any updates? the suspense is killing me
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I would not put on the clear coat....wahs are usually flat black. The paint is very durable, a glossy wah enclusre would look kinda weird.

Mines high gloss white with a high gloss black foot part and it has a sound city wah face faceplate on it. I think it looks pretty spiffy
A used Dean Tradition 1 is around that price. I love mine. Nice tone, and a soft V neck.
practice on your clean channel. It will force you to play cleanly, becuase there is no distortion to hide little mistakes.
Smallbear elec sells replacements for like $2.
Just experiment with it and see what you like best. My vote would be for 2 volumes and one tone though....
Thanks a lot! Any idea for a power transformer?

By the way, you would not believe the tone of these amps. I would highly recomend picking one up , and they are fairly cheap also. Very nice cleans.
That is sooo cool! It reminds me of the Fender Mustang / Jagstang / Jaguar / Jazzmaster! And since no one else has asked yet, how does it play?
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Im really liking the L500-XL, but what would be a good neck pickup?

Eh, A little hot for my taste for a neck pup, but i have heard of people doing it and liking it. I would suggest it as a bridge pickup. Also if you order one, order from Bill and Becky. BLUSA is kinda shady.

Sorry for suggesting the JB in my last post. I got too caught up in listing my favorites
That guitar looks cool! What is it?
Also, i think it would look better with a white stripe. The whole black and red thing is a little played out, no?
Tone is subjective, so i would HIGHLY suggest trying any of these out before buying, or you might be dissapointed.

Some that I like for metal are:
Bill Lawrence L500XL (Not just for dime sheep guys! Great high output pickup with pretty good clarity. Nothing like the Dimebucker)

Dimarzio X2N - Really good metal tones obviosly, and if you roll back your volume and tone knobs on your guitar, you can get good enough cleans for most clean parts in metal.

Duncan JB - VERY versatile pickup. You can go from blues to metal easily. I would suggest a 59 in the neck to go with it.

Those are just my opinion....
Sooo....nobody knows?
Wow....really helpful. Thanks a lot
Which transfomers should I use for a Kalamazoo KEA? I have all the other parts figured out, but the transformers are giving me a little trouble. Here is a link to the schematic if that helps.
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In my defense, I made this account while I was still one of those retards.

Same here I dont even play much metal anymore.
If its a gibson style three way toggle switch, unscrew the tip. If its a strat type, it pulls off.
I will agree that ping tuners are really nice. Even Ping LFRs arent bad.
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you shouldnt paint guitars using a brush... the paint must be sprayed just like cars paint are

Tell that to Vernon Reid.
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I dont know why arent you out partying right now? Why is anyone on UG?
if it was more fun, wouldnt people be doing that?
If you play it with distortion you will have a ton of feedback.....
Im a lefty but I play right handed. My dad didnt know there was a difference between lefty and righty guitars when he bought my first guitar....
I edited it haha....
Thanks for your help.
What would be my best option for the type of wood?
I might be buying a mid 60's Gibson acoustic from my friend really cheap, but it needs a new bridge. It is cracked and pulling off the body. Any idea how much that would cost
A guitar shop that does repairs might be able to do it.....Its ridiculously easy though. If I can do it you sure as hell can.
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mine does the exact same thing

Same here. Then you have to act surprised or they get pissed.
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