I used to have a similar problem with my thumb. Hurt a lot when I played barre chords, but then I realised my thumb was double-jointed.
I had to correct this basically, by changing where I put my thumb on the neck. Took a long time, but the pain's gone now
I'll post pics tomorrow, when I've actually got it, and it's at Music Central, on the Isle of Wight, in England
I popped into the guitar shop today on the way home from school, and saw this strat, in arctic white with a gold pickguard. I thought, 'nice!', so I took a closer look. I got to the headstock, and there was no logo, but it was in the proper Fender shape, so naturally, I was intrigued. I asked the bloke behind the counter what it was, and he said, 'not a clue'. So I tried it, and I was pleasantly surprised! It was gorgeous! Played perfectly, sounded excellent, and it looked great! The thing that took my breath away was the price though; it was £180, which works out about $300 ish.
Tomorrow, I'm taking my Epiphone Les Paul in for part exchange, and the strat will be mine!
I'd love to know if this has happened to anyone else! Anyone else picked up a mysterious guitar that turns out to be amazing?
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The way I learnt seems to work with bass and guitar, and it was basically work out which word you change note on. It's good for simpler basslines, but obviously the more complex the bassline is the harder its gonna be.
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Foreign currency wouldn't cut it. As the dollar depreciates so does other forms of currency because of the global economies reliance on the american economy. The best investment would be to buy something you know will last for a while and end up making you a shiteload of money in the end. i.e. precious metals and stones like you said. But if you want to blow all your money, by all means, buy as many amps and basses as you can.

The Great British Pound just wins, lol.
Also, Aerodynes are pretty sweet lookin basses, so TS is lucky to get one cheap =D
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When you think about it, having only 3 strings really isn't that limiting. Realistically, you only lose the 5 highest notes on the fretboard.
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its way easier 2 get in bands if ur a bassist

It really is. I declared I was starting bass about a week ago, switching from guitar, since then I've been asked into 3 bands
Cheers mate! Wish I'd found that place a lot earlier!
OK guys, 2 questions on this one, because theres only one review on the upgraded version; even though it's a glowing review, I thought i should ask:
1) Sound good? I play quite a few different styles, and I know j basses are versatile, thats why i chose one =D
2) Which colour? Willing to swap out a pickguard to get it lookin' awesome =D
Think that's pretty much settled it then! lol
I've found it for £400 at dolphin music, anyone know where i can get it any cheaper?
Will the 2x10 still give me a fairly giggable volume? Size is kinda an issue, I'm afraid, lol.
It's versatility that I'm really after, because I play in a few bands (not bass in all of 'em), and I play a wide range of styles. So is it versatile?
Thinking about buying the Ashdown MAG 300 2x10 amp.
Anyone got one? Opinions?
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hey guys, I think he was swallowing his pride because he was the worst guitarist and therefore had to learn another instrument. I don't find the fact that he had to switch to another instrument (that happened to be bass) insulting.
It's not that he doesn't like bass, he's just swallowed his pride by admitting he was worse at guitar than the other guy.

That's basically it, lol. I'm a better singer than the other guy and he's a better guitarist.
Cheers for the advice btw, much appreciated
Right, sorry if it sounded like I was putting bass below guitar. I wasn't
I'm fairly set on the Squier, but it's more advice on amps that I need
Cheers again
I've just joined a new band with a mate, who's a better guitarist than me, so I've swallowed my pride and decided to get a bass for this reason.
The band's style is going to be a really British indie sorta thing, so I'm guessing a P-Bass is going to be in order.
To start with, I'm thinking of a Squier Vintage Modified P, seems like the sorta thing I'm after, and it's got the image, lol
Any thoughts on what brand of amp I should get is very welcome =D
I do occasionally use fast-fret. It's great, gives a feeling like the strings are almost brand new again, but it doesnt last very long.
I've got an Epiphone Les Paul Standard that I picked up for just over £300, and I'm really happy with it; If you've got £400 to spend, i'd personally get one of those and put a new set of pickups in it. It's a great guitar to play, sounds great, even with stock pickups.
Expess yourself by NWA
Good tune
The two amps really don't compare with each other. It depends purely on what sound you're going for. For a british sound, go for the Vox. American, go for the Fender.
And don't completely rule out marshall, I recommend the DSL401.
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the guy from the automatic?
Being completely honest, the only major difference is the pickups, but theyre not worth $500 to upgrade. It depends if you give a rat's arse who made it as well. I'd happily use a mexican tele over an american if the pickups were the same.
Sometime this year i wanna build a '52 style telecaster. I'll be on a fairly tight budget, which is basically under £500, or $900 (roughly). Basically I need some ideas on what parts etc. I'm going to kit this thing out with. At the moment I'm thinking about a butterscotch alder body, maple neck and black pickguard. I'll take suggestions for pickups, but I'm thinking about either Bare Knuckles, or Fender Custom Shop NoCaster sets. So any suggestions are welcome!
get a good noise gate, they usually do the trick
hi guys,
i've had my old Marshall MG15 for as long as i can stand now. I need a valve amp.
i've willing to spend £300-400 on one. The heaviest i really play is just bordering on metal, and i also play blues and jazz quite a bit, and most things in between
So basically im after a versatile valve amp that for under £400 that i can use at bedroom volume.
Any ideas appreciated
If u can get hold of one, get an old ibanez anologue delay. They be good.
They also loves spaghetti hoops
it depends what you play. You'll wanna decide first thing if you want a valve amp or a transistor amp, based on what you're gonna use it for
You can get a Joe Barden bridge, which has 3 brass saddles and fits to the standard tele.