how did i get here what is this i don't even
With 50 Shades of Grey becoming so popular and bringing out the inner freaky of soccer moms, sadomasochism toeing the line of social acceptance. Unless some Twilight fanfic takes a musical turn and spreads like wildfire, getting off to your guitar isn't something you should even admit to yourself.
i doubt he's around UG. i think i'm the only one that still has contact with him and we talk on a pretty regular basis. we're facebook bffs.
Quote by RU Experienced?
I don't know you and you misspelled "Kanye" in the thread title.

I respect that.

lol i didnt even notice. lords of hip hop for i have sinned, please have grace.
hi stepco

with love,
the best mod to ever exist.
it was a tough call between brad pitt and george clooney, but i had to go with george. honorable mention - john krasinski.
heartfelt. we'll never stop loving you dawg.
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i really miss Bubonic Chronic.

... oh wait, no i don't.

i miss you dawg.

most senior member in this thread sup.

i never mattered enough to be remembered but i remember the days of primusfan, deadlips, cas, lazy, fuzzybunny and that one chicks pic wars in the pic threads, zerospace, chung, wahappen, more name dropping. scourge was pretty hilarious all things considered. the very limited browsing i do these days, i dont see a lot of names i remember.

oh yeah, larry walnut. what a cool dude.

*e* i have sinned for i have forgotten eeyore. father please forgive me.
hi davey and brit. you're both pretty. send pix of sex. thx.
summer girls by LFO

edit- whoops, sorry about the huge picture.
you can't. the option is disabled.
why would you want the pit on national news?
how long ago did you make it? it may take a couple of days for it to show up in searches.
i anxiously await your return, brodude.
They moved them all into in an effort to cut down on the amount of stickies and to keep track of the ONLY threads.
good luck brah. /hug
wats a frenchy funges?
put an extra set of quote tags.


without the spaces, that will look like

go into the control panel -> edit options and change your default thread subscription mode to do not subscribe.
Question 1. Where do you mod i dont actually mod, i just have a green name
Question 2. Your Favourite moment that happened in your forum theres been many fun ones
Question 3. Your favourite moment on UG altogether ^
Question 4. What instrument(s) do you play? guitar, although i rarely play anymore
Question 5. How long have you been with UG? 6 years
Question 6. Your favourite type of food? peanut m&ms
Question 7. Favourite drink? (Alcoholic or Otherwise) apple juice
Question 8. Your Favourite Genre anything that sounds good
Question 9. Favourite Band? probably thrice
Question 10. Best quote from UG?

Question 11. How did you become a mod? (The events leading up to your modhood) mods were leaving and they promoted some CCs. omgexciting i know.
Question 12. Would you go back in time and decide to not be a mod if you could? nope
Question 13. Your favourite Mod colleague? i lub primusfan
Question 14. Coke or Pepsi? coke
Question 15. Cake or Pie? pie
Question 16. Lefty or Righty? righty
Question 17. Night or Day? night

And finally, Question 18:
If you could ban ANY user, who would it be, and why. i dont know
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Steady on...we all make mistakes...

lol im glad you quoted that. i was going to make two posts for ANGRYMODx2! but i didnt want to get yelled at by people telling me not to double post.
dear everyone in the pit.

get a sense of humor.


*edit - now edited with 20% more teen angst!
put a link in your sig rather than posting a thread about it, please.
keep the group promoting to your sig plox
this one actually made me lol.
Quote by Rankles

ur doin it rong.
as bad as you make 'hazzmatazz' out to be, take a look in the mirror. you're trying to stand up for your son who got a thread closed on a guitar forum. OHMIGAWD. im terribly sorry your sons feelings got hurt by a comment on the internet.

on a side, he hasn't been here since 1993. the site hasnt even been here since 1993. the date you saw was his birthday. now lets look at something. your son was born in 1991, so im going to assume you were at least 15 when you impregnanted his mother. that would make you ~32 now. you, a 32 year old adult, just told a 15 year old kid to go kill himself. youre a disgusting human being and you need to ween your son off his mothers milk.
i have to pay a $30 a month fee to be green :'(
people are going to believe whatever they want, no matter if they're right or wrong.

also, drug thread.
THERE MUST BE A PIC IN THE POST!!! Dur. Mods excluded.

don't forget it. please and thank you.

- the management.
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at my high school, some chick gave birth during prom in the bathroom and left the baby in the toilet.