want to lose her. Maybe that manifests itself in this. I just feel like I'm awful and controlling.

Any thoughts?
Both have their place. Don't listen to anyone who tells you one is wrong. They're all techniques to add to your arsenal.
Whatever your mum is.
Nice one, BjarnedeGraaf generator!
Yeah, I saw her slowly distancing herself over the last 2 weeks so it was no shock. Feels like I'd adjusted to barely seeing her anyway. Followed the gut feeling and seems I was right.
Aw, my girlfriend of (only) 2 months finished with me today. She'd lost interest and, I guess, didn't feel attracted to me anymore. Shame, saw a longer game with this one
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Here you guys go. Try not to mess up your keyboards.

I can't because the text keeps getting in the ****ing way.
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^^ Oh, man. What the actual ****.
I've been seeing a girl for over a month and things are going really well. Enjoy her company and I figure we're exclusive now. She's not seeing anyone else but we haven't mentioned the exclusivity thing. I mean, it's not necessary when it's implied, right?

Anyhow, happy.
Dwntwn. Dancey synth pop - s'good.
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Welp, last night (completely unrelated to valentines day) i learned once again that bitches indeed be crazy.

Go on, don't leave us hanging.
Sounds like it went pretty well, but you shouldn't have declined the invite to go to hers.

Yah, 'mario kart'.
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This is weird. I checked this thread to see if somebody else posted a quote so I could post "Pools are perfect for holding water man."

yes yes yes
Glad things are going well! How long have you been going out?
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Dude, The Machinist

Because it's easy to say that they're all taken/unavailable when you don't want to approach
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Yes shake your fist at them.

Whilst it is in their vag

We have a winner
Don't: bother her whilst she's out having a good time.
Do: relax, trust her.
**** shit bollocks.

Great tripling
We did a fair bit of messaging and some texting back-and-forth before meeting so it wasn't really. And we didn't feel any awkwardness. Depends on the person, I guess. She was open and not so dissimilar from her online persona.
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how old are you?

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She still has baby teeth.

Lost it
It's easy to hate online dating as a guy, but I've got loads of dates out of it, and a 3 month relationship (err, that's my longest). So I don't hold anything against it.
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^an awesome one, evidently

I like you. A lot

First date went really well. Lots to talk about and I'd like to see her again.
What kind of guy needs a website to get a date though?

But I do have a date with a girl I met online, tonight.
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I'm blind in one eye and can't judge distance except by size. It's actually not too bad... I kinda feel bad for a lot of the people in here

Does that count?

Me too, man. Watching me play badminton is a right laugh though.
Her actions > her words.

But what did she say specifically? Sorry to drag that up.
No-one said it would be easy. If it was, I'd have 3 chicks on my arm at once (a Falcon, an Owl, and a Kite).
Just be yourself.

I really want to punch it.
No. Wish you had though.

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Definitely maybe probably kind of possibly actually do something with myself


I don't understand

Drinking's cool but what it does to my body for a two day aftermath isn't.

I'll still drink, bro
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